Test Server Update (27/08/2015)

Posted on 27/08/2015 at 11:30PM UTC

We are patching our Test Server with the following changes:

  • AK47 prone/standing state desync fixed
  • Shotgun reload animation while sprinting fixed
  • Fixed for several cases of "stuck in falling state"
  • Fixes for ammo not showing when getting out of vehicles
  • Fix for 1st and 3rd person aiming alignment
  • Fix for movement update desync causing invisible players on some clients
  • Fix for looping audio (for rain) sticking around between servers/rounds

Client Version, Steam Content BuildID 752947


Patch Notes & Wipe #8 (27/08/2015)

Posted on 27/08/2015 at 4:00AM UTC
Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific 8/27 for approximately 3 hours.

This update will also include a full character and world wipe.

Patch Notes
  • Adjusted textures for radio, bandages
  • Adjusted weapon animations, flinches, and some idles
  • Fixed problem with zombie headshot collision scaling
  • Adjusted notification font size (down)
  • Adjusted auto reloads to be blocked for all weapons while in ironsights.
  • Fixed offset aiming (bad data for user-adjustable sights)
  • Adjusted shooting and camera for prone states
  • Fix for camera desync bug for vehicles
  • Fix for shooting by poking your weapon through objects
  • Added decay back to larger structures
  • Fixed bug when transitioning between first and third while changing or firing weapons (causing mixed up display of weapons)
  • Fix for crashes on shutdown
  • Fix for an infinite loading screen hang-up
  • Adjusted spear position
  • Adjusted pistol animations
  • Fixed problem with police car collision causing spontaneous combustion
  • Adjusted Point-And-Report output
  • Failure to open lock with proper code will result in player damage.

Test Server Update (25/08/2015)

Posted on 25/08/2015 at 7:00PM UTC

UPDATE: 5:15pm pacific time : Test Server is down for a brief patch and a standard server wipe (characters and built objects)

UPDATE: 5:45pm pacific time : Client Version, Steam Content ID 749100

We are updating the Test Server with a build primarily focused (both this one and our previous update yesterday) on cleaning up behavior.

Please help us by testing the following items:

  • Gun Behavior - Sights should all be aligned correctly and fire predictably, reloading should be consistent
  • Animations - We have cleaned up several places where arms, legs, and whatever else might have been wigging out when switching actions - let us know what other cases you might find
  • Crashes - We've found a large number of little things that are all rolled up here
  • Performance - Let us know if you are seeing any change in performance (either peaks of higher fps, or overall better fps "feel")

Client Version, Steam Content ID 748714


Patch Notes (20/08/2015)

Posted on 20/08/2015 at 5:15AM UTC
Servers will be shutting down by 5am Pacific and will be down for approximately 3 hours.
BR matches will lock for starting new games starting 30 minutes before downtime (so 4:30am Pacific)

This is an update to address the following items:
  • Fix for failed rewards in Team BR matches
  • Additional seats added to all vehicles, for a total capacity of 5 people
  • Adjustments to AI for performance improvements
  • Grant of some of the missing items from wins the previous week BR matches.
  • Adjustments to address server/client desync (resulting in invisible players and AI characters)
Client Version is, Steam Content ID is 740964


Test Server Update (19/08/2015)

Posted on 19/08/2015 at 10:00PM UTC
Client Version, Steam Build ID 740477
  • We are updating the Test Server with the following changes:
  • Fixes in code and data to address desync (resulting in invisible players)
  • Vehicles should now have 5 seats available
  • Fix for occasional rubber-banding movement

Test Server Update (18/08/2015)

Posted on 19/08/2015 at 3:00AM UTC
Client Version, Steam Build ID 739183

We are updating our Test Server around 8pm Pacific time with changes to address the following issues:
  • Server performance - We have made adjustments to AI and other server processes to reduce population-related lag.
  • Server Desync - We have made adjustments to the servers to help address the server/client desync problem resulting in "invisible" players.
  • Battle Royale modes - Team BR rewards should be granted properly for all places

NOTE: Based on results from testing, we may publish one or two more times over the next day to address further desync issues noted in our logs.


