Just Survive Patch Notes


March 13, 2018

Hello Survivors!

Just Survive Live is now available to patch and play. We have wiped select servers due to abuse of duplication exploits that had made these servers unstable.  See the list below the patch notes.

This maintenance update includes the following updates:

  • Flashback Crate - Orange is now available in the marketplace
  • Fixed a duplication exploit that allowed players to duplicate base components
  • Fixed a container exploit
  • Fixed a log-out exploit
  • Backend server optimizations

The following European servers have been wiped:

  • Abacus
  • Babadook
  • Opression
  • Tartan
  • Zealotry

The following US servers have been wiped:

  • Abducens
  • Atrocity
  • Chalk Outline
  • Opfor
  • Tartarus
  • Zephyr

All other servers remain as they were.

Source March 13, 2018

March 6, 2018

This maintenance window included the following updates:

  • Flashback Crate – Blue is now available in the marketplace
  • Experimental Server Performance Improvements
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

Source March 6, 2018

February 27, 2018

Today's brief update includes the following changes:

  • The Red Flashback Crate is now available! Full contents can be seen here.
  • Containers that are off of foundations on PVE servers can now be destroyed by players
  • Fixed an issue where undoing a vault placement gave a green metal wall
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

Source February 27, 2018

February 23, 2018

This small update addresses a few critical fixes to ensure fair gameplay.

  • Improved hit registration against prone targets
  • Fixed an issue where some stronghold paints wouldn't upgrade properly
  • Tillers require you to hold use (default E) to pick them up
  • Fixed an exploit involving undoing specific base component placements
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

Known Issues:

  • Undoing placement of your vault will provide a green metal wall instead of a vault

Source February 23, 2018

February 21, 2018


  • The Demolition Hammer has been renamed to "Stronghold Hammer"
  • Opening the base permissions menu now requires the owner to be holding the Stronghold hammer
  • You can interact with base components to upgrade or paint them when you have the Stronghold Hammer equipped
  • Reduced the cost of Wood and Metal Construction components
  • Increased hitpoints of Metal Construction components
  • Improved placement system for base components
  • Improved recursive destruction. This means that you must blow up all supports for a base component before it will collapse
  • Added Stone Tier Construction components
  • Closed gaps on Stone, Metal, Wood doors and gates
  • Added new Stronghold component - Vaults. These limited, sturdy rooms offer additional protection for your valuables
  • Reduced the cost of Metal Shacks
  • Increased hit points of Metal Shacks
  • Base Foundation placement detection improved and Base Foundation objects go deeper into the ground - Foundations are now much easier to place and can be placed in many more locations
  • Removed ramps from 3 sides of Base Foundations and made Foundations rotatable during snapping
  • Assault Ramps can now be crafted - these ramps allow you to attach a fragile, temporary ramp to the enemy foundation
  • Storage Containers now drop their loot in a loot bag on death, rather than dropping the items individually
  • Storage Containers cannot be opened by players who do not have permissions to open them
  • Storage Containers have increased hitpoints
  • Containers are now capped to 20 per foundation

Loot and Items

  • Removed wrenches from spawning in PVE
  • Increased ammunition loot spawns in world
  • Increased ammunition crafting parts received when breaking down ammunition
  • Ammunition has updated pickup models
  • Animals now drop leather
  • Adhesive no longer requires oil to craft
  • Yeast is now craftable

Weapon and Armor Changes

  • Removed Weapon Cleaning Kit
  • Removed Rusty (grey) and Mundane (white) gun tiers
  • Only Common (green) guns can be found in as loot
  • Players can now salvage Gun Parts from guns
  • Players can now upgrade Common (green) guns to uncommon (blue) guns
  • Players can now upgrade uncommon (blue) guns to rare (purple) guns
  • Removed lower armor tiers
  • Improved armor functionality versus melee weaponry
  • Reduced effectiveness of body armor compared to previous equivalent tier armor
  • All helmets now prevent the same amount of damage
  • Removed Pipebomb
  • Renamed I.E.D. to Ethanol Bomb
  • Adjusted tier rankings of Dynamite, Ethanol Bomb, Dynamite Bundle to match explosive performance
  • Increased bulk of dynamite and dynamite bundles

Gameplay Balance

  • Increased vehicle capacity
  • Players who die in cars now have their loot dropped into the car's inventory
  • Cars that are destroyed now drop their loot in a bag
  • Reworked fall damage calculations to prevent short-distance lethal falls and other inconsistent damage scaling
  • Players now ragdoll when taking significant fall damage
  • Players can now sleep regardless of exhaustion level
  • Players who sleep with the "tired", "very tired", or "exhausted" debuff gain a "well rested" buff
  • Increased stamina regeneration signficantly
  • All Superade items now regenerate stamina in addition to their other attribute bonuses
  • Craftable juices now restore stamina
  • Reduced spawns of zombies near player bases
  • Limited the number of zombies that can spawn near a player (previously hundreds could spawn on a single player, causing client performance problems)
  • Reduced spawns for exploder, gasser, banshee
  • Reduced Banshee scream radius
  • Banshee zombies now drop Gun Parts
  • Reduced Banshee damage to vehicles
  • Reduced Gasser damage
  • Starter torches cannot be placed
  • Updated lighting to improve visibility at range, particularly at night

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players would be in passive stance when exiting a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue that made it difficult to harvest some crops
  • Reduced burning time for players
  • Clan Ranks now persist through server resets
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter the Quarantine Zone on both maps and sometimes caused players to spawn there
  • Interacting with sleeping mats now allows players to both sleep or pick them up
  • Improved AI performance
  • Improved NPC navigation
  • Gassers and Exploders now work properly on PVE servers
  • Fixed an issue where zombies were spawning in greater numbers than intended
  • Improved zombie pathing around foundations
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes on Z1 and BWC, as well as BWC development outside of the play area
  • Fixed an issue causing poor driving down foundation ramps
  • Fixed an issue that caused a gun to not expend ammo properly when it was broken by durability loss
  • Fixed an issue causing foundation permissions to not display correctly on foundations 2/3/4
  • Fixed a construction placement bug that allowed certain items to be placed in the same location (to no gameplay benefit - not an exploit)
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Fixed several crash scenarios
  • Fixed an item exploit
  • Fixed a duplication exploit
  • Fixed a vehicle exploit
  • Fixed an exploit involving eating food
  • Fixed an issue where players could chain punji sticks through the sky
  • Melee attacks no longer penetrate walls at close range
  • Removed player-to-player collisions (eliminates several base penetration exploits and also eliminates “boosting” via stacking players.  Players can still collide with vehicles)
  • Significantly improved "no clip" cheat protection
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

Source February 21, 2018

January 16, 2018

Greetings Survivors!

Live is available to patch and play. A wipe was performed on Live.

While we were initially hoping to push this update out without requiring a wipe, escalating abuse of the exploits fixed within indicated that it would be best for our players to wipe out the unfair advantage that these abusers had gained through cheating.

This update is focused on bugs and fair play. In addition to the base intrusion exploits patched below, this update's anti-cheat update includes significant improvements to systems related to intrusion detection (which leads to bans) and prevention (which keeps the cheat action from working correctly).

Bug Fixes and Updates:

  • Players who log out on top of a base foundation they do not own / have permissions on will login near the base instead of in/on the base (preventing multiple intrusion exploits)
  • Fixed a duplication exploit
  • Fixed a base entry exploit involving vehicles
  • Adjusted Banshee spawn rates for Z1 and BWC
  • Fixed an issue where Banshees didn't drop Worn Letters on BWC correctly
  • Fixed an issue where placed base components would highlight under certain incorrect conditions
  • Fixed an issue where filing cabinets would not properly spawn loot
  • Fixed an issue where paintings couldn't be placed on some surfaces
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

Our next major content update is several weeks away from appearing on Test, and with it will come the new construction tier, upgrade system, and extensive re-balancing that will require some time on Test before it releases to Live.

Thank you Survivors!

Source January 16, 2018

January 3, 2018

Happy New Year Survivors!

Just Survive is available to patch and play. There was no wipe with this update.

This update includes the following changes:

  • The Holly Jolly Rampage has ended, and weather patterns have returned to their normal patterns
  • Fixed an issue causing players and zombies to render as a "stick man" character at long range
  • Fixed an issue that caused zombies and wildlife to be immune to area of effect damage from grenades, molotovs, etc
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

We have a lot in store for Just Survive in 2018! We have the first of many major content updates in development, including Stone Construction. We'll talk more about this Construction update in the coming weeks.

We understand that many players are concerned with fair play, anti-cheat, bugs and stability, and updates addressing those issues (like today's update) will be published prior to the next major content release.

Source January 3, 2018

December 20, 2017

Just Survive is available to patch and play.

Note - shortly after the update yesterday we resolved an issue that was giving a small group of players erroneous unfair play rejections. No player accounts were affected by this but it did lock some players out for a period of time.

This update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused door/gate/shutter collision to drift away from the renderable mesh after repeated openings on white and green metal objects
  • Fixed an issue that could cause abnormal vehicle behavior under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that could cause player collisions with actively moving doors to behave erratically
  • Using the trade-up system to trade-up a set of items including the Alpine Tactical Jacket now provides the appropriate rarity increase in the resulting item
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

Source December 20, 2017

December 19, 2017

Just Survive has been updated and is available to patch and play.

To accommodate map changes and fixes below, Just Survive servers have been wiped.

This update includes significant anti-cheat updates, including new technology to detect, prevent, and punish players passing through world geometry and player constructed bases.

This update includes the following updates:

  • Explosives re-balance - reduced explosive damage
  • IED buff - damage increased, bulk decreased
  • Rebalanced Z1 loot distribution - more widely distributed military equipment spawners, added and removed loot spawners to better normalize loot distribution across the map
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a player to die on login under certain circumstances
  • Significant server performance improvements - this should affect NPC performance, timer / interaction response, and general multiplayer performance (this is not a client FPS improvement)
  • Added Medical Cabinet Storage Decoration Recipe
  • Added Taxidermy Bear Decoration Recipe
  • Added Taxidermy Deer Decoration Recipe
  • Added 8 Painting Decoration Recipes
  • Fixed an issue with Molotov Cocktail VFX not displaying for other players
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in aim mode after aiming and have their movement slowed
  • Fixed an issue where undoing placement of a metal shack door granted a metal door instead
  • Fixed an issue where players could not snap foundations to claimed Strongholds
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles had a limited number of inventory slots in addition to their bulk (their bulk is unchanged)
  • Fixed an exploit where players could store non-Stronghold components in their Stronghold bag
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to respawn near their lootbag
  • Updated anti-cheat detection and prevention countermeasures

This update introduces the Avalanche Crate!

There’s no better way to update your look for the season than items from the new Avalanche Crate! This crate has items to add some holiday cheer to your Stronghold, or to let other survivors know that you’re ready to stay frosty.

Crates can be purchased with Daybreak Cash via the in-game Marketplace. Recipes can be used to craft multiple copies of an item, but each item you craft requires that you gather the necessary materials through gameplay.

Players who log in between 10:00AM PST on December 19th through 12:00AM PST January 2nd will receive one free Avalanche Crate

This update also brings a Holly Jolly Rampage!

From December 19th through January 2nd, festive zombies roam through Anywhere USA (Z1) and Badwater Canyon, carrying gifts for good survivors and coal for everyone else. "Sleigh" these zombies for a chance to receive one of these three gifts:

  • Blue and White Holiday Helmet
  • Green and Red Holiday Helmet
  • Alpine Camouflage M9

Players who log in between 10:00AM PST on December 19th through 12:00AM PST January 2nd will receive a free Patchwork Rudolph Nose

Source December 19, 2017

December 6, 2017

Just Survive is available to patch and play! This update and maintenance did not involve a wipe.

A note on cheating - with the renewed interest in Just Survive comes a renewed interest in cheating. The team has been working diligently and putting in extra hours to combat this, as made obvious by the numerous updates to Just Survive since the 11/20 return of Z1.

First and foremost, to report a cheater, send an e-mail to [email protected].

Generally speaking, there are two steps to defeating a particular cheat:

  • Detection - this part happens frequently without requiring code updates - and results in ban waves. For example, the grenade exploit below was immediately detected and all individuals who have cheated in this way have been banned.
  • Prevention - this part requires software updates. After this is rolled out, the cheat is no longer possible and additional bans aren't needed.

Alongside the reactive, specific cheat prevention that has been the focus of recent patch notes, there is a larger effort focused on proactive anti-cheat systems. We continue to work on these systems and more of them will be coming online in future updates. When these have player-facing gameplay effects, such as base ejection, they'll be available in the patch notes. For those that do not have player-facing gameplay effects, they get lumped under the ever-present "Updated anti-cheat countermeasures". Many of these systems are already in place or in testing, but anti-cheat is a continual development.

