Survivors Rest: 'Price Suggestions' to be Updated!

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Starting this week, Survivors Rest will begin undergoing changes to it's 'Price Suggestions' for items. With H1Z1 no longer being a part of the Steam market, we will be shifting our prices over to a USD value similar to and based around OPSkins' price histories. This should allow for much more accurate pricing on our end and guide users to better, smarter trades. Similarly, price voting will now allow and support OPSkins links as evidence and reference when creating a price suggestion. 

We'll do our best to keep everyone updated as these changes are implimented over the course of this next week. While we realize this is a major change that may impact the value of certain items, we believe it to be a necessary change that will overall improve our users trading experience.

Safe trades,
Survivors Rest team. 

Update #1: King of the Kill items have been updated to reflect OPSKINS' price histories. Items to be finalized still. Just Survive items have not been updated yet. 

Update #2: Just Survive Rare and Ultra Rare items have been updated to reflect OPSKINS' price histories. Uncommon, Common and other items will follow soon.