Just Survive Livestream February 10th

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It seems like forever since there has been something to post about, today however was announced that there will be a livestream on Friday February 10th, here is the announcement from Landon Montgomery:


We didn't forget about this, I promise. In fact, the team's been talking about it a lot over the last month and we finally realized that if we did a complete reveal of everything we have planned for 2017, it'd be a 10-hour stream! I know a lot of people would actually enjoy a marathon show, but in the interest of focusing on key features we're going to segment things out over the next several streams instead.

This Friday at 3PM PST, JS Lead Game Designer Ben Jones will sit down with Senior Game Designer Justin Dazet and special guest, BruceLeeRob to discuss a number of new things. We'll talk about the new and greatly improved melee system, Strongholds (base building like you've not seen it before in JS), and we just might reveal a surprise at the end of the show. You've all been incredibly patient these past few months and deserve to see what we're up to! As always, we'll be happy to answer as many questions as we can so please come prepared.

Here is the link to the Twitch channel it will be broadcast on: https://www.twitch.tv/h1z1justsurvive

3PM PST is 6PM EST / 11PM GMT / midnight CET / 9AM (Saturday) AEST

Source: Reddit