Miscreated new UI

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Miscreated update #59 adds a new UI and environmental effects, the game is now aware of the area a player is in and evaluates a shelter value (how much protection you receive from the area from weather)

The following types of areas are detected:

  • Insides of houses and bases as well as areas partly inside
  • Ocean, rivers and seas you can dive into
  • Sewers, caves, cellars and bunkers
  • Vehicles


  • The radstorm is deadly when you are not seeking shelter or have protective items equipped or consumed
  • Radiation areas are detectable with a Geiger counter or noticeable by a slightly blue glow
  • Stock up on anti-rad pills, anti-rad mushrooms or potassium-iodine pills before entering known radiation areas
  • You can check item details and differences in your inventory tooltips by hovering over them
  • Anti-rad pills, anti-rad mushrooms or potassium-iodine pills help against radiation
  • The environment protection effects scale with the health of the item, this can be checked in the UI


You can check out the full patch notes here: http://miscreatedgame.com/news/update-59/