We expect additional updates throughout December focused on these systems (as well as new features!)

This update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause chained doors, shacks, and shack doors to fail to destruct at 0 hit points
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to spam infinite grenades
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit
  • Speculative fix for the respawn issue
  • Fixed a serious server crash that could cause the server to fail on automatic restart
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

Source December 6, 2017

December 1, 2017

Hello Survivors!

Just Survive Live has just been updated with a host of anti-cheat and stability fixes. Accompanying these updates is a full server wipe.

Wipes are not something we take lightly. We had hoped to avoid wiping player progress while developing this update, but we were unable to publish this update before a particularly nasty duplication exploit went viral.

A large number of bans have been handed out and additional bans will follow for abusing the exploits listed below.

Remember - if have evidence of someone cheating in-game, you can report them to [email protected] and a customer service representative will investigate the issue. While many cheats are detected and action taken without requiring these reports, reporting players allows you to contribute to the discovery of new methods of cheating and ensure that action is taken against those that cheat.

This update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed several server crash scenarios
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to duplicate thrown grenades
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to attack with melee at range
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to duplicate items
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to respawn on their corpse
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to receive items not normally available in the game
  • Adjusted camera collision for foundations to reduce the ability to clip the camera through foundations
  • Fixed an issue preventing the placement of chain door locks in areas where they should be placeable
  • Fixed an issue causing hospital doors to not spawn on Z1
  • Fixed an issue with incendiary grenades
  • Additional Anti-Cheat countermeasures

We appreciate and are humbled by the influx of players, new and old, and would like to thank you for your patience as we work to combat the malicious few who attempt to cheat. While we believe at this time that we have resolved all cheating vectors, we remain vigilant and will continue to combat cheats as they become known.

We’d also like to thank the many individuals who have helped us discover and eliminate many of the exploits listed above – your dedication to the Just Survive Community benefits every one of us.

Source December 1, 2017

November 22, 2017

Hello Survivors!

Today we have pushed out a hotfix for the Holiday Weekend that fixes two major issues. A larger update is on track for release next week, but will not make it out before the Holiday.

This update fixes these two critical issues:

  • Players were unable to interact with (pick up, open, etc) an item or container if something had ever been placed or dropped on top of it
  • Players were able to claim an owned base if they attempted to claim while on a foundation that had zero components built on it

With this update, you should be able to pick up or open foundations, stashes, storage containers, etc, if they have no item on top of them. If there is an item on top of them (for example, if you have built a wall on a foundation, or have dropped items out of a stash onto the top of it) you will still need to clear the top of the object before being able to interact with it. We will be improving this in our next update :)

If you have lost a base to this claiming bug and would like to recover the base, you can contact our customer support team at help.daybreakgames.com. This ownership change is documented in our logging system and they are able to verify and revert ownership upon request. To expedite your support ticket, please ensure that you provide your character name, server name, and as much location information as you can (grid location, description, screenshots are a major plus!) so that they can quickly find the correct base to verify.

We hope you're enjoying this major update and you will see several more updates within the coming weeks.

Thank you Survivors!

Source November 22, 2017

November 20, 2017

Greetings Survivors!

We’ve got a large update rolling out today, so let’s start with a few highlights, followed by the core notes further down:

  • Choose your map! Servers are now marked for either Badwater Canyon (BWC) or Anywhere USA (Z1)
  • Base Foundations are now free-placeable and snap together
  • Raids are no longer timed, destruction is permanent, and shields have been removed

If you’d like to learn more about how all of these changes came about, we recommend you read this article, detailing how our Test Server updated and evolved over the past handful of weeks. We’re excited for all of you to jump into this update for Just Survive.

With that, let's get to the bulleted list!

Base Changes:

  • Base Foundations are now free-placeable and snap together
  • Snapped Base Foundations are limited to four per player
  • Players cannot build foundations next to other player’s foundations or inside POIs
  • Base Foundations have built-in ramps on all sides
  • Base Foundation placement can be nudged up or down with shift-mousewheel for placement of your first foundation. Later foundations will snap to that height
  • Component crafting costs have been reduced
  • Component hitpoints and damage resistances have been buffed
  • Wood Components are now impervious to melee weaponry
  • Metal Components are now impervious to melee AND firearms
  • Height limits for Bases have been removed – These are now only governed by Piece limits

Map Updates:

  • The legacy map, Anywhere USA (aka Z1) is now playable on Z1 marked servers
  • Badwater Canyon is still available to play on BWC marked servers
  • Trees, rocks, and cars on Z1 have been updated to use the Badwater Canyon harvesting mechanics
  • Some exploitable map geometry has been fixed

Raiding Changes:

  • Raids are no longer timed
  • Raid Shields have been removed
  • Destruction of Base Components during a raid is now permanent

Gameplay Changes:

  • Military Vendors and Golden Eagle Coins are removed
  • Military Base Snipers and Safe Zones are removed
  • Stronghold & Military Base Spawning are removed
  • Players can now choose their respawn location
  • Location-specific quest lines return, with updated requirements and loot
  • Gasser zombies return to Just Survive – these noxious zombies burst into a cloud of poison gas on death
  • Banshee zombies return to Just Survive – these deadly zombies have disorienting, zombie-attracting screams
  • Exploder zombies return to Just Survive – these dangerous zombies violently explode upon death
  • Added firefighter outfits and firefighter zombies near the fire station
  • Increased vehicle storage capacities by 50%
  • Increased storage capacities by 50%
  • Ethanol can be crafted from corn and yeast
  • Added an IED item (Crafting Recipe) - this mid-tier explosive presents an alternate explosive weapon crafting path
  • Added Elite Explorer's Backpack, a 3000 bulk capacity backpack that can be found as a rare quest drop
  • Added Cricket Bat (Loot Item), a powerful melee weapon
  • All tiers of .308 rifles kill in a single headshot through helmets of any quality

Bug Fixes:

  • Firefighter respirators now properly counteract gas weapons
  • For Streamers - streamer settings now hides kill broadcast / death screen names
  • Fixed an issue where the crossbow wouldn't show correctly in player's hands
  • Fixed a server crash related to NPC navigation
  • Hammer renamed to Demolition Hammer
  • Fixed an issue where "Share my server" could not be checked/unchecked
  • Free place objects cannot be placed on/near other player's base foundations without being added to permission
  • Removed Ctrl-R reporting function due to abuse. Report cheaters to [email protected]
  • Fixed a duplication exploit
  • Stronghold art assets are now pre-loaded and won't pop in over time
  • Fixed an issue where metal gateways could render oddly, stretching part of them across the screen
  • Multiple clipping exploit fixes
  • Server stability improvements
  • Improved Anti-Cheat Countermeasure

The following Known Issues with this build are in active development and do not need to be reported:

  • Dropping a Worn Letter from your inventory turns it into a trashcan
  • A Worn Letter referencing the visitor's center can spawn in Z1
  • An exploit exists that allows players to bypass the respawn lockout – abusing this is a bannable offense

Source November 20, 2017

October 30, 2017

This is a small patch to fix an known exploit (already fixed on test) for the live game.

Source October 30, 2017

October 22, 2017

Hello Survivors!

During this morning's maintenance, we've published some back-end server optimizations that should improve server performance.

There are no player facing changes.

Server performance improvements mean you will see better responsiveness on opening your inventory / looting containers, opening doors, and player / vehicle movement and shooting.

There is an exploit that surfaced over the weekend, this is not addressed in this patch. There is a fix underway and we will publish it as soon as we are able to do so.

A reminder: to report exploitable game bugs, please do not publicly share hints or reproduction steps for them - this does not accelerate our ability to fix these issues, but does ensure that the quality of your gameplay experience and the experience of others suffers.

If you find an exploitable game bug or mechanic, you can report it privately three ways:

  • Create a dev-only report on the community issue tracker, located here:
  • https://dgcissuetracker.com . Reports flagged for developer eyes only will be read by our QA team and integrated into our internal bug tracking system
  • Send a private message through reddit to DGC-flaired developers. I'm always available and respond to PMs.
  • Send a private message through Discord to DGC-flaired developers. I'm always available to respond to PMs here as well.

Exploiting game bugs to create an unfair advantage can result in suspensions or bannings on your account. Don't do this, even if it's "just to test."

We hope to have a hotfix for the exploit available soon.

Source October 22, 2017

October 11, 2017

Greetings Survivors!

We have updated Just Survive without a wipe, so all of your progression will remain.

Due to map adjustments, you may find that some trees/rocks/etc have shifted in Pinemill Reservoir, and this may cause your character in certain cases to be in an invalid location.

We've added a /stuck command to address this issue - type "/stuck" into the chat and press enter, and the game will attempt to relocate your character to a safe exterior location. If this fails to work, /respawn will respawn your character (you will lose your equipment).

This update brings a large number of new features and content to Just Survive:

New Items

  • **Added Resolution Ridge, the North West Quarter of the Map**
  • Added second Military Base and moved initial spawn to the new Military Base
  • Added Fast Travel via Helicopters in the Military Bases (500 GEC to use)


Loot/Crafting Changes

  • Added Tier 3 and 4 weaponry as follows:
  • Added Double Bit Axe (Loot)
  • Added Antique Cavalry Saber (Loot)
  • Added Katana (Loot)
  • Added Bowie Knife (Loot)
  • Added Spiked Pipe (Loot)
  • Added M1911 TX-Poly (Loot)
  • Added M19911 Black Hawk (Loot)
  • Added M9-A3 (Loot)
  • Added M9-MCMXV (Loot)
  • Added R380 Thunder-5 (Loot)
  • Added R380 DZ-Tec (Loot)
  • Added .44 Magnum 18-K (Loot)
  • Added .44 Magnum Viper (Loot)
  • Added Alpine-R Shotgun (Loot)
  • Added Boomstick 12 Shotgun (Loot)
  • Added .308 Pinpoint 700 (Loot)
  • Added .308 Tactical Sniper X (Loot)
  • Added AR-15 1-Defender (Loot)
  • Added AR-15 Governor (Loot)
  • Added AK-47 Saga 77 (Loot)
  • Added AK-47 S-MAG5 (Loot)


Game Additions

  • Added Walkie Talkie (Loot) with Radio Support
  • Added Tier 2 Helmet - Blue Football Helmet (Loot)
  • Added Crafting Recipes to combine partial Gas Can items
  • Added Crafting Recipe to create glass from sand
  • Added basic Clan Support (Ranks, Grouping, Voice Chat)
  • Added Stronghold Tab for Viewing Build Limits and Raid History


General Fixes

  • Added player constructed door locks (limited to 2 per player) for locking in-world doors while barricading and fortifying non-player buildings.  These are not coded and can be placed / removed by the owner only.
  • Tuned health and damage resistances for in-world doors and they now display a health bar when they are below 95% health
  • Consuming Dirty Water (bottled or straight from a water source) or Rotten Food now damages player immune systems. Continuous consumption will have an adverse effect on the player health. These effects can be mitigated with both Immunity Boosters and Antibiotics, the effects of which have been updated to work with system
  • Minor reduction to global food spawns
  • Added Military and Police zombie variants
  • Higher Tier Chest and Leg clothing have improved storage capacity and NPC damage reduction
  • New Wolf behaviors - wolves now move, attack, and retreat more naturally
  • Shacks and Shack Doors repair damage over time.  Shacks and Doors do not regenerate if fully destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where picking up an ammo box from a Stronghold pad could delete its contents instead of correctly dropping them to the ground
  • Fixed an issue with the display of raids on the map that were not initiated by the player
  • Stashes now display a health bar when they are below 95% health
  • Fixed an issue where dew collectors filled bottles more rapidly than intended
  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn't take fall damage after dying
  • Fixed an issue that caused zombies to stand around and ignore nearby players
  • Fixed an issue where the firefighter respirator would not reduce gas grenade / gas trap damage
  • Fixed an issue where window barricades could not be placed on certain buildings
  • Fixed an issue which that caused harvestable vehicles to take damage from unintended sources
  • Fixed an issue that prevented proper damage reduction for Painkiller buff
  • Fixed incorrect rarity on T3 Repair Kit
  • Sleeping bags no longer auto-pickup after being used
  • Fixed an issue where FPS would drop while placing Stronghold shutters
  • Added additional fuel sources
  • Minor increase to loot respawn time
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Showdown T-Shirt skin from working correctly
  • Replaced campfire recipe component Stone with Fiber
  • Added a /stuck command - typing /stuck into chat will attempt to safely relocate the player to an exterior region above the ground

Source October 11, 2017

September 20, 2017

Hello Survivors,

Today we’re bringing a substantial update to Live servers that improves our core feature set, addresses a number of bugs/exploits and incorporates your feedback.

