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Z1 Battle Royale vCase

Z1 Battle Royale vCase

h1z1 Standard Z1BR Crate
Not Tradable, Not Marketable


This crate is only available for a limited time (until March 16th @ 2pm EST).
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Contains 9 Items

h1z1 OPSkins WAX T-Shirt
Ultra-Rare Z1BR Chest Skin
Steam $4.05
OPSkins WAX T-Shirt
h1z1 Wooden Minotaur Mask
Rare Z1BR Head Skin
Steam $0.09
Wooden Minotaur Mask
h1z1 Chaos Makeshift Armor
Uncommon Z1BR Armor Skin
Steam $0.04
Chaos Makeshift Armor
h1z1 Orange Swirl Military Backpack
Uncommon Z1BR Back Skin
Steam $0.04
Orange Swirl Military Backpack
h1z1 Dark Mode Ghillie Suit
Uncommon Z1BR Chest Skin
Steam $0.07
Dark Mode Ghillie Suit
h1z1 Grape Freerunner Pants
Common Z1BR Legs Skin
Steam $0.04
Grape Freerunner Pants
h1z1 Brawler Fingerless Gloves
Common Z1BR Hands Skin
Steam $0.03
Brawler Fingerless Gloves
h1z1 Blue Bomber Aviator Helmet
Common Z1BR Head Skin
Steam $0.03
Blue Bomber Aviator Helmet
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