Just Survive drops H1Z1 branding

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Today saw one of the biggest updates in the development of Just Survive, the introduction of a new map Badwater Canyon, well at least part of it known as Pine Mill Reservoir. Along with that comes the new Strongholds base system and the new in game currency Golden Eagle Coins which you can earn by selling items to an in game NPC called Corporal Moran who is located at the new military base that you initially spawn at and there is also a host of new loot and craftable items.

One of the more shocking surprises with this update however is that the game is no longer called H1Z1: Just Survive, the H1Z1 branding has been dropped with a new logo unveiled. H1Z1: King of the Kill is still sporting its H1Z1 branding however with no signs that it will also follow suit.

This is a very backwards move by Daybreak as usual but it's only a name, right?