One major note on that last point is that we’ve overhauled Shacks and returned them to the game. This new metal structure is sizeable, sturdy and they can even be decorated! Originally, we anticipated those who had used Shacks would instead leverage the Barricade and Stash mechanics once we transitioned to Badwater Canyon. Though we’ll continue to expand upon and improve those systems (see Metal Barricades in the notes below) your feedback has made clear that you still want Shacks, so now they’re back and better than ever.

This update also yields some major improvements to the Stronghold system. From the outset, we’ve wanted to provide a number of unique Stronghold materials along with items to combat their increasing strength, and today we’re taking another step forward with Metal Stronghold Components. The introduction of Pipe Bombs, Dynamite, and bundles thereof is a game changer, and since Metal Components are fully resistant to melee weapons and have increased resistance against firearms, you’ll need those explosives to make a big dent in upgraded Strongholds.

In addition to adding many new items and recipes to the game, we’ve also made numerous changes to both the loot system and loot balance. Often requested by the community, one of the key changes is a new system that automatically cycles loot over time in an area. This means it is no longer necessary to “recycle” the loot by dumping the unwanted contents on the ground to allow the container to repopulate fully.

These elements are just some of the significant improvements we’ve made to the experience, so we urge you to check out the detailed list below and look forward to seeing the impact they all make when you try them in game.

This update required a server wipe to ensure that key system changes like the auto-cycling loot functioned without error.

The following changes and bug fixes are included in this Just Survive Live Update:

New Items

  • Added Metal Shack (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Metal Shack Door (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Metal Stronghold Components (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Metal Barricade (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Dynamite (Loot and Crafting recipe)
  • Added Dynamite Bundle (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Pipe Bomb (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Weapon Chest (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Ammo Box(Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Freezer (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Tool Chest (Crafting Recipe)
  • Added Handcuffs (Loot and Golden Eagle Coin Purchase)

Loot Changes

  • Loot auto-cycles to refresh loot areas
  • Increased the number of available vehicles on the map
  • Player Inventory now allows for Multi-Category Sorting
  • Reduced steel yield from pistols from 5 to 3 to match other weapon bulk
  • Blankets can be salvaged for cloth and twine.
  • Minor balance tuning to firearm and weapon repair kit item caps.
  • Ashes no longer spawn in the world. They can still be obtained as a by-product from burning things.
  • Oil is now a possible drop from vehicle harvesting.
  • Updated wood yield from harvesting trees
  • Wood piles are now destructible objects that yield wood upon destruction (previously they acted as containers)
  • Pallets now yield wood upon destruction
  • Crates now yield wood and sometimes nails upon destruction
  • Barrels now yield nails upon destruction
  • Weapons that break through durability loss now correctly eject their unused ammunition
  • Updated wood loot model to be a jagged plank rather than a log
  • Added unique loot model and icon for Deer Head and Antlers
  • Added unique loot model and icon for Saline
  • Added unique loot model and icon for Wolf Head
  • Added unique loot model and icon for Zombie Head
  • Added unique loot model and icon for Fiber Compress

Zombie and Combat Changes

  • Reduced zombie damage to body armor
  • Zombie damage through armor has a small chance to inflict bleeding
  • Minor bleed now has a chance to heal itself over time
  • Lowered use time for Fiber Compress
  • Improved zombie pathing and behaviors
  • Fixed an issue where zombies were near-invincible while eating corpses
  • Fixed an issue that could cause zombies to be scarce for players

Map Changes

  • Numerous map updates and bug fixes for Pinemill Reservoir, the northeast region of Badwater Canyon
  • Fixed an issue where PVE servers would not properly display the out of bounds messaging
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to bandage themselves after going out of bounds and then returning to the play area
  • Trashie, the Aerial Trash Can, has landed
  • Removed the map item and gave all players permanent map access (default key M)

Construction / Destruction Updates

  • Fixed an issue where base components could be rendered invisible / non-blocking upon respawn, creating holes in bases
  • Fixed an issue where Strongholds from deleted characters wouldn't always be returned to the available Stronghold pool
  • Abandoned Strongholds now correctly revert to unclaimed after 7 days
  • Increased health for many of the Stronghold Utilities and Decorations to avoid accidentally destroying them with a single attack from a high damage melee weapon
  • Fixed an issue where some objects couldn't be placed in front of a doorway
  • Fixed an issue that caused landmines to be destroyed without exploding in certain cases on or near a Stronghold
  • Fixed an issue that could cause traps to fail to trigger for players or zombies
  • Fixed an issue where a stash could be permanently removed if a player built it near a Stronghold and then lost ownership of the Stronghold
  • Ground Tillers can now be picked up
  • Punji sticks now yield the correct amount of wood upon destruction (less than the cost to craft them)
  • Items from recursive destruction and demolition will no longer float
  • Animal traps can now be picked up
  • Workbenches now require you to hold E in order to pick up (previously tapping E would pick them up)
  • Players can no longer pick up an object (like a table) that has items on it. If it has no items, then it may be picked up.

Survival Changes

  • Fixed an issue where stamina could get stuck in a state where it would not regenerate
  • Player now regens health when severely hungry or thirsty (previously these statuses prevented health regeneration)
  • Flashlights now project light farther

Exploit and Griefing Fixes

  • Relocated Military Base spawns so that players can't grief other players with the tent entrances
  • Fixed an issue where airdrops would destroy Stronghold components that they landed on
  • Fixed an exploit where players could stack tables on top of each other indefinitely
  • Ongoing anti-cheat countermeasures

Additional Bug Fixes:

  • Updated physics collisions for vehicles to reduce the possibility of an instantaneous death caused by a multi-frame collision stacking damage each frame
  • Several skin updates and fixes for various items
  • Fixed an issue where a party leader's party UI would remain after they disbanded the party
  • Fixed an issue where the hover text for a crafting recipe wouldn't show the rarity correctly

Source September 20, 2017

August 31, 2017

Greetings Survivors!

We have just published an update to Just Survive and wiped the servers. While the decision to wipe was not an easy one to make, we felt it prudent in light of some issues that occurred after yesterday's maintenance.

However, this is more than just a wipe - ahead of schedule, we've got a few new features rolling out today. I mentioned in the Producer's Letter this week that "we see no need to hold back individual features to a specific date or patch wave." As such, this patch is short, but these features were ready to rock and roll and I think especially in light of the wipe you'll find them exciting.


  • Significantly reduced the cost to construct all Wooden Stronghold Components
  • Increased Wooden Stronghold Component resistance to melee weaponry and rebalanced Wooden Stronghold Component resistances
  • Added 180 PVE Servers to Just Survive - 60 each in the US, EU, and Asia regions
  • Fixed a crash that could be caused by reloading while using various interacts (ie, opening doors)
  • Fixed an issue that caused missing Stronghold Components on a server reset
  • Ongoing anti-cheat countermeasures


We apologize for the lack of notice on the wipe, but we felt it was important to get this update out ASAP so that everyone had the opportunity to play with this update over the holiday weekend.

Those that have been watching since we first announced the downtime early this morning know that we have had an extended downtime. While we usually beat our public estimates for a downtime, in this particular case what should have been a very quick and straightforward update instead was met with a catastrophic hardware failure that has taken 12 hours to resolve.

I'd like to take a moment to thank our operations, database, and development teams for working round the clock to recover from this disaster as soon as possible, as well as the QA team that has been waiting on standby to test and verify that all behavior was normal after resolving this problem and restarting the servers. These dedicated men and women have put in an exceptionally long day today in an effort to get this catastrophic hardware failure resolved and get our servers back on line for our players for this weekend.

While we understand this extended downtime has been a cause for frustration for our player base, these teams have been working diligently since early this morning to alleviate this issue as soon as possible and I am proud and glad to work alongside them.

Thank you for your tremendous patience and at this time I am very happy to announce that Just Survive is unlocked and available to patch and play!

Source August 31, 2017

August 22, 2017

Hello Survivors,

We have unlocked & updated JS Live with a hotfix that targets key community issues with a focus on zombie behavior.

This update does not include a wipe.

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed multiple issues with AI State code that allowed zombies to hit you from well beyond intended distances
  • Adjusted zombie spawns to reduce density and further disperse them to reduce large crowds focusing on isolated players
  • Adjusted zombie spawns to increase the number of walkers and decrease the number of runners
  • The owner of a stash can now see it from much farther away
  • Adjusted bleed values to reduce the lethality of minor bleeds
  • Added a new crafting recipe - Fiber Compress. Made with 5 Fiber and 5 Resin, this bandage stops bleeding when applied
  • Fixed an issue where items could not be placed on wooden tables
  • Renamed several servers that had duplicate names across regions
  • Reduced sell value of zombie components to 0 Golden Eagle Coins
  • Fixed an issue with the blue goggles tactical helmet not skinning correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could cause gate collision to detach from the gate visuals such that a player could walk through a closed gate
  • Fixed an issue which permitted the wrench to spawn in certain Air Drop crates in PVE


Source August 22, 2017

August 14, 2017

JS Live has been updated and wiped. 

Additional servers have been added to the US and EU regions, and a new Tokyo region has been added. 

This update is the first of many updates taking place on our new map, Badwater Canyon. Expect additional regions along with deeper crafting and Stronghold mechanics in future updates.

Patch Notes: 

  • Added the first region of Badwater Canyon, Pine Mill Reservoir.
  • Players now spawn in the military base, a safe environment protected by snipers.
  • Players can now sell items for Golden Eagle Coins to Corporal Moran in the military base.
  • Players can now purchase basic items and tools for Golden Eagle Coins in the military base near Corporal Moran.
  • Added Strongholds to the game.
  • Stronghold plots can be purchased with Golden Eagle Coins at their location. Modular base components can be crafted and built on a purchased Stronghold plot.
  • Strongholds can be raided by other players, triggering a Stronghold raid. At the end of the raid, the defending base will rebuild and be shielded for 1 hour, protecting it from further raids as well as NPCs.
  • Loot has been completely re-itemized, with dozens of new items and a tiered, color coded rarity system to easily identify valuable items.
  • Crafting has been overhauled with many new recipes and crafting ingredients.
  • The Discovery tab has been removed, as players no longer need to discover recipes.
  • Combat has been completely re-balanced, with multiple tiers of each weapon classification with different stats.
  • Healing items, medicine, and consumables have been re-balanced.
  • Body sim updated to provide a more consistent experience.
  • Barricades can now be placed on cabin doors and windows to fortify locations for players.
  • Added new fortifications and traps that players can use to fortify Strongholds and barricaded POIs.
  • Improved car and tree harvesting, and added rock harvesting with the new pickaxe tool.
  • Revamped the Player stash - the player stash is an embedded lockbox that is invisible to all players beyond a few meters. It will be marked on your map when placed.
  • Added several decoration recipes for players to use to decorate their Stronghold, including a functional bed.
  • Stronghold utilities (storage, barbecues, workbenches, etc) and traps can be picked up by pressing and holding E.
  • Traps now ignore friendly targets - if on a Stronghold, they don't trigger for anyone with permissions.  In world, they don't trigger for their owner.
  • Stronghold utilities and other free-place items can now be destroyed on PVE when placed outside a Stronghold to prevent griefing.
  • Wrenches no longer spawn in PVE servers to prevent vehicle hoarding.
  • Increased repair amount for wrenches in PVP.
  • Campfires now drop their contents after being destroyed.
  • Zombies no longer pick up the contents of a dead player's loot bag.
  • Reduced zombie clumping for the net result of fewer zombies spawning immediately near a player.
  • Reduced zombie damage to player owned vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue where player corpses attracted a very large number of zombie spawns.
  • Updated the airdrop ticket ruleset.
  • Updated numerous text prompts throughout the game for clarity and accuracy.
  • Server population now displays numerically.
  • Added a multi-sell/multi-salvage option for stacks of items.
  • Inventory is now sortable by Name, Bulk, Category, Rarity, and Sell Price.
  • Removed Proximity Container Crafting and Proximity Container Searching.
  • Weapons and tools at 20% durability turn red in the equipped hotbar.
  • Added a search bar to the crafting tab.
  • Updated UI to make the inventory slightly larger visually.
  • Updated UI to make crafting screen larger so fewer names get cut off.
  • Group members now render in matching colors for HUD indicator chevrons, nameplates, and outlines.
  • Being added to permissions now has a confirmation for the permission receiver. If someone adds you to their permissions, a confirmation will pop up on your screen.
  • Removed radio tab from the UI – radios will return in a future update.
  • Placing objects no longer causes the object to pulse during placement, which could cause placement errors.
  • Vehicle health bar shows during vehicle repair.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't swap an equipped weapon for one in your inventory of the same type.
  • Fixed an issue where the red killer outline would persist on the killer after the victim respawned.
  • Unlocked and Locked crates now show in the top of the player inventory.
  • Updated loading screen tips.
  • Added keybind under the settings menu for first person / third person toggle (default T).
  • Fixed an issue with the UI toggle function not working. Now you can press Ctrl-F10 to toggle the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where quick attack was hardcoded to a key despite no longer being an intended feature / available to keybind.
  • Fixed "snaking" exploit.
  • Fixed some animation conflicts that could cause issues similar to "snaking".
  • Fixed "drone" exploit.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where players, zombies and other NPCs could be rendered invisible to certain players.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could punch trees to harvest them.
  • Fixed an additional navigation exploit involving "sit" functionality.
  • Fixed an exploit where certain emotes could be used to clip the camera through a wall.
  • Fixed an exploit where emotes could be spammed to fast harvest items.
  • Cars are no longer infinitely harvestable.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could be boosted while their engine was off, draining their gas.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be erroneously kicked out of an empty vehicle after entering it.
  • Fixed an issue where players jumping on bases would sometimes be killed by bad collision intersections with the roof.
  • Fixed an issue where using a weapon didn't break auto-run.
  • New and improved time of day lighting.
  • Weather updates.
  • Fixed the long-distance player LOD from not blending with distance fog correctly (ie, far away people are no longer dark black silohouettes against the grey fog).
  • Added player on fire animation.
  • Fixed an issue where certain items/weapons (mostly melee weapons) would not render in first person.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles would fall through Stronghold components.
  • Fixed an issue where recursively destroyed storage would have its loot float in the air, it now drops as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where there would be a delay before you could fire after swapping weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where mashing the zoom on hunting rifles could cause the camera to get stuck behind the scope.
  • Fixed numerous client Crash to Desktop scenarios.
  • Fixed numerous server crash and disconnect scenarios.
  • Significant performance optimizations for both client and server.
  • Significant overhaul and upgrade to client side anticheat protection.
  • Significant overhaul and upgrade to server side anticheat protection.
  • Significant overhaul and upgrade to detection and banning heuristics.
  • New Just Survive specific cheating report e-mail: [email protected].
  • Increased Customer Service staffing with improved response times.
  • Players are now limited to 4 Characters per Account.

