Raft Update 11 introduces beehives

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Raft has released their latest update, The Beehive Update, everything you need for producing honey on your raft.

It's a small update that also contains a few bug fixes.

  • New Item: Beehive
  • New Item: Sweep Net
  • New Item: Bee Jar
  • New Item: Honeycomb
  • New Item: Good Healing Salve
  • Changed system to obtain honey
  • Bee Swarms on Balboa and Balboa-like islands


Bug Fixes
  • Holes on Balboa Island
  • 2 spots on big tropical islands where players got stuck
  • Biorefiner not accepting mango
  • Localization errors in Russian & Spanish, special letter problem in Polish & Norwegian and minor typos
  • A few underwater resources slightly above sea level not being lootable
  • Trophy Board not rotatable


You can check out the full update notes here.