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H1Z1 unveils new logo, drops King of the Kill subtitle.

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A new update to the H1Z1 Test Server includes a new main menu UI with a new logo, here are some screenshots of the different variations of the first splash screen.

This is what the new main menu looks like too.

Here is what Daybreak had to say about the reasons for the changes:

So why the change…again? Throughout development we’ve continued to define the vision for H1Z1, which is competitive at its core with fast-paced and action-packed combat. Over the past year, the game has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of both player base and development, so we thought it was time to evolve the game’s look to something that better represented the spirit of H1Z1 and the level of quality we aspire to. H1Z1 is also the name that our players connect with most, so it was just natural evolution for us to transition back. We're also working to ensure that H1Z1 can be enjoyed by players around the world, and having the word 'Kill' in the name of the game can be limiting with some global audiences.

Also from the game files are some other screens and artwork of interest.

Even more interesting is the variations of this artwork with a Chinese logo...

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