A tremendous amount of work went into this game update, you can read our complete list of changes and fixes here.

Source August 14, 2017

June 22, 2017

Hey folks,

Starting about 2.5 hours ago, there was an issue where the discovery panel disappeared from the JS Live client for anyone who launched the game during that time.

While this was caught and fixed almost immediately, it takes about 2.5 hours for us to re-build the game, test internally, and publish the fix.

My sincere apologies for any disruption this may have caused.

If you were affected by the issue, please restart the game through Steam and you should receive the updated client via the launchpad.


Source June 22, 2017

June 20, 2017


Quick update here about a few things on Live.

Live has been wiped and unlocked. While we had it down, we were able to integrate a new marketplace update as well. I want to be clear that this is something we’ve been wanting to roll out for a while but I absolutely didn’t want to push this out until Test had been updated with the new Badwater Canyon release. Now that the new good stuff is up on Test, I feel better about getting this update rolled into Live at this time.

Browsing through the many crates we had for sale was a complex and often confusing process, so we’ve completely revamped the Marketplace menu by consolidating all of our crate offerings into two distinct options. This makes things way more approachable and easier to use while being more cost effective as we’ve significantly reduced the purchase prices. At the end of the day, we all simply wanted you to give you more skins for less money. So we have. :)

Starting now, there will only be two crate offerings at any given time: the latest crate we’ve released (which at the time of this writing is the Outlands crate) and a new Survivor Collection which combines the vast majority of every item from previous crates into one giant offering (287 items total). Because you’ve stuck with us for so long, we’ve also dropped the price to $2 for the newest crate and just $1 for the Survivor Collection to thank you and improve your chances of getting the items you want most!

The new $2 crate, currently Outlands, will always grant one item per purchase. However, the $1 crate, the Survivor Crate, grants 2 items per purchase.

Plus, your old locked crates now only cost $.50 cents to unlock, down from $2.50!

We hope you all like this new cleaner (and cheaper!) approach.

Source June 20, 2017

May 9, 2017

Hello Survivors,

We just published a hotfix / maintenance to JS Live. Please keep in mind that as a hotfix and not an update, this does not include new content but rather addresses some issues that have cropped up over the last week that we wanted to react to ASAP for you guys.

the hotfix notes are short and sweet:

  • fixed a server crash scenario
  • fixed several crash to desktop scenarios
  • ongoing anti-cheat/hack countermeasures

Please use this thread to report any issues you're experiencing on JS Live.


Q: is this a wipe?
A: no. No wipes, content, rules changes, or game mechanic updates , etc. Just fixed some back-end issues.

Q: when are the new map and strongholds coming?
A: summer.

Q: how do I report an issue with this live update?
A: post in this thread! While we read reddit regularly, we especially focus on official Daybreak threads for test and live updates.

Source May 9, 2017

April 26, 2017

We've updated Live with a small hotfix to address a few issues:

  • We've restored the Airdrop Tickets UI. This was removed in error and there are no plans to change Airdrop Tickets or remove them from player's inventories.
  • Fixed an exploit with logging in and gates.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Leather Flannel Vest" and "Eagle Flannel Vest" that caused them to render incorrectly.

Thanks for your patience during this brief downtime!

Source April 26, 2017

April 25, 2017

We've updated and unlocked JS Live with the following fixes and changes:

  • Live Servers have been wiped
  • Multiple fixes for a number of CTD scenarios, including a situation while placing doors on shacks while inside them crashed to desktop
  • Fixed an exploit where players could cause ethanol to float
  • Fixed a legacy bug that permitted an exploit that crashed servers. Fixing this has also given us a significant boost in overall server performance as it eliminated unnecessary tick cycles for redundant NPCs.
  • Several marketplace UI tweaks
  • Fixed an issue where you would crash to desktop when trying to join a second server after already playing on a different server
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s head would vanish when aiming down the sights while prone
  • Fixed an exploitable bug where players could log out on certain objects and log back in to find themselves inside the object
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to glitch into a sitting position while moving
  • Fixed an issue where anti-exploit code could falsely register and kill players jumping on rooftops
  • Gates now self-destruct when penetrating objects are present (please note that the following items will be destroyed, however: furnaces, storage containers, bee boxes, dew collectors, BBQs, wooden barricades, animal traps, barbed wire, punji sticks, workbenches, and weapon workbenches)
  • Fixed an issue with gates inadvertently blowing up when placed adjacent to valid walls
  • Recursive destruction has been enabled to help combat floating bases. Destroying the root object will destroy all objects attached to it (e.g., an upper shelter)
  • Ongoing specific exploit/cheating countermeasures
  • Our new JS crate 'Outlands' has been released

Source April 25, 2017

April 6, 2017

We’ve updated Live with a quick patch that will fix a few issues we’ve noticed:

  • We’ve fixed an issue where a deck with socketed items built on a tamper that had no socketed items would despawn, along with the tamper.

  • We’ve added new anti-cheat measures.

  • Additionally, yesterday there was an issue with the server "London (EU)" not spawning loot correctly, which has been resolved.

Unfortunately and unrelated to our update, there have been server issues affecting the AUS folks across not just JS but other Daybreak titles. We are still experiencing intermittent issues with those servers across all games and our Ops team is giving it their full attention.

Lastly, we’re aware of users reporting new CTD issues. At this time, the majority of crashes we are seeing appear to be DirectX11 related. While we are investigating internally, we recommend updating your video card drivers to the latest version available if you haven’t already as it may fix some of these issues.

I hope everyone has a great weekend with the new update!

Source April 6, 2017

April 4, 2017


The JS Live servers have been updated and wiped. Here are the patch notes for this update:

  • Weather has returned to Live! The new and improved rain and fog systems make their first appearance on Live in this update.
  • Loot spawn cap fix. We discovered a legacy item spawner bug a few weeks back that we were able to address in this update. In the past, loot would take a few days to "normalize" it seemed, which was incorrect of course and prevented our designers from accurately adjusting loot tables in the game. Please note that while this fix may feel like a loot nerf to many of you, loot tables have not been touched at all in this update. The spawners will simply now cap out appropriately as intended.
  • Repair boxes have been removed, thereby eliminating a nasty base exploit we've all been living with for a while.
  • Crowbars are no longer repairable. This, too, was another legacy bug we were able to address in this update that previously allowed an unintentional harvest-able amount of scrap metal to be collected in short order.
  • Non-socketed items will now no longer prevent decks from despawning (furnaces, storage containers, dew collectors, etc.)
  • Socketed base items (gates, shelters, basically everything that snaps) can no longer be placed to interpenetrate other base objects.
  • Stairs and ramps can no longer be placed in a way that creates unraidable bases.
  • Several new/additional CTD fixes
  • Exploit logging and ongoing anti-cheat/hack countermeasures

This is an exciting update for the JS team as it marks the first time we've rolled out new content to Live in quite a while with the new weather system. This is the first new system of many to come in the months ahead as we continue developing things like the new melee system you all got a sneak peek at, as well as the new map and Strongholds just to name a few.

We hope you enjoy this update and that you'll continue to provide your invaluable feedback in the days and weeks ahead. I'll fire up a new Live Issues thread later in the day to capture specific feedback about what you're seeing and to call out the issues we're working on for you. This game exists because of you. That's never lost on us. Thanks for letting us be a part of the story!

Source April 4, 2017

March 17, 2017

A small hotfix went out this morning to address an outstanding issue.  


  • Fixed an issue when harvesting which could crash players.

Source March 17, 2017

March 14, 2017

We've updated and unlocked the JS Live servers with the following fixes and features:

  • Free 3-crate 'Thank You' pack 
  • Several individual CTD fixes
  • Rendering performance optimizations
  • Reduced number of extraneous updates on NPCs with no behaviors/abilities ticking
  • Lowered number of checks for NPC relevance (increasing server performance) 
  • Adjusted visibility distance for objects without profiles so they're not invisible by default
  • Optimized NPC proximity checks (increasing server performance)
  • Navigation system optimizations (improved NPC performance)
  • Proxy broadcast rate adjustment (increasing server performance)
  • Proximity manager multithreading optimizations (increasing server performance)
  • Punji stick fixes (they will now damage players and all zombie types)
  • Wolf run speed reverted to original setting
  • Non-structure player items cannot be placed on deck expansions or on top of player structures
  • Infinite grenade hack fixed
  • Miscellaneous base security fixes (fixed an issue with approved players being kicked erroneously; base security now performs as expected)
  • DLC outfit names fixed (all outfit grants are now correct on Steam)
  • Comprehensive anti-cheat/exploit countermeasures

Source March 14, 2017

February 21, 2017

All Just Survive servers will be offline beginning at 11:45 AM PT for a game update. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 6 hours.

Update Notes:

  • New queuing adjustments (eliminates the failed server joining issues some users were experiencing)
  • Apartment/tower stairwell stuck/stutter issues have been fixed
  • Steam Inventory – the next time you log into the game, any missing items will be restored in your Steam Inventory.  They never left your in-game inventory
  • Wolf speed balance (wolves have been slowed down a bit now that AI nav has changed)
  • CTD fix (this is one of a few pending fixes that will address the increase in CTDs)
  • Deadwood (US) has been renamed Dismay (US) to eliminate confusion with the new low-loot Deadwood
  • Ongoing fair-play/exploit countermeasures and anti-cheat logging tools

Source February 21, 2017

February 16, 2017

All servers will come down for maintenance beginning at 10 AM PT for an update to address a few outstanding issues.  Downtime is anticipated to be approximately approximately one hour.  

Source February 16, 2017

February 14, 2017

Hi Survivors!

We’ve been heads down and hard at work since the last update in late December and I’m happy to announce that we’re rolling out an extensive quality of life patch today that addresses several issues (over 100 individual fixes and new features!) and also establishes a new lighting baseline for the game as we continue to polish the weather system. I realize that a lot of people in the community are hoping to see new features and systems introduced in this update (especially after watching the Community Outbreak we just did last week) but as we said during the show, we’re not quite there yet. There's an intersection point ahead of us where we'll finally be able to flip to the second part of the mantra, "Fix now. Cool later." We still have work to do on the foundation of JS before we can make good on those new plans for all of you, and extensive Quality Of Life updates like this one today will make that possible.

As you know, we’ve refocused and reprioritized what’s essential for the game over these past few months. It’d be very easy for me to go into detail about everything we plan to roll out this year for Just Survive, but I feel doing so would be a tremendous disservice to all of you if features or dates slipped. We don’t want to be that kind of development team. While I understand the frustration you as players feel, I do hope you understand why it’s important for us to be a little more responsible in how we announce and roll out brand new features.

Your feedback is always amazing and the entire team here hopes you keep that up. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: we don't get a chance to reply to everything, but we do read every single thing you post. I love this community's enthusiasm and hope that these updates mean as much to you as they do to us. It is not lost on us just how important this game is to all of you. I hope our dedication to you with updates like this demonstrates just how important the game is to us, too.

