Steam Marketplace returns for H1Z1

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With the update today to H1Z1 came a surprise change, items are once again able to be bought and sold on the Steam Community Market, this is a great move by Daybreak for the community.

When Daybreak first announced they would no longer allow items to be sold on the Steam Marketplace back in July 2016 we created the trading section here on Survivors Rest to offer a safer place to trade items as we knew that not allowing items to be sold on the Steam Marketplace would create a huge opportunity for scammers. With the reintroduction of items being marketable this should hopefully reduce the number of scams.

You can access the Steam Marketplace for H1Z1 here:

Currently a lot of items only have a handful of listings many of which are drastically higher than they are listed for on OPSkins. For this reason Survivors Rest will not show Steam prices for H1Z1 items for at least a day or two until more people are aware of this change and the prices have settled to what would be considered "normal" prices.

Read the announcement at