Patch Notes (14/08/2015)

Posted on 14/08/2015 at 10:15PM UTC
Client Version, Steam Build ID 734396

BR worlds will lock at 3:30pm Pacific (and stop all new games) and all servers will come down right around 4pm and be down for up to an hour for an urgent update to address the following issues:

  • Bullet drop - a change was pushed out an order of magnitude too high, and has been reverted to it's previous values
  • The fade to red screen effect as you get hurt has been adjusted to be more subtle. EDIT: This should also be removed from BR games - please report if this still occurs.

  • We have added an option to only have system messages in the chat window. You can add the line "HideBannerBroadcasts=1" into the [General] (or top) section of the UserOptions.ini file. Once we add the option to the UI, we will hotfix the client to make it easier.
  • The duplicate system messages should be fixed - please report any specific messages you are still seeing doubled

  • Crazy arms should be much less crazy - animation was getting out of sync and getting the shoulder twisted, which should be fixed now


Test Server Update (14/08/2015)

Posted on 14/08/2015 at 8:05PM UTC
Client Version, Steam Content ID 734217

We are deploying a build to our Test Servers to verify the following changes:
  • Rifle barrels and sights should be aligned as before, and not with the sight aimed down relative to the barrel. This change applies to the AK-47, AR-15, and .308 - please report other issues separately.
  • Added an option to disable system messages in the main display. Immediately, players can add
    to the [General] section in their UserOptions.ini file. We will provide a UI option with a hotfix when it's tested and ready.
  • Doubled system messages should be fixed - please report specific messages if you continue to see this.

EDIT: We are preparing a live patch for these things now. I don't have an ETA until it's more complete but it will be deployed as soon as it's ready.

Also, since it wasn't clear, the adjustment to bullet drop is returning it to the previous value.


Hotfix (14/08/2015)

Posted on 14/08/2015 at 6:00PM UTC
We are publishing a small change to the client to address a few minor crash bugs but mainly to address the rubber-banding movement some folks have been reporting.

Client Version, Steam Build ID 732915

EDIT: Moving a comment up here for visibility

Just so people understand - server down time takes longer to prepare than a client hotfix. While we're testing all the other fixes on the Test Server, it felt important to get this client hotfix out as well.

We are currently preparing fixes on the Test Server for:
  • Adjustments to sight alignment - Re-align rifle sights to prevent early convergence of bullet and aimed path (this is the "bullet rise" people are talking about)
  • Changes to item stack amounts for some of the new items.
  • UI option to turn off the system broadcasts
  • Fix for double system broadcasts


Patch Notes (12/08/2015)

Posted on 12/08/2015 at 1:50AM UTC
All H1Z1 will come down at 3:00 AM PT for maintenance and a game update. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 3 hours.

  • A new crate is now available for the H1Z1 Invitational! Find out more details here!
  • Feel a bit more secure! 16 character pass codes on doors are available!
  • You look a little lost. Game hints are now on the Loading screen.
  • Can't find your stuff? New grouping controls are now in the inventory screen to help.

Additional Features:
  • Loading screen spinner and status
  • Adjustments to VoIP displays for groups and solo players
  • Added base security system that requires doors to be removed before accessing an enclosed area

Bug Fixes:
  • Fix for several cases causing endless loading screen and crash after start of round in BR worlds
  • Fix for some vehicles not saving locations correctly
  • Fix for quirky group display when initially added to group
  • Fix for graphics settings exploit for seeing through objects briefly
  • Fix for duplication exploit involving ammo
  • Fix for parts of models not rendering (including some cases of invisible players)
  • Fix for lost focus on UI with Steam Overlay active (mostly Windows 10 machines)
  • Fix for many cases of containers immediately closing when being looted
  • Fix to code preventing some files from properly loading
  • Fixes to help prevent additional cases for vehicles not staying on top of objects
  • Vehicles whose drivers disconnect should stop far more quickly and no longer go on international flights
  • Adjustments to help prevent damage issued on initial login
  • Adjustments for water impact effects
  • Adjustments to address client/server desync (that was causing invisible players)
  • Adjustments to address rubber-banding movement
  • Added some additional variety in branch and leaf harvesting effects
  • Weapon image/texture adjustments
  • Color adjustments to many textures
  • Adjustments to jumping height and mechanics have been made.
  • Adjustments to falling damage calculations have been made.
  • Adjusted "hold breath" sounds
  • Adjusted "damaged" effect
  • Adjustments to address vehicle desync issues when other vehicles come into view