Test Server Update (03/11/2015)

Posted on 04/11/2015 at 8:00AM UTC

We are updating our Test Server with updates to add or address the following:

  • The Cigar Hog mask skin now applies to Motorcycle Helmets. (The Cigar Mask will now have the same durability/armor as a motorcycle helmet).
  • Honey and honeycomb can no longer be eaten when at stage 6+ H1Z1.
  • It should no longer be possible to place objects on top of weapons dropped on the ground.
  • Many placed items on PVE servers are now damageable when those objects are not placed on a foundation.
  • Punji Sticks will now damage all zombies.
  • The Fire Axe can now be used to harvest slain wildlife and zombies.
  • Zombie Encounter music is active and the volume can be adjusted in the Sound Settings under Music/Encounter
  • Item stacking in containers has been fixed
  • New “Build Bar" that will allow the placing of structures without the hassle of the general inventory screen

Hop on and please feel free to provide feedback on any issues you encounter.

Client Version, Steam Content BuildID 843686

Source: Reddit r/h1z1

Hotfix (03/11/2015)

Posted on 03/11/2015 at 6:00AM UTC

Servers will be coming down tomorrow morning at 3am Pacific for approximately 2 hours. We will be performing routine server maintenance during the down time.

EDIT: The patch also addressed the randomly "falling to your death" issue

Source: Reddit r/h1z1

Patch Notes (28/10/2015)

Posted on 28/10/2015 at 9:00PM UTC

Servers will be coming down at 3PM Pacific for approximately 2 hours

Halloween Content comes to all servers!

(Remember when fighting the pumpkin zombies, melee is your friend)

Additional Fixes:

  • Adjustments to PvE for items used to block doorways
  • Damage changes for Barbed Wire on PvE
  • Fix for lower body emotes causing issues when getting off ATV
  • Fixed issue with Vehicle Inventory interaction
  • Fix for Wooden Foundation Issue (Press E to Open)


Halloween Update & New Assets

Posted on 27/10/2015 at 11:00PM UTC

The Test Server has been updated with with the Halloween event content, you will see zombies wearing the pumpkin mask shown below, killing these zombies will give a chance to obtain a permanent item skin of that mask. There is also a scarecrow mask skin that can be found inside Battle Royale airdrop crates.

The main game should be getting these updates later today.

Mask of The Zombie King
Skin, , Not Tradable, Not Marketable
Mask of The Scarecrow
Skin, , Not Tradable, Not Marketable
click for high resolution images


Sebastian Strzalkowski (Art Director) also posted some previews of new art assets via Twitter.

click for high resolution images

Survivors Rest Trading

Posted on 26/10/2015 at 3:00PM UTC

We are happy to announce that our trading section is now up and running! Click here to check it out.

So far we have the basic functionallity of adding listings, and responding with others to other listings, you can bookmark listings too.

We are still working on further features including search and matchmaking, so head on over and list your trades and stay tuned for more updates!

Hotfix (23/10/2015)

Posted on 23/10/2015 at 1:00PM UTC
H1Z1 has a short downtime just an hour ago at 5AM Pacific, there was no offical announcement but it appears to have been a small hotfix to enable the recursive base repair that was not added in yesterday's patch, I have confirmed this is now working since the downtime this morning.

Test Server Changes (22/10/2015)

Posted on 23/10/2015 at 8:00AM UTC

The Test Server had a small patch yesterday to add the improved repair functions that did not make it into yesterdays patch to live.

Along with the above changes they have also added data for what seems like some new weapons skins, which we can only speculate will either be exclusive to the Item Exchange like the Wildstyle skins are, or preperation for a new crate.

So far they have only added the item data and not the corresponding skin data, so we have no details of rarity level yet.

Skin: Green Dawn AK-47
justsurvive Skin: Green Dawn AK-47
Just Survive

Skin, , Not Tradable, Not Marketable
Skin: Green Dawn Shotgun
justsurvive Skin: Green Dawn Shotgun
Just Survive

Skin, , Not Tradable, Not Marketable
Skin: Green Dawn AR-15
justsurvive Skin: Green Dawn AR-15
Just Survive

Skin, , Not Tradable, Not Marketable