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Just Survive shut down CANCELLED

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Since the stream Jace Hall has taken to Twitter to field a question about Just Survive proceeding to close down on the October 24 with a roughly six month downtime for them to get their plans together, the poll was in favor of a downtime and this appears to be the path they are taking.

This was followed by an official announcement from Daybreak and the Just Survive team indicating the servers would go down as planned with information regarding the move of development to NantG Mobile:


Original story:

Just a few weeks ago in August Daybreak announced that they would be shutting down the original H1Z1 zombie survival game now known as Just Survive.

Since then there have been a number of changes at the company again and new partnerships formed. One of these is that the development of H1Z1 has been moved under a joint venture with NantG Mobile and being renamed to "Z1 Battle Royale".

In a development update stream hosted earlier today Jace Hall outlined some plans they are working towards regarding saving Just Survive from being shut down and eventually reintegrating the survival game back into the new "Z1 Battle Royale" as a separate mode.

Check out the segment from the Z1BR livestream earlier today:

There has been no official announcements from Daybreak or the Just Survive team as of yet however it appears the wheels are in motion and Just Survive will NOT be shutting down on October 24.

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