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Legacy Crate

Legacy Crate

h1z1 Common H1Z1 Crate
Not Tradable, Not Marketable
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This crate is awarded to the top 5 players in each match of the Skull Crusher Event.

This crate is awarded unlocked and does not require Crowns to open.

Click here for more information about the Skull Crusher Event

Contains 19 Items

h1z1 Cigar Hog Mask
Ultra-Rare H1Z1 Head Skin
Steam $8.39
Cigar Hog Mask
h1z1 Toxic Riot Shotgun
Ultra-Rare H1Z1 Gun Skin
Steam $7.20
Toxic Riot Shotgun
h1z1 Sarcasm Dance
Ultra-Rare H1Z1 Emote
Steam $4.37
Sarcasm Dance
h1z1 Police Body Armor
Rare H1Z1 Armor Skin
Steam $1.84
Police Body Armor
h1z1 Rasta Backpack
Rare H1Z1 Back Skin
Steam $5.78
Rasta Backpack
h1z1 Toxic Mask
Rare H1Z1 Face Skin
Steam $1.03
Toxic Mask
h1z1 Showdown Military Backpack
Uncommon H1Z1 Back Skin
Steam $0.14
Showdown Military Backpack
h1z1 Anarchy Leather Pants
Uncommon H1Z1 Legs Skin
Steam $1.44
Anarchy Leather Pants
h1z1 Pro Gamer Hoodie
Uncommon H1Z1 Chest Skin
Steam $0.13
Pro Gamer Hoodie
h1z1 Stars and Stripes Shorts
Uncommon H1Z1 Legs Skin
Steam $0.25
Stars and Stripes Shorts
h1z1 D.O.A. Hoodie
Common H1Z1 Chest Skin
Steam $0.05
D.O.A. Hoodie
h1z1 Guns Out Tanktop
Common H1Z1 Chest Skin
Steam $0.05
Guns Out Tanktop
h1z1 Digital Camo Pants
Common H1Z1 Legs Skin
Steam $0.03
Digital Camo Pants
h1z1 Fanged Gloves
Common H1Z1 Hands Skin
Steam $0.10
Fanged Gloves
h1z1 Showdown Leggings
Common H1Z1 Legs Skin
Steam $0.06
Showdown Leggings
h1z1 Bone Leggings
Common H1Z1 Legs Skin
Steam $0.06
Bone Leggings
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