Thank again for your continued patience and support. We hope you enjoy the update!



Game Update Notes:

  • New lighting and light emitter effects (darker nights/interiors and better looking light emitter effects. Keep that flashlight handy!)
  • New zombie navigation system (zombies are smarter and more aggressive)
  • New low-loot servers: Deadwood - Low Loot (US) and Sparta - Low Loot (EU) have low-loot rule sets for players looking for a more desperate survival experience.
  • Visitor permissions are now automatically granted to anyone who successfully enters a code on a base door
  • Lead Pipes now melt down into Lead Alloy
  • Cooking containers now have maximum bulk limits
  • Changed the way ammo spawns to reduce clumping (please note: this did not reduce total ammo spawns or change loot quantities)
  • Chain link fences can now be destroyed with melee weapons


  • Changed the way certain dynamic objects render to improve client performance
  • New base-building component optimizations to improve client performance
  • Optimized timer-based items to improve their performance (cooking containers, IEDs, crops, etc.) to improve server performance
  • Changed the way crops render to improve client performance
  • Improved zombie navigation (in addition to zombies behaving better, they're also now handled more efficiently)


  • Continued and ongoing fair-play/exploit countermeasures
  • Fixed an exploit where people could turn in hospital air drop quests without removing all of the quest items from their inventory
  • Wrenches now lose durability when hitting vehicle tires
  • Fixed an exploit where players could clip through upper shelter walls by mashing several movement+stance keys at once
  • Furnaces placed on ramps and expansions will now take damage correctly
  • Players can no longer place torches on decks they do not own
  • Punji sticks no longer damage players through doors
  • Players can no longer glitch doors and gates to build them backwards
  • Fixed an issue where players could overlap certain base building items by building them over base gaps


  • Fixed Emotes (emotes stopped working for people on a per account basis)
  • Fixed several crash-to-desktop conditions
  • Fixed an issue where timer-based items could take significantly longer than they should to cook/detonate/grow
  • Fixed an issue where you could get your gun into a state where it appeared to be loaded but would instead fire a blank round
  • Corn mash now converts to moonshine correctly
  • Fixed a fertilizer bug where it would expire before the crop was ready to harvest
  • Fixed a bug with crumpled notes where dropping them would turn them into a battered trash can
  • Base ejection no longer ejects white-list server admins from a base if they don’t have base permissions
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles would slowly migrate in water
  • Fixed an issue where targeting the edge of a deck wouldn’t bring up the building permissions list
  • Shock trap FX will now play every time a player triggers a trap instead of just the first time
  • Fixed an issue where punji sticks would deal inconsistent damage
  • Updated various tool tips to better explain functionality and specific recipes
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s head could disappear permanently after backing into a corner in third person POV
  • Fixed an issue where the flashlight would switch off after backing into a corner
  • Fixed an issue where clouds would pop/stutter
  • Fixed an issue where clouds would rapidly expand and contract
  • Fixes BBQ/furnace rendering FX issues
  • Fixed various issues with new zombie navigation interfering with CQC/player interactions
  • Fixed an issue with the machete not melting down properly
  • Temporarily removed night vision goggles until they can be properly redesigned (previous incarnation did not function as expected)

Source February 14, 2017

December 21, 2016


We have updated and unlocked the Live servers. We made a lot of headway these past few weeks so I'm going to list out everything we've done since our December 2nd update here. Please note that there is NO WIPE with this Live update and weather will not appear on Live at this time.

  • Added "Base Permissions: Visitor". Players not on your visitor list will be ejected when your base is sealed. With the addition of this base permission, non-visitor ejection should solve any unorthodox methods of base entry including boosting. We realize this is a controversial change for some of you and I understand that many people are going to be frustrated by this, but we believe this is a beneficial change based on the feedback we received over the weekend.
  • Server QOL (quality of life) improvements including exploit related fixes, server lag/FPS, general performance, etc. These tweaks should improve server stability and performance overall, especially for the EU servers that have been hit the hardest lately
  • General BattlEye updates to address assorted exploits/hacks
  • Spawn cap bug: fixed an issue where a server may not propagate loot to the correct distributions - this is a big fix that should dramatically increase overall loot QOL
  • General loot balance/tuning pass
  • Added the description "FULL" to our queue population lists (we now have LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, FULL)
  • Added queue placement # back in (where you are in the current queue)
  • Fixed various vehicle issues (vehicles not exploding when reaching 0% health, vehicles being usable with 0% fuel, etc)
  • Fixed an issue with passenger desync/"cord pulling"
  • Fixed an exploit involving ATVs and gates
  • Vehicles will no longer kill you in/on your base
  • Updated POI restrictions for the church located in I8
  • Fixed hoodie issues (all hoodies now display their correct skins)
  • Fixed "Failed to load attachment" error message
  • Removed the Darko Zombie and his related functionality
  • Fixed several issues with shock traps (they will no longer go off forever after being detonated, etc)
  • Arrows no longer crash players near bases
  • Sub-base ejection (if you end up under the deck foundation for any reason, ejection is now instantaneous)
  • The gaps between metal gates and surrounding items are now closed so you shouldn't be able to place items there while raiding
  • Grenades are now equippable in the second weapon slot (default key 3)
  • Items no longer auto-skin. Note that this will not revert previously skinned items
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a partial stack of something destroyed the entire stack (ie: if you pick up 20 wood from a 100x wood plank drop, the other 80 would vanish previously)
  • Players now spawn with an improvised compass that can no longer be broken down for bottles. Be on the lookout for a better one!
  • Fixed an issue where some dropped items would not expire over time
  • Chat (prox/group/radio) should be working again
  • Crop visibility should be working again now once fertilized

As noted above, we are holding weather back for the time being. It will remain on Test as we continue to improve it, but it's not quite ready for prime time. It needs a full art pass, season tuning, transitions are a bit wonky, and so on.

Also, we didn't fix everything for this update that we wanted to - emotes not working for some people, for instance. We're still working on a few things like that. I'll start another "Live Issues" thread as I usually do after a push so we all have one place to collect our thoughts and feedback.

We hope you enjoy the update and on behalf of the entire Just Survive team, Happy Holidays!! :)

Source December 21, 2016

December 13, 2016

All Just Survive servers will be offline beginning at 1:00 AM PT (9:00 AM UTC) for a game update. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 6 hours.

Update Notes:


  • Fixed a crash to desktop error impacting players.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to crash other players with arrows. ot it this time.

Base updates:

  • Base Ejection is now instaneous and should improve server performance
  • The gap between metal gates and surrounding items should now be closed, so you can't place something between this gap while raiding

Inventory and Items:

  • Grenades are now equippable to the second weapon slot (default key: 3).
  • All items (weapons, clothing, etc) no longer auto-skin, and you must skin all items manually. This will not revert previously skinned items.
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a partial stack destroyed the whole stack (ie, if you pick up 20 wood from a 100x wood plank drop, the other 80 would vanish)
  • Player now spawns with improvised compass, a worse compass than available in the world. Pick up a compass when you see it!
  • Fixed an issue where some dropped items would not expire over time.
  • Changed spawning system to be more lenient when spawning items in highly travelled areas.

Loot Balance

  • Tactical Flashlights removed completely from spawns. Don't drop yours!
  • Compass spawns decreased.
  • A large number of non-combat items were slightly reduced in quantity.
  • Backpacks and particularly Military Backpacks are more rare.
  • Ammunition balance adjustments - more good ammo, less R380 and 9mm. 

Server Capacity

  • Added "Full" population listing. Servers are now "Low" "Medium" "High" or "Full"

Key known issues:

  • We are aware of player reports of lag and the numerous issues related to that lag, and we continue to investigate both short term and long term improvements to performance. Some of the issues above should alleviate some server load. We continue to monitor server performance and investigate additional optimizations.
  • Colliding with moving cars inside player bases is lethal.
  • Interrupting a reload action by skinning/entering a car/etc can cause the UI to display an incorrect amount of bullets in the weapon, which does not correct itself until the weapon is fired, or swapped.
  • Hospital loot is not working as intended
  • Weapons may not appear on your back after death

Source December 13, 2016

December 9, 2016

All servers will come offline for a brief maintenance beginning at 1:00 AM PT (9 AM UTC) and are anticipated to be unavailable for approximately 1 hour. 

This is to address an outstanding technical issue and will not make any gameplay changes.

Source December 9, 2016

December 2, 2016

All Just Survive servers will be offline beginning at 2:00 PM PT (10:00 PM UTC) for a game update.  Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 6 hours.  

This game update will include a wipe of all servers and characters! 

General Improvements

  • Loot Spawn Adjustments
    • Fixed bugs causing loot items to not spawn at intended rates
    • Updated non-weapon item balance
    • Increased ammo slightly 
    • Weapons and items are now more evenly distributed across map locations.
  • Reduced server latency - this was the root cause of many UI/interaction lag issues
  • AoE (area of effect) checks for AoE weapons - this fixes several bugs including a few listed below

Exploits Fixed

  • General vehicle exploits have been fixed (namely those related to glitching into bases)
  • General base exploits have been fixed (lag switching into bases, jumping through deck foundations, etc)
  • Placing IEDs through doors is no longer possible
  • “Map teleport” exploit has been fixed
  • Fixed an exploit where melee weapons could take on the behavior of other items

Bugs Fixed

  • Character Portraits now match their in-game character
  • General latency reduced; mostly UI / interactions taking multiple attempts, including:
  • Containers not transferring loot consistently
  • Door codes not entering/changing consistently
  • Discovering taking multiple attempts
  • Bows not reloading properly (causing them to never shoot) has been fixed
  • Door misalignment has been addressed
  • IEDS and Biofuel should now inflict proper damage next to structures
  • Explosive Arrows now should no longer damage players through building walls
  • Most structures now should be place-able inside shelters (workbenches, bee boxes, etc.)
  • Experimental Weapon Zombies should now respawn as expected
  • Medical stations should work as expected now
  • Bullets traveling through players occupying the same space – should be fixed
  • Bandages can be equipped in the flashlight slot but do nothing – should be fixed
  • Silent Zombies bug has been fixed
  • Character names can now be reused after the character has been deleted
  • Fixed an issue with free placing objects on base foundations (IEDs, etc)
  • Jittery camera issues have been fixed

Source December 2, 2016

September 28, 2016

Sorry for the late post, everyone! Here's the release notes for the patch that will be out today.

Edit: Target up-time is still 1 pm Pacific. I'll try to update on Twitter if this changes.

  • Various health items have had model improvements
  • Jumping now costs a small amount of stamina
  • A strange zombie may appear...
  • Ammunition can now be salvaged out of inventory
  • Ammunition can now be crafted at the new Weapon Workbench
  • Crafting recipes involving gunpowder which previously used the Workbench now use the Weapon Workbench
  • Inverted vehicles can now be flipped back over via an interaction
  • Vehicles now require a Vehicle Key (rare drop) to start, otherwise they must be hotwired via an interaction with the Hotwire item in the vehicle’s inventory (Note that the Vehicle Key can be present in either vehicle, driver, or passenger inventories to bypass the hotwire process)
  • Baggy Blue Jeans can now be skinned
  • Lighter description no longer contains "Dev Note" text
  • Jagged Skinning Knife can now be picked up again after being dropped
  • Dead players will no longer spawn a zombie NPC
  • Various improvements were made to reduce the occurrence of players being pushed through geo to their deaths
  • Various improvements were made to reduce the occurrence of connection geo exploits

Source September 28, 2016

August 10, 2016

New Features

  • A set of unique zombies have been seen roaming the area. These zombies hold the secrets to a new set of exotic and powerful weapons.
  • Players who succumb to the harsh realities of H1Z1 will now come back as one of the horde. These zombies will appear wearing the same gear they had when they died.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Respawn selection has had some improvements added
  • You will no longer be able to respawn within an area around where you died.
  • This area is a 9 grid diameter around your corpse
  • You cannot respawn within that grid for 5 minutes
  • If you die close to the grid any overlapping grid will inherit the lockout time form your previous death
  • Text chat is now enabled. Press enter to open chat bar
  • Made the following changes to the limited base building rules
  • Bases can now be built in the Villas
  • Campfires can now be placed anywhere
  • Flares can now be placed anywhere
  • Added limited base building to the Krakow server

Performance Enhancements

  • Improved server performance to reduce lag on high-pop and zombie intensive servers
  • More parallelization of core game and graphics systems for better performance on multi-core cpus

Combat Feedback

  • Reticle now indicates that firing is disabled and character will enter a passive stance.
  • Thrown weapons now display a tracer, only visible to the person throwing them, making their path of flight more apparent.


