Work in Progress: Handyman Outfit

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Test Server Update (01/09/2015)

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We're updating our Test Server for stability and more consistent behavior with animations.

  • Fixed flipped ax direction
  • Fixed popping in iron sight transitions

  • Removed Leader Board display temporarily from BR (related to crash bug)
  • Adjusted rendering distance for some barrier objects
  • Adjusted weather settings for less doom and gloom

  • Added ability to hide chat messages
  • Fixed ignored keystrokes when interacting with objects quickly
  • Fixed another case of stuck on the loading screen due to environment rendering deadlock

Client Version, Steam Content BuildID 758267


Test Server Update (31/08/2015)

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  • Fixed - vehicles are now affected by water when disabled
  • Fixed - occasional crash/lockup during animation updating
  • Fixed - additional cases of player desync (players not appearing for other players)

Client Version, Steam Build ID 756699


Work in Progress: Paramedic Outfit

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Hotfix (29/08/2015)

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We are publishing a client-only hot-fix to address the following items:
  • Fix for sound file memory leak (causing persistent effects like rain)
  • Fix for several cases of player stuck in persistent falling state
  • Fix for crash/endless loading screen case (potentially related to entering a server, BR match start, or survival re-spawning)

Client Version, Steam Content BuildID 754992


Test Server Update (27/08/2015)

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We are patching our Test Server with the following changes:

  • AK47 prone/standing state desync fixed
  • Shotgun reload animation while sprinting fixed
  • Fixed for several cases of "stuck in falling state"
  • Fixes for ammo not showing when getting out of vehicles
  • Fix for 1st and 3rd person aiming alignment
  • Fix for movement update desync causing invisible players on some clients
  • Fix for looping audio (for rain) sticking around between servers/rounds

Client Version, Steam Content BuildID 752947


Patch Notes & Wipe #8 (27/08/2015)

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Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific 8/27 for approximately 3 hours.

This update will also include a full character and world wipe.

Patch Notes
  • Adjusted textures for radio, bandages
  • Adjusted weapon animations, flinches, and some idles
  • Fixed problem with zombie headshot collision scaling
  • Adjusted notification font size (down)
  • Adjusted auto reloads to be blocked for all weapons while in ironsights.
  • Fixed offset aiming (bad data for user-adjustable sights)
  • Adjusted shooting and camera for prone states
  • Fix for camera desync bug for vehicles
  • Fix for shooting by poking your weapon through objects
  • Added decay back to larger structures
  • Fixed bug when transitioning between first and third while changing or firing weapons (causing mixed up display of weapons)
  • Fix for crashes on shutdown
  • Fix for an infinite loading screen hang-up
  • Adjusted spear position
  • Adjusted pistol animations
  • Fixed problem with police car collision causing spontaneous combustion
  • Adjusted Point-And-Report output
  • Failure to open lock with proper code will result in player damage.

Wipe #8 Tomorrow

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Greg Henninger (Community Manager) just made a post on reddit informing us of a wipe comign along with tomorrows update, no times or patch notes listed yet.

Just wanted to get the word out now that we are working towards a update to the Live Servers tomorrow and that update will include a full character and world wipe.

You will receive the patch notes later today in a different post.


Test Server Update (25/08/2015)

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UPDATE: 5:15pm pacific time : Test Server is down for a brief patch and a standard server wipe (characters and built objects)

UPDATE: 5:45pm pacific time : Client Version, Steam Content ID 749100

We are updating the Test Server with a build primarily focused (both this one and our previous update yesterday) on cleaning up behavior.

Please help us by testing the following items:

  • Gun Behavior - Sights should all be aligned correctly and fire predictably, reloading should be consistent
  • Animations - We have cleaned up several places where arms, legs, and whatever else might have been wigging out when switching actions - let us know what other cases you might find
  • Crashes - We've found a large number of little things that are all rolled up here
  • Performance - Let us know if you are seeing any change in performance (either peaks of higher fps, or overall better fps "feel")

Client Version, Steam Content ID 748714


Work in Progress: New Head Options Update #2

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More updates from H1Z1 Art Director Sebastian Strzalkowski showing a work in progress of a new female player head option.