Patch Notes & Wipe #12 (17/02/2016)

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NPC Changes:

  • Zombies now randomly pick an animation set upon spawning, allowing for more combinations of clothing and animations.
  • Zombies will now move at certain speeds based on their animation set, which should eliminate feet sliding and animation blending issues.
  • NPC spawns have been tweaked. Day and night NPC spawns using varying ratios making the night more dangerous
  • Day: Higher number of walkers and prey type wild life
  • Night: Higher number of runners and predator type wild life



Fixed player jumping. The player model and physics capsule are now properly aligned which allows you to successfully jump on or over objects that you couldn't before, even though it looked like you should be able to (those fences!). Polish to jump standing One Hand animation (made poses match between Start, Middle, End).


Weapons & Armor

  • Lowered AK-47 damage from 32 to 29.
  • Increased AK-47 re-fire delay from 125ms to 160ms.
  • The amount of damage Explosive Tipped Arrows deal to vehicles has been reduced slightly to prevent them from one-shot exploding full Condition vehicles.
  • Kevlar will now break after 2 gunshots instead of 3.
  • Motorcycle helmets now absorb slightly more damage, preventing instantaneous death from a single shot to the body following a headshot.

These changes are intended to accomplish a few things:

  • Reduce the overall power of the AK-47, because it was far too strong.
  • In particular, we felt the AK-47 was too strong at medium-long range versus the AR-15 and too strong at close range versus the Shotgun. The adjustments to its damage and fire-rate are meant to address that imbalance.
  • Reduce how often one dies with no recourse.
  • 3 AK-47 shots reducing health to 3% with Severe Bleeding, which didn’t allow time for bandaging. The new AK-47 damage gives enough time to get behind cover and apply a bandage or first-aid.
  • It should no longer be possible to die in two shots while wearing a motorcycle helmet when at full health.
  • Explosive Tipped Arrows will no longer explode full Condition (or even fairly healthy) vehicles, allowing for a chance to react rather than instant death.
  • Like the AK-47, we felt Tactical Body Armor was too powerful, so its effectiveness has been reduced.



  • Vehicles will no longer take damage from M47 Gas Grenades.
  • Vehicles on steep slopes should behave more realistically when their tires start to slip. Particularly on the ATV, in conditions where it used to get bogged down on hills.
  • ATV handling adjustments to the center of mass make it less likely to flip unexpectedly. Certainly still possible to flip, but it should be more stable overall.
  • Vehicle death explosion effect improvements. When a vehicle does blow up the smoke/fire on the burning chassis looks much better and lasts for longer.


Customizable Reticle

You can customize your reticle on the settings page. Select the color and pattern. When you select “Fixed First Person” the reticle will reset to default color and pattern and behavior (White and dot and different reticles per weapon) You can still change the color and pattern afterwards but in first person each weapon will retain its reticle pattern. Unselect “Fixed First Person” and all reticles are the custom one.


Additional Fixes

  • Fixed an invulnerable base design that used the “door within a wall” object.
  • Multiple changes to resolve threaded physics bugs on the zone.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a higher than normal amount of wolves to spawn
  • Fixed an issue that caused some areas to spawn little or no loot
  • Fixed an exploit that made it possible to shoot through vehicles in third-person if the player’s weapon model clipped through the vehicle model. If a player’s weapon model is clipping through another model, projectiles will correctly strike the surface of that model even if the player’s aim reticle is above that model.


If you win an Air Drop ticket in Battle Royale it will not be granted to your inventory. This is a stray asset that will be removed in a client side hotfix.


Source: Reddit r/H1Z1