  • Vehicles handling has been improved
  • Vehicles are less susceptible to flipping
  • Vehicles have been modified to have varied characteristics:
  • The police car is the fastest.
  • The off roader has the best handling.
  • The pickup truck is the toughest.
  • Passengers in the rear of the pickup truck can stand up to shoot forward and crouch to take cover and shoot behind.
  • Flipped vehicles have more realistic friction, won’t be drivable using turbo
  • The following vehicle sounds have been improved:
  • Engine and turbo
  • Tire squeal when turning on pavement
  • Braking sounds.
  • Vehicles also now have horns [Default: J].
  • We’ve made some physics tweaks that should have vehicles exploding unexpectedly far less and doing the correct amount of damage when they do explode.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue the prevented Zombies from damaging vehicles
  • Fixed an issue which allowed tampers to be stacked
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to prevent the loss of durability on certain tools
  • Players now start with a basic compass instead of an improvised one

Source August 10, 2016

July 27, 2016

All Just Survive servers will come down for maintenance beginning at 1:00 AM PT (8 AM GMT) for maintenance. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 3 hours. Players can note the following changes:

  • The new Ronin Crate is now available
  • Loot bags & items inside them have been marked tradeable. 
  • Unlocked crates can no longer be traded or sold on the Steam Marketplace. 
  • The R380 pistol is now available again with improved stats!

Source July 27, 2016

July 11, 2016

All servers will be unavailable beginning at 1:00 AM PT (8 AM GMT) for maintenance to introduce a game update.  Downtime is anticipated to be less than 4 hours.

Players may note the following changes:


  • Fixed an issue where IED's were not damaging bases
  • Fixed an issue with arrows doing execessive base damage
  • Adjusted the drop rate of the Patriotic Mask skin
  • Fixed an exploit for sit command preventing falling damage
  • Fixed an issue with the Skinning Knife not de-spawing when dropped on ground
  • You should now be able to harvest blood from Zombies
  • You can no longer chop trees with a hunting knife
  • We have a potential fix in place for the invisibility issues introduced in the last update. 

Source July 11, 2016

July 7, 2016

All servers will be unavailable beginning at 1:00 AM PT (8 AM GMT) for maintenance to introduce a game update.  Downtime is anticipated to be less than 4 hours.


Note from the Team:


Combat Update Notes:

For those that don’t know me, my name is bronstahd (Garrett Fern), and I’m a combat and gameplay designer working on H1Z1: King of the Kill. Tomorrow we are releasing an update we’ve internally termed “the combat update” which is the result of a focused push toward improving combat and related gameplay systems. I wanted to spend some time talking about several of these changes in greater detail to give some insight into what’s changed and why we’re excited about this update’s release.


We’ve continued working to improve the consistency of the shotgun. Our goal is that the shotgun should be a powerful, up close threat. This update further tightens the shotgun’s spread of fire, making it more powerful up close. In addition, the shotgun’s damage will fall off over distance, so it isn’t too powerful at range. The feedback we’ve seen has been positive so far, so we’re really looking forward to seeing these changes on the live servers.

Cone of Fire

Recently, we added Cone of Fire adjustments based on your character's movement state. We did this because, put simply, guns were performing far too accurately when running and jumping. Philosophically, our belief has always been that aiming down sight should be the most accurate method of aiming; this change made sure that's the case.

However, it was also possible to aim down sight while jumping, which also allowed for tremendous accuracy in a way that didn't make sense. This update addresses that issue by preventing ADS while jumping or falling. This has also allowed us to ease up on some previous combat restrictions around movement and it will now be possible to shoot and ADS directly from sprint. You'll no longer have to wait for your character to slow down and suffer a delay when trying to shoot.

General Weapon Polish

This update also contains a lot of general weapon polish. In no particular order, here's what you should expect to see:

• Historically, melee weapons have been underwhelming and of little use. As a first step toward addressing this, we've increased melee weapon damage across the board. This won't entirely fix melee weapons, but it should be a noticeable improvement:

  • Fists: 4.5 damage -> 9 damage
  • Combat Knife: 10 damage -> 21 damage
  • Machete: 12 damage -> 25 damage
  • Wood Axe: 16.5 damage -> 34 damage

• Since our last change to the AK-47 we've been listening to the community and the feedback has been pretty clear: it's not powerful enough when compared to the AR15.

We've been internally testing a faster fire rate for the AK-47 which we'll be rolling out with this update. Here's what you should expect to see:

  • The AK-47 should be faster than AR15 in full auto fire, but more difficult to control.
  • The AK-47 should be closer in speed to the AR15 when tapping.
  • Specifically, the delay between shots has been reduced from 160 ms -> 145 ms.

We think this change will create nice some trade-offs between the weapons and make the AK-47 a compelling choice once again.

  • Increased the damage of the R380 from 15 -> 17 to reduce the number of shots required to kill with it by one.
  • Decreased the damage of the M9 from 19 -> 18 to allow time to apply healing after taking five shots. Previously it wasn't possible to apply any type of healing before bleeding to death.
  • We've made some adjustments to the M47 Gas Grenade that should make them far more viable as a thrown weapon option:
    • Damage increased from 1/tick-> 3/tick.
    • Duration reduced from 60 seconds -> 20 seconds.
  • Depending on the weapon, it used to take anywhere between 0.5 seconds to 1 second to change from one weapon to another. This time has been reduced to 0.15 seconds for all weapons.
  • Weapon slots will always be assigned the same number, regardless of whether or not there are weapons in other slots.

Damage Log

We believe that when a player dies it should be very clear to them what killed them. That’s not always the case currently. As a first step towards remedying this, we’ve added a damage log to the death screen that will display how much damage the attack that killed you did and whether or not it was a headshot. Moving forward, the plan is to re-work the death screen so we can display even more information about cause of death.

Body Armor

We've also made some changes to the way Armor works that should improve the reliability of body armor:

  • The entire body (chest, arms, and legs) is protected by Body Armor.
  • Helmets still protect the head.

Hit Reactions

Hit reaction animations would cause the other character's head moved, often preventing a quick follow-up shot from registering as a headshot when it should. Other characters will no longer flinch out of the way when shot.

Camera & Reticle Improvements

  • We've made a couple of improvements to the reticle.
  • We’ve added a new element to the reticle that increases in size to display Cone of Fire information based on player movement.
  • Improved color saturation and added clearer outline which should make seeing the reticle, even small reticles, much easier.
  • In most cases, projectiles now originate from the camera rather than the weapon model. This change significantly reduces projectile collisions with medium-height cover like fences, rocks, cars, and similar objects and also improves projectile performance when fighting uphill or against players on top of buildings.

In some cases, it was possible for one player to have clear line of sight on another player, due to the camera being offset above their head, while actually being obscured from the other player’s view. We felt this would be unfair, and in these cases (generally, when your character is very close to medium-height cover) projectiles will still originate from the weapon model. We’ve added feedback to the reticle to make it clear when this is happening.

General Gameplay


Select a respawn region upon death: Now upon death, you'll be presented with a spawn selection interface. From this interface you'll choose a grid square to respawn within. Your actual location will be random within chosen grid.

Vehicle Anti-Hoarding measures:

In an effort to combat vehicle hoarding and to give more players an opportunity to obtain a vehicle we’ve made the following changes.  The changes are intended to make vehicles a little more transitional so that you can find one, use it up, and then more easily find another one.

  • Vehicles now decay their condition slowly over time.  They will fully decay in a little over two days.
  • Wrenches spawn in the world but are much rarer.  They will always spawn with full durability.
  • Wrenches will lose 100 durability per swing on a vehicle.  Wrenches have 2500, so when repairing a vehicle they can only hit 25 times.  Each hit will repair 2% of the vehicle’s maximum condition.
  • Wrenches can no longer be crafted.
  • 25% more vehicles concurrently spawn in the world.
  • Vehicles now spawn procedurally in random locations around major points of interest.

That’s our first pass at the solution.  We will now observe and make adjustments as necessary.

Nomad server: This is a new ruleset in which you cannot build bases in the world. We will be standing up two US worlds and two EU worlds initially.

Bullet conversion is being removed from the game

The in-game map now shows your current world position. If you're in a group, you'll also see indicators for each group member

Limited base building ruleset is now be instituted across all worlds

Zombies are now be more abundant. We fixed a lot of issues with the zombie/wildlife spawning system which was degrading the experience over time.

Characters are now equipped with a skinning knife. This knife is necessary to harvest wildlife and zombies. You can now target the dead NPC and press “E” to harvest. This replaces the old method of attacking a dead corpse with a hunting knife. 

Interaction Responsiveness

We’ve long had problems with delays in picking up items. It isn’t really a combat related thing, but it was a big enough deal that we wanted to pursue a fix for this update. The time it takes to pick up items, open doors, and perform other interactions has been greatly improved and is now nearly instantaneous.

Additional Patch Notes:

  • Items should be more consistently highlighted during looting
  • Removed dynamic weapon slot numbers from the UI
  • Fixed a bug where hit-markers would occasionally get stuck on
  • Fixed a bug where players could not melee others on ATVs
  • Fixed a bug where explosions could damage players through structures
  • Fixed a bug where the Molotov’s fire effect would sometimes be invisible
  • Corrected Molotov behavior so that they damage vehicles but do not cause them to burn
  • Fixed an issue where players would render incorrectly if they exit a vehicle at certain distances
  • Fixed a bug where thrown grenades could go through players
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a weapon while inventory is full could cause the player to lose the weapon
  • Fixed an exploit where swapping backpacks a specific way could create infinite bag space
  • Fixed a bug where the UI would make it appear that multiple hits were registering at once
  • Fixed a bug where character would appear to be falling when strafing against concrete barriers
  • Fixed a bug where the reloading the AK-47 while firing could prevent the reload animation from playing

Source July 7, 2016

June 23, 2016

Servers will be coming offline at 3AM Pacific for apporximately 2 hours. This a performance and stability update; no patch notes required.

Source June 23, 2016

June 7, 2016

We are bringing the servers down on King of the Kill and Just Survive on June 8th at 3AM Pacific for a minimum of 2 hours. This downtime will implement a client crash fix and add the Predator Crate.

Source June 7, 2016

May 26, 2016

Servers will be coming offline at 3AM Pacific (5/27) for approximately 4 hours

Patch Notes:

  • Full server and world wipe (we prefer to give more notice but this came in hot)
  • Reduced the ratio of bears and wolf spawns
  • Reduced the ratio of predator and prey spawns
  • Added a delay for damage on zombie attacks to match animation
  • Improved the zombie screamer grenade to attract zombies more effectively
  • Walkers and runners now have varied attack speeds
  • Walkers attack slower and do more damage per hit
  • Runners attack faster and do less damager per hit
  • Combat knife headshots should work again
  • Set Comfort to start at 100%
  • Forced scope is temporarily disabled while we made adjustments
  • Containers inside a secure structure do not show up for someone if they no clip into the base. They will reappear once the door is opened.
  • New characters and /respawn will now place you relatively near a POI
  • All PVE servers are now becoming Limited Base Building servers.

Source May 26, 2016

May 18, 2016

Hey everyone

We have noticed in the past few days that performance has been taking a hit on the most populated Just Survive servers. We are going to be making a few changes on our end that should boost performance across the board. There will be some minor downtime tomorrow (5/19) at 3AM as we roll out these changes.

In an effort to reduce KOS and crank up the zombie fear factor we are going to be lowering the max player cap per server. This should make encounters with other survivors a little rarer while still keeping the high zombie count. This will come with the minor server downtime. These changes might cause you to see longer than normal queue times at peak hours.

Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below.

Source May 18, 2016

May 10, 2016

We’ve just deployed a hotfix to Just Survive server that should fix the following issues:

  • Players getting launched into the air when jumping next to some terrain (This is a speculative fix. Please report in the comments if you are still encountering this issue after you patch your client)
  • Players getting instantly killed when jumping against certain objects
  • Players will stop moving when they open their inventory

You will need to restart Steam to get the client update.

Source May 10, 2016

May 10, 2016

The Just Survive servers will be coming down tomorrow (5/11) at 3:00AM Pacific (10:00 AM GMT).  

