Icebreaker Crate

Icebreaker Crate

h1z1 Standard H1Z1 Crate
Not Tradable, Not Marketable


Get in the holiday spirit with the special limited time Icebreaker Crate! Blend in with the new Snowstalker outfit or stand out with the Festive Hellfire 4-6, the choice is yours!

The Icebreaker crate will only be available in the Marketplace until January 25th so make sure to grab one while you can! To make everyone’s holiday a little brighter, each Icebreaker Crate has an equal and increased chance at an Ultra-Rare item!

Contains 22 Items

h1z1 Abominable Mask
Ultra-Rare H1Z1 Head Skin
OP $3.56Steam $5.30
Abominable Mask
h1z1 Snow Globe Riot Shotgun
Ultra-Rare H1Z1 Gun Skin
OP $9.17Steam $11.62
Snow Globe Riot Shotgun
h1z1 Icebreaker AK-47
Ultra-Rare H1Z1 Gun Skin
OP $28.48Steam $31.31
Icebreaker AK-47
h1z1 Festive Hellfire 4-6
Ultra-Rare H1Z1 Gun Skin
OP $2.67Steam $4.53
Festive Hellfire 4-6
h1z1 Snowstalker Sniper Rifle
Rare H1Z1 Gun Skin
OP $0.54Steam $0.64
Snowstalker Sniper Rifle
h1z1 Snowstalker Helmet
Rare H1Z1 Head Skin
OP $0.90Steam $1.54
Snowstalker Helmet
h1z1 Winterland Elf Ears Helmet
Rare H1Z1 Head Skin
OP $0.74Steam $0.72
Winterland Elf Ears Helmet
h1z1 Gift-Wrapped Pickup Truck
Rare H1Z1 Vehicle Skin
OP $0.37Steam $0.43
Gift-Wrapped Pickup Truck
h1z1 Holiday Warmup Pants
Rare H1Z1 Legs Skin
OP $0.60Steam $1.09
Holiday Warmup Pants
h1z1 Naughty List Face Bandana
Uncommon H1Z1 Face Skin
OP $0.07Steam $0.10
Naughty List Face Bandana
h1z1 Sweet Tooth M9
Uncommon H1Z1 Gun Skin
OP $0.03Steam $0.06
Sweet Tooth M9
h1z1 Snowstalker Tactical Jacket
Uncommon H1Z1 Chest Skin
OP $0.25Steam $0.15
Snowstalker Tactical Jacket
h1z1 Winterland Suit Jacket
Uncommon H1Z1 Chest Skin
OP $0.09Steam $0.07
Winterland Suit Jacket
h1z1 Red Rider Backpack
Uncommon H1Z1 Back Skin
OP $0.27Steam $0.35
Red Rider Backpack
h1z1 Snowstalker Body Armor
Uncommon H1Z1 Armor Skin
OP $0.11Steam $0.09
Snowstalker Body Armor
h1z1 Festive M9
Common H1Z1 Gun Skin
OP $0.02Steam $0.03
Festive M9
h1z1 Snowball's Chance Magnum
Common H1Z1 Gun Skin
OP $0.04Steam $0.05
Snowball's Chance Magnum
h1z1 Snowstalker ATV
Common H1Z1 Vehicle Skin
OP $0.04Steam $0.07
Snowstalker ATV
h1z1 Winterland Slacks
Common H1Z1 Legs Skin
OP $0.05Steam $0.05
Winterland Slacks
h1z1 Snowstalker Tactical Pants
Common H1Z1 Legs Skin
OP $0.15Steam $0.21
Snowstalker Tactical Pants
h1z1 Snowstalker Work Boots
Common H1Z1 Feet Skin
OP $0.06Steam $0.03
Snowstalker Work Boots
h1z1 Snowstalker Padded Gloves
Common H1Z1 Hands Skin
OP $0.17Steam $0.24
Snowstalker Padded Gloves