Test Server Update (27/08/2015)

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We are patching our Test Server with the following changes:

  • AK47 prone/standing state desync fixed
  • Shotgun reload animation while sprinting fixed
  • Fixed for several cases of "stuck in falling state"
  • Fixes for ammo not showing when getting out of vehicles
  • Fix for 1st and 3rd person aiming alignment
  • Fix for movement update desync causing invisible players on some clients
  • Fix for looping audio (for rain) sticking around between servers/rounds

Client Version, Steam Content BuildID 752947


Patch Notes & Wipe #8 (27/08/2015)

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Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific 8/27 for approximately 3 hours.

This update will also include a full character and world wipe.

Patch Notes
  • Adjusted textures for radio, bandages
  • Adjusted weapon animations, flinches, and some idles
  • Fixed problem with zombie headshot collision scaling
  • Adjusted notification font size (down)
  • Adjusted auto reloads to be blocked for all weapons while in ironsights.
  • Fixed offset aiming (bad data for user-adjustable sights)
  • Adjusted shooting and camera for prone states
  • Fix for camera desync bug for vehicles
  • Fix for shooting by poking your weapon through objects
  • Added decay back to larger structures
  • Fixed bug when transitioning between first and third while changing or firing weapons (causing mixed up display of weapons)
  • Fix for crashes on shutdown
  • Fix for an infinite loading screen hang-up
  • Adjusted spear position
  • Adjusted pistol animations
  • Fixed problem with police car collision causing spontaneous combustion
  • Adjusted Point-And-Report output
  • Failure to open lock with proper code will result in player damage.

Wipe #8 Tomorrow

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Greg Henninger (Community Manager) just made a post on reddit informing us of a wipe comign along with tomorrows update, no times or patch notes listed yet.

Just wanted to get the word out now that we are working towards a update to the Live Servers tomorrow and that update will include a full character and world wipe.

You will receive the patch notes later today in a different post.


Test Server Update (25/08/2015)

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UPDATE: 5:15pm pacific time : Test Server is down for a brief patch and a standard server wipe (characters and built objects)

UPDATE: 5:45pm pacific time : Client Version, Steam Content ID 749100

We are updating the Test Server with a build primarily focused (both this one and our previous update yesterday) on cleaning up behavior.

Please help us by testing the following items:

  • Gun Behavior - Sights should all be aligned correctly and fire predictably, reloading should be consistent
  • Animations - We have cleaned up several places where arms, legs, and whatever else might have been wigging out when switching actions - let us know what other cases you might find
  • Crashes - We've found a large number of little things that are all rolled up here
  • Performance - Let us know if you are seeing any change in performance (either peaks of higher fps, or overall better fps "feel")

Client Version, Steam Content ID 748714


Work in Progress: New Head Options Update #2

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More updates from H1Z1 Art Director Sebastian Strzalkowski showing a work in progress of a new female player head option.

Survival and the Invitational

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Community Manager Greg Henninger posted an update today outlining the teams current focus and future plans for H1Z1.

I wanted to jump in here and give an honest update about what’s going on here at Daybreak. As a lot of you have seen, we are going to be hosting an incredible event at TwitchCon. This is hugely exciting for us and really elevates the profile of our game. Streamers are really getting into it and that puts us in a great spot to get the game in front of fresh eyes. The prize pool is growing every day and we are stoked to be able to bring community members with us to the event. If you haven’t already checked it out, you can find all the info right here.

As Steve posted a little while ago we are really taking this time to squash bugs and make the game as stable as possible. Battle Royale does have some issues that we are going to be spending a lot of time on to iron it out and get it ready for the Invitational. You can image just how much we want this to go well. But outside of that, it means that we are going to be making the game significantly more stable for everyone across the board. The majority of improvement we make during this time will effect both Survival and BR.

I have been seeing A LOT of conversations going on about the lack of content towards the Survival portion of the game. I am here to give some much needed insight about our direction. While we are putting the majority of our focus on the Invitational right now does in no way mean we are stopping work on Survival. We have a ton of awesome stuff planned that the Art and Design teams are still working on. After the Invitational we are going to be dedicating the majority of our efforts on the core gameplay loop and the Survival aspect of the game. October and November are going to be big months for H1Z1 Survival. This includes things like:

  • Hospital point of interest
  • New Zombie types
  • Guild/clan System (Version one is mainly for permissions)
  • Professions (version 1)
  • Base building improvements (construction box + UI)

We are also having ongoing discussions of ways to revamp the Survival portion of the game. We have heard a lot of your ideas and will be implementing some of them. Post’s like these are incredibly valuable to us because it gives us a good indication of your thoughts and ways to improve the game we are making together.

Instead of just telling you what we are adding/currently working on you should check out this bunch of pictures.

The Art team has been working hard over the last month; you should also watch this video to see some new stuff and overall improvements that are being made.

What I wanted this post to accomplish was to give you some idea of what’s going on behind the scenes here at Daybreak and reassure you that just because we are working towards the Invitational right now does not mean we are dropping everything else for the sake of BR. It’s also important to note that the better this event does, the better for the game as a whole. The tide rises all ships and the Invitational is a great way to do that. I hope this answers some questions and calms some anxiety about the current state of things. I will try to keep answering questions in the comments as they come up. Thanks for taking the time to give this a read.


Patch Notes (20/08/2015)

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Servers will be shutting down by 5am Pacific and will be down for approximately 3 hours.
BR matches will lock for starting new games starting 30 minutes before downtime (so 4:30am Pacific)

This is an update to address the following items:
  • Fix for failed rewards in Team BR matches
  • Additional seats added to all vehicles, for a total capacity of 5 people
  • Adjustments to AI for performance improvements
  • Grant of some of the missing items from wins the previous week BR matches.
  • Adjustments to address server/client desync (resulting in invisible players and AI characters)
Client Version is, Steam Content ID is 740964


Work in Progress: New Head Options Update

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We posted last week about a new male head option in the works, this week Sebastian Strzalkowski has posted some updated version of the same head, this time textured and has also revealed that a new female option is being worked on along with giving us the ability to alter skin tones.

Test Server Update (19/08/2015)

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Client Version, Steam Build ID 740477
  • We are updating the Test Server with the following changes:
  • Fixes in code and data to address desync (resulting in invisible players)
  • Vehicles should now have 5 seats available
  • Fix for occasional rubber-banding movement

Test Server Update (18/08/2015)

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Client Version, Steam Build ID 739183

We are updating our Test Server around 8pm Pacific time with changes to address the following issues:
  • Server performance - We have made adjustments to AI and other server processes to reduce population-related lag.
  • Server Desync - We have made adjustments to the servers to help address the server/client desync problem resulting in "invisible" players.
  • Battle Royale modes - Team BR rewards should be granted properly for all places

NOTE: Based on results from testing, we may publish one or two more times over the next day to address further desync issues noted in our logs.