Patch Notes:

  • Increased total number (cap) of zombies and wildlife
  • Increased the maximum density of zombies and wildlife per player online
  • Increased how responsive zombies and wildlife are to noise
  • Fixed issue where skinned weapons could not be smelted in the furnace
  • Fixed issue where players could too easily destroy metal doors with melee weapons
  • Fixed issue where hit markers would sometimes not show up on zombies
  • The Camera will be forced into First Person when Scoped (Hunting Rifle, Crossbow)
  • Hip-fire has been re-tuned to make firing while moving and jumping less accurate
  • ATV has been re-tuned for better handling
  • Improvements to hit registration
  • Kevlar is now called Body Armor
  • Fixed issue where AK-47 would sometimes keep firing during reload
  • Fixed issue where Rifles can poke through objects and shoot players on the other side
  • Fixed issue where first-person camera can shake or lag when riding as a passenger in a vehicle
  • Mute-All functionality should persist through log-ins

Source May 10, 2016

April 27, 2016

The Just Survive servers will be coming down tomorrow (4/28) at 3:00AM Pacific (10:00 AM GMT). Players can note the following changes:

  • Added decay to rabbit traps. They will decay in about 2 and a half days. 
  • Moonshine should now be correctly named. 
  • Metal bar bulk has been reduced to 25 down from 50. 
  • The crafting radius of Workbenches have been reduced slightly. 
  • Borscht will now stack. 
  • Repairing vehicles with a wrench should now work more reliably. The amount repaired is now based on a percentage of max condition rather than current condition. 
  • Happy Face Boots and Skin names are now consistent. 
  • Deer Scent will now last for 10 minutes rather than 18 seconds. 
  • The timer for eating blackberries was reduced to half a second instead of 1 second. 
  • A new recipe called "Handful of Blackberries” has been added which allows you to combine 10 blackberries. When eaten they will give you exactly what you would have gotten if you had eaten the blackberries separately. 
  • Added scrap metal as a reward when you eat canned food. 
  • Punji Sticks can now be damaged on PVE servers when not on a Foundation. 
  • The All-In-One Cold Medicine description has been updated to indicate it only slows, not reduces the amount of H1Z1 virus level rate. 
  • Rigged Lighting should now work more persistently. 
  • A bug which prevented a stick from turning into coal has been resolved. 
  • Biofuel which was not despawning after an explosion should now despawn. 
  • Landmines that explode when being shot have a longer explosion animation. 
  • Quest items spawning in the military base have been replaced with wearable items. 
  • Office Cabinets should now properly appear in the inventory screen. 
  • Picking up the Wasteland Helmet should no longer play the picking up ammo audio. 
  • Charcoal should now burn the proper 40 minutes. 
  • The His Regards machete first person attacks should be improved. 
  • The Woodland Ghillie Suit boots now have the correct texture. 
  • Modified AK47 with Toxic skin can now be repaired 
  • EZW crate will now drop in the game 
  • Players can drop the Modded AK-47 from their weapons slot 
  • Animals should now give meat and fat when killed with a Fire Axe. 
  • The Makeshift Bow can now be repaired reliably.

Source April 27, 2016

April 12, 2016

The Just Survive servers will be coming down tomorrow (4/13) at 3:00AM Pacific for approximately 3 hours. All character and server data will be wiped in preparation for the update. Players can note the following changes:

  • Wildlife spawns have been adjusted to address high population on the servers.
  • Base Object decay has been increased to adjust the overall base building experience.  Items must be maintained within 7 days or they will disappear.
  • The frequency of the Screamer cry has been decreased slightly.
  • The Governor's Mansion POI is now included in the limited base build rules servers.
  • Zombies will no longer hold weapons in their hands and have them holstered instead.
  • The Governor's Mansion will now show a location in the Character screen when you are there.
  • Punji Traps and Barbwire should damage zombies as intended.
  • Zombies will now spawn with colored hair and no more glasses.

The following servers will be converted to base restricted building:

  • Barricade
  • Decay
  • Axe Away
  • Fiend Fire (EU)
  • Belgrade (EU)

Source April 12, 2016

March 31, 2016

Just Survive and King of the Kill servers will be coming down tomorrow (4/1) at 3:00AM Pacific for approximately 4 hours. 

There will be additional bug fixes coming for the next patch, tentatively scheduled for April 6th. Tomorrow’s hotfix will address the following issues: 

  • (KotK & JS) Fixed some camera clipping issues while using a higher FOV setting.
  • (KotK & JS) Fog density has been reduced significantly
  • (KotK & JS) Fixed mouse wheel rotation issues and general responsiveness
  • You no longer need a compass in your inventory to see your heading. Heading will always be shown.
  • Tombstone no longer explodes in Box of Destiny
  • We've added a setting in the option panel to silence proximity chat while in the Box of Destiny. Proximity chat will be available when the round begins, even with this checkbox selected
  • Vehicles have been removed from the Box of Destiny to improve the overall experience

Source March 31, 2016

March 11, 2016

The game has been updated without downtime to address a few outstanding issues.  Players may note the following changes:

  • Players seeing the King of the Kill map as green with low video settings should view it as intended
  • 3rd person camera collision with walls within interior  spaces should be improved.  
  • Players will find it more difficult to see through ceilings. 

Source March 11, 2016

March 10, 2016

All servers will come down for maintenance beginning at 3:00 AM PT (11 AM GMT) for a game update.
Downtime is anticipated to be minimal.

Server Ruleset Changes

The Cerberus and Bandit servers in the US region have been changed to "Restricted Base Building ruleset."
Both servers are PvP flagged and will prevent building near POIs. 

New Horrors

When society collapsed and zombies became a reality, people believed that their worst nightmares had come true. But that nightmare had just begun, and now, new zombies have arisen to hunt the living. Survivors have spoken of zombies with strange new behaviors and properties, making the already slim possibility of survival that much smaller. New tactics will be needed to confront these emerging threats, and those who cannot adapt quickly will likely meet a terrifying and grisly end.

Zombie Updates

  • Zombies now spawn with more visual variety in their clothing and postures.
  • Zombies can now properly attack you when they are fast enough to catch up to you.
  • Zombie grapple has been removed while we review the way we handle grappling and resolve the various issues the current system creates.


A new type of grenade can now be crafted that will attract the attention of zombies before exploding, killing any zombies within the blast radius.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Hospital spawning issues should be resolved
  • Empty repair boxes can now be picked up by those with build permissions (Hold E key).
  • Repair boxes are able to be used immediately after being placed.

The Wasteland Crate is here!

  • Crank the madness to the max with the new Wasteland Crate! Includes 22 new skins to make the end of days a little more stylish.
  • Crate Keys to unlock your Wasteland Crates and bundles of Unlocked Wasteland Crates are available for purchase in the H1Z1 marketplace.

Shotgun Consistency Improvements

  • The pellet spread patter of the Shotgun has been made significantly more consistent. This should result in more predictable damage output at all ranges. We had the following goals for the Shotgun with this change:
  • Close range (less than 5 meters): Our goal is that the Shotgun to be extremely lethal within this range. In the past, the random nature of the Shotgun often resulted in the Shotgun doing significantly less damage than expected in cases where its pellets spread out more than expected. One time it’s a one-shot-kill, the next time it does 15 damage. This change should ensure that well aimed Shotgun shots at close range should, at minimum, deal significant damage and, in most cases, be fatal.
  • Medium range (10 to 15 meters): We expect moderate lethality from the Shotgun at this range. Generally speaking, it should be possible to get kills with the Shotgun at this range, but the time it takes to do so will mean the Shotgun is slightly less effective than automatic rifles at medium range.
  • Long range (greater than 20 meters): By this range, the Shotgun has moved beyond its expected effective range. With the old, random spread, it was possible for pellets to, at times, clump up more than expected which resulted in the Shotgun occasionally dealing more damage than expected at long range. This change will prevent significant pellet clumping at long range and prevent the Shotgun from being a significant damage threat beyond its expected effective range

Consistent Helmet Functionality

We’ve had two helmets that function differently for some time now. As we analyzed them, it became apparent that, having both were too weak and neither was accomplishing the gameplay goal we had for them. Instead of continuing with distinct helmets that have clear weaknesses, both Tactical and Motorcycle helmets now function consistently across both helmets. Both have 20,000 durability and will break after one shot. In most cases, helmets will nullify all bonus headshot damage, leaving players fairly healthy after a single shot to the helmet. The one exception to that is the Hunting Rifle; headshots with it are lethal whether or not a helmet is equipped.

Combat Feedback Improvements

Crosshair Hitmarks

  • Successfully shooting an opponent will cause the reticle to briefly flash, indicating shots which have landed.

Audio Feedback

  • Distinct audio will now play when enemies are shot that provides feedback whether the target was struck in their body, head, body armor, or helmet.

Vehicle Updates

The visual effects for smoke and fire on vehicle damage states have been updated. There is also a change to the behavior so that once a vehicle starts burning it will take damage over time.

  • Here are the thresholds:
  • 100-75% No effect
  • 75-50% Light smoke
  • 20-50% Heavy smoke
  • 10-20% Heavy smoke, light fire – modest damage over time
  • 0-10% Heavy smoke, heavy fire, sparks while moving – heavy damage over time and 80% power reduction.

The health/condition resources have been re-calibrated to 3100, so by the time they reach 20% and start taking damage its equivalent to the 2500 points they used to have.

Once the fire starts at 20%, it takes about 45 seconds for the vehicle to expire.

At 10% the damage rate increases and the vehicle drops 80% of its engine torque.

Destructible Objects

  • Adjusted the health on many destructible objects in the environment.
  • Many objects such as stop signs and barbed wire fences should be easier to destroy, especially when hitting them with vehicles.

Camera Adjustments

  • Tweaked the third person camera pitch to lead in and out smoothly when looking up ro down so the character model no longer blocks the reticule. This should improve combat in extreme elevation areas as well as picking up objects off the ground.

Gear Changes:

  • Basic backpacks, conveys, incendiary and explosive arrows have new in-world models so they can be more easily identified.

Misc. Fixes:

  • Added “Play Battle Royale” button to Server Select Screen
  • UI: Marketplace – Spamming the Unlock button when opening Crates will consume a crate and key for each click.
  • Hand editing the overall quality in useroptions.ini won’t mess up the setting panel anymore.

Source March 10, 2016

February 23, 2016

Servers will be coming down at 1PM Pacific for up to 2 hours. This is for KotK and JS.

Hey everyone! We wanted to provide a quick update to address concerns some of you have brought regarding queue times and server stability for both King of the Kill and Just Survive.

First, we want to thank each of you for all your patience during the split and appreciate all the feedback you’ve provided. Right now, some of you may be experiencing queues for King of the Kill that are longer than intended. We currently have folks working on this and have some fixes going in our next update to improve it.

This next update for both games will also include fixes which should improve some of the related issues we’ve seen folks talking about such as loot spawning, falling through the map, and general desync.

Thanks again for all your patience! Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates @H1Z1JustSurvive and @H1Z1KotK.

Source February 23, 2016

February 17, 2016

NPC Changes:

  • Zombies now randomly pick an animation set upon spawning, allowing for more combinations of clothing and animations.
  • Zombies will now move at certain speeds based on their animation set, which should eliminate feet sliding and animation blending issues.
  • NPC spawns have been tweaked. Day and night NPC spawns using varying ratios making the night more dangerous
  • Day: Higher number of walkers and prey type wild life
  • Night: Higher number of runners and predator type wild life



Fixed player jumping. The player model and physics capsule are now properly aligned which allows you to successfully jump on or over objects that you couldn't before, even though it looked like you should be able to (those fences!). Polish to jump standing One Hand animation (made poses match between Start, Middle, End).


Weapons & Armor

  • Lowered AK-47 damage from 32 to 29.
  • Increased AK-47 re-fire delay from 125ms to 160ms.
  • The amount of damage Explosive Tipped Arrows deal to vehicles has been reduced slightly to prevent them from one-shot exploding full Condition vehicles.
  • Kevlar will now break after 2 gunshots instead of 3.
  • Motorcycle helmets now absorb slightly more damage, preventing instantaneous death from a single shot to the body following a headshot.

These changes are intended to accomplish a few things:

  • Reduce the overall power of the AK-47, because it was far too strong.
  • In particular, we felt the AK-47 was too strong at medium-long range versus the AR-15 and too strong at close range versus the Shotgun. The adjustments to its damage and fire-rate are meant to address that imbalance.
  • Reduce how often one dies with no recourse.
  • 3 AK-47 shots reducing health to 3% with Severe Bleeding, which didn’t allow time for bandaging. The new AK-47 damage gives enough time to get behind cover and apply a bandage or first-aid.
  • It should no longer be possible to die in two shots while wearing a motorcycle helmet when at full health.
  • Explosive Tipped Arrows will no longer explode full Condition (or even fairly healthy) vehicles, allowing for a chance to react rather than instant death.
  • Like the AK-47, we felt Tactical Body Armor was too powerful, so its effectiveness has been reduced.



  • Vehicles will no longer take damage from M47 Gas Grenades.
  • Vehicles on steep slopes should behave more realistically when their tires start to slip. Particularly on the ATV, in conditions where it used to get bogged down on hills.
  • ATV handling adjustments to the center of mass make it less likely to flip unexpectedly. Certainly still possible to flip, but it should be more stable overall.
  • Vehicle death explosion effect improvements. When a vehicle does blow up the smoke/fire on the burning chassis looks much better and lasts for longer.


