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Just Survive update and server wipe April 26th

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An update is happening for H1Z1: Just Survive at 1AM PT on April 26th with an expected downtime of up to 6 8 hours.

The patch itself is very small but includes some critical changes that could not be implemented without a wipe, along with those there is also the launch of the Outlands Crate, the first unique crate for H1Z1: Just Survive.

Full patch notes are yet top be posted but here are some of the key points this update will include:

  • A drastic change to the functionality of the Metal Gate, from now on if a gate passes through any other object while in motion it will be destroyed, this change puts a much-needed end to exploits such as placing Large Shelters through open gates and then closing the gate.
  • Recursive destruction has been enabled which means no more floating structures, for example if a structure underneath an Upper Level Shelter is destroyed then the upper shelter will be destroyed and any containers inside will also be destropyed and the items spilled out.
  • Glitching inside of Wrecked Vans has been fixed.
  • Ethanol will no longer float.

Sources:, Reddit /r/h1z1

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