Regarding OPSkins crate prices for H1Z1 and Just Survive

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We recently changed how we display prices for H1Z1 and Just Survive crates on the site, these crates will no longer show an OPSkins price and instead show their Steam marketplace value.

This change was made because the price of these crates on OPSkins is severely inflated due to the fact that they no longer accept H1Z1 or Just Survive crates to sell on their site, this means that the price of crates there is simply going to rise and rise because nobody can send any more to undercut what is already listed.

We have seen a few people posting trades on the site offering crates and stating their OPSkins price so we just wanted to post this to make people aware of why we changed their displayed price and so you don't get ripped off trading for crates which you can't even sell on OPSkins.