Customizable Reticle

You can customize your reticle on the settings page. Select the color and pattern. When you select “Fixed First Person” the reticle will reset to default color and pattern and behavior (White and dot and different reticles per weapon) You can still change the color and pattern afterwards but in first person each weapon will retain its reticle pattern. Unselect “Fixed First Person” and all reticles are the custom one.


Additional Fixes

  • Fixed an invulnerable base design that used the “door within a wall” object.
  • Multiple changes to resolve threaded physics bugs on the zone.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a higher than normal amount of wolves to spawn
  • Fixed an issue that caused some areas to spawn little or no loot
  • Fixed an exploit that made it possible to shoot through vehicles in third-person if the player’s weapon model clipped through the vehicle model. If a player’s weapon model is clipping through another model, projectiles will correctly strike the surface of that model even if the player’s aim reticle is above that model.


If you win an Air Drop ticket in Battle Royale it will not be granted to your inventory. This is a stray asset that will be removed in a client side hotfix.

Source February 17, 2016

January 12, 2016

Servers will be coming down tomorrow morning at 3AM PST for approximately 2 hours. The downtime is for general server maintenance to promote stability.

We are also temporarily removing Molotov Cocktails from Battle Royale as we work on a fix for a related crash bug.

Source January 12, 2016

December 30, 2015

We will be bringing the servers down tomorrow morning at 3AM PST for approximately 2 hours in order to bring BattlEye back online.

Source December 30, 2015

December 23, 2015

Servers will be coming down tomorrow morning (12/23) at 3am for approximately 2 hours to address the following changes:

  • BattlEye had a few non-gameplay related issues which we want to address. We’re going to offline it to work those out and examine a lot of good data; it will be back soon.
  • Mittani helmets corrected
  • Tintable hoodies are again tintable
  • Hoodies now correctly hide hair
  • Some missing assets corrected

Source December 23, 2015

December 22, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 3AM PST (12/22) for approximately 2 hours. Battle Royale servers will lock at 2AM PST

Version, Steam Content BuildID 909309

Patch Notes:

  • Military Base and Hospita items now respawning
  • Fixed the Craft Max bug
  • Skinning timers are now all the same
  • Changes made to allow skinning of various helmets and motorcycle helmets that couldn’t be skinned previously.
  • Added armor to holiday helmets with correct durability.
  • Rendering fix for ghillie suit leaf edges and hair shadows.
  • Fixed issue when you have a Ground Tamper -> Wooden Deck base, you could not place ground-placed objects (such as furnaces) on the deck
  • Fixed issue that would cause Loot Caches to seem unresponsive or provide incorrect prompt.

Source December 22, 2015

December 19, 2015

The Live servers will be down starting at 3AM PST for approximately 2 1/2 hours. Battle Royale Servers will lock an hour before starting at 2AM PST. Because of the new base permissions and the changes to the military base this update will include a full character and world wipe.

Patch Notes:

Holiday Event

  • While in survival, seek out the naughty or nice zombies to get a special holiday gift. These zombies are particularly resilient to certain damage types.
  • While playing BR, keep your eyes to the sky and watch for those airdrop crates to retrieve your holiday goodies.

3 new traps for survival

One time use. Can be placed anywhere objects can normally be placed

  • Fire: instant and fast dot damage
  • Flash: Blind and disorient
  • Gas: Snare and slow dot damage

New body sim stat called Comfort

Consuming various foods and drinks or sitting by a fire will increase your comfort level. Suffering attacks from zombies, bears, and wolves will cause your comfort to go down. The higher your comfort level, the faster you regenerate health and stamina

Foundation permissions:

Added the ability to give each foundation a separate set of permissions for construction, destruction, and container access on a per player basis.

Military Base revamp.

New buildings have been placed, vehicles and zombies spawns are now there. The item spawners have also been revamped and you should now find more items that pertain to what you would expect to find in a military base. Such as, explosives, MREs, and Rifles.

Additional Updates

  • New Crate
  • New Character Select screen with new Player Characters to choose from
  • The spawn rate of guns and ammo has been adjusted. Weapons and ammunition should be more scarce than before.
  • Vehicles in regular BR (not team) have been set to single occupancy

Other Fixes

  • Fixed half-second pause when bringing up inventory
  • Zombies will attack exposed players on ATVs and in the back of the Pickup Truck
  • Rearranged vitals overlay to match how vitals are listed in inventory
  • Fixed spurious attacks when the player is repeatedly using the Push special ability.
  • Fixed bad raycast that was associating items placed under a structure with the structure above the items.
  • Fix for Ground Tillers that have been placed on Ground Tampers
  • Fix object "previews" being left behind during construction for very quickly-placed objects.
  • Added build permissions to the Ground Tamper
  • ARs disappearing in gas clouds fixed
  • Pixel Hoodie is now exchangeable
  • Fix for build permissions being inconsistent
  • Fix for item spawning oddities
  • Added check to allow building safely on deck expansions
  • Fix for UI button not responding in build permissions menu
  • We know of the "Craft Max" bug and will address it soon. We didn't want it to gate this upcoming patch.
  • The H1Z1 Showdown Shirt grant will not be a part of this publish. It will happen as soon as possible but not a part of this update.

Source December 19, 2015

November 30, 2015

You will see a small patch roll out today. This hotfix should address certain crash issues.

  • Fix for some cases of infinite loading screens when logging into a server
  • Fix for crash when entering/exiting vehicles

Client Version, Steam Content BuildID 876375

Source November 30, 2015

November 25, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 3AM Pacific for approximately 4 hours. BR servers will lock at 2am to new players to allow all games to finish before the maintenance.

Patch Notes:

  • A world and character wipe will commence during this maintenance
  • Server optimizations have been made to improve gameplay
  • Fixed a few reported crash bugs

Source November 25, 2015

November 19, 2015

We have a hotfix coming in the next 30 minutes. It wont require any downtime. You will see a small update that should automatically download.

We are patching out a new game client to address crashes related to animation issues.

Client Version Steam Build ID 865663

Source November 19, 2015

November 18, 2015

We have a small update with some fixes going out tomorrow. Servers will be going down at 6:00am Pacific and will be down for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

  • Halloween Event has ended (Removing content and title screen)
  • Hardcore BR rules have been adjusted - No First Person restriction, starts earlier in the day and name has been changed to BR: Zombies
  • Fixed bugs causing explosive and other AoE damage to go through some walls.
  • Fixed bug where placing multiple construction items very quickly would cause construction to get broken until player logs out and back in.
  • Fixed problem causing some players to fall through the world when landing from a parachute in BR.
  • Fixed bug causing some players to not see changes to the fog in BR.

BR servers will lock at 5am to new players to allow all games to finish before the maintenance.

Client Version, Steam Content BuildID 862789

Source November 18, 2015

November 12, 2015

Servers will be coming offline tomorrow at 5AM Pacific. They will remain down for approximately 2 hours.

Battle Royale servers will lock to new games at 4am, all servers will come down at 5am and will remain down for up to 2 hours for the maintenance.

Patch Notes:

  • Frozen characters after loading screen drops
  • Incorrect decals on female kevlar vests
  • Adjust rewards for Green Dawn rounds
  • Overall server stability (sudden disconnections)

Client Version, Steam Content Build ID 855163

Source November 12, 2015

November 10, 2015

Servers will be coming down for general maintenance tomorrow morning starting at 4AM Pacific. The H1Z1 Update will take place during this downtime. H1Z1 servers will come back online at approximately 9AM Pacific.

EDIT: Green Dawn will remain down for additional testing this morning. 11/10

EDIT: Maintenance is now complete and Green Dawn is unlocked.

Patch Notes:

Building Bar:

  • The build bar is opened from the inventory panel by a button on the lower left that says [O]-Build or the ‘O’ hotkey
  • If you change the hotkey the button should reflect this.
  • The build bar shows recipes and items you can build with.
  • Items with no objects to place are alpha’d fifty percent.
  • The items are separated by categories.
  • If you click the red button or an item with no objects to place it shows the items in that category.
  • If you click an item with objects to place it starts placing them until you run out or hit escape.
  • The items sort on the number of objects to place unless you select one then that one stays in the category frame.

Game Fixes:

  • The Cigar Hog mask skin now applies to Motorcycle Helmets. This means the cigar hog mask will also have armor on it.
  • Fire hydrants have new effects that should better communicate the state they are in (ready to hit for water/ready to collect water/out of water).
  • Honey and honeycomb can no longer be eaten when at stage 6+ H1Z1.
  • Fixed door and gate ownership bug
  • Zombie Encounter music is active and the volume can be adjusted in the Sound Settings un Music/Encounter
  • Item stacking in containers has been fixed
  • New Male Zombie model and more visual variety has been added to the zombie horde
  • Specimen bags should drop more often
  • Changed Australia BR Solo to start at 40 instead of 100
  • It should no longer be possible to place objects on top of weapons dropped on the ground.
  • Many placed items on PVE servers are now damageable when those objects are not placed on a foundation.
  • Punji Sticks will now damage all zombies.
  • The Fire Axe can now be used to harvest slain wildlife and zombies.

Green Dawn is live

More information about Green Dawn can be found here: https://www.h1z1.com/news/h1z1-green-dawn

Showdown Crate

  • This new crate can be earned while playing Battle Royale or Survival. It is on a separate timer from the other crates, so during this limited time you can earn up to three crates a week
  • Daybreak will donate .50 cents to charity for each Showdown Crate key sold

Source November 10, 2015

November 3, 2015

Servers will be coming down tomorrow morning at 3am Pacific for approximately 2 hours. We will be performing routine server maintenance during the down time.

EDIT: The patch also addressed the randomly "falling to your death" issue

Source November 3, 2015

October 28, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 3PM Pacific for approximately 2 hours

Halloween Content comes to all servers!

(Remember when fighting the pumpkin zombies, melee is your friend)

Additional Fixes:

  • Adjustments to PvE for items used to block doorways
  • Damage changes for Barbed Wire on PvE
  • Fix for lower body emotes causing issues when getting off ATV
  • Fixed issue with Vehicle Inventory interaction
  • Fix for Wooden Foundation Issue (Press E to Open)

Source October 28, 2015

October 22, 2015

Servers came down briefly this morning to patch in the fix for the Recursive healing for base repair. All server are back online with the fix in place.

Source October 22, 2015

October 21, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours. This downtime will include the granting of the remaining Crate Keys

Patch notes:

  • Increased overall effectiveness of base repair hammer
  • Changed collision to allow looting shelves in the Hospital gift shop
  • Adjusted drop height in BR and time allowed to float
  • Pelvic Barrage and the Twitch Hoodie are now both usable in the Good as New tradable system.
  • Changed permissions for demolition hammer
  • Rendering fix for shadow rendering causing strange "spotlight" effects around the player on inside buildings
  • Fixed settings to prevent branches being super effective against some doors
  • Added Recursive healing for base repair
  • Added an error message when you try to drop or salvage something that isn't empty


Source October 21, 2015

October 15, 2015

Hey everyone

There was a visual complication with the spinner in the crate opening screen. We just published a small hotfix that you will see when next launching H1Z1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention; all of your reports continue to help us make changes and fix issues as they are identified.

To avoid confusion until we are able to fix the visual display, we will be removing the spinner from the opening screen and simply displaying the item you received. Players who opened a crate from the time the patch went live on 10/14 through today at 2:00PM Pacific, will be granted another key of that type for every crate opened within this timeframe. Your keys will be granted to you with our next publish on Tuesday. While the number of those affected was small, we want to make sure we’re doing right by you guys.

If you have any additional concerns please direct them to our customer service department. Support tickets can be opened here: http://help.daybreakgames.com/

Source October 15, 2015

October 14, 2015

Servers will go down at 3:00am Pacific

Down for 2 hours

Back up at 5:00 am Pacific

Patch Notes:

  • Fix for throwing some objects through trees
  • Fix for Cigar mask account item application - no longer creating scrap items
  • Collective adjustments to the new Hospital area
  • Fix for emotes not affecting lower body
  • Stability and bug fixes

Source October 14, 2015

October 13, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 6AM Pacific for approximately 4 hours.

Any questions about base decay and repair should look to this thread

This update will include server consolidation. We are taking drastically underused servers offline in order to increase population across survival servers. This should also decrease the loading time into Battle Royale.

Patch Notes:


Features a brand new structure with new content and activities.

Good As New Exchange

  • This will allow players to “Trade-Up” Items received from crates (promotional items and items received from Mystery/Elite Bags do not qualify) *
  • The number of items required to exchange is based on the tier rarity. Ultra Rare Items cannot be exchanged.
    • Common to Uncommon: 5 Items
    • Uncommon to Rare: 4 Items
    • Rare to “Ultra Rare”: 5 Items
  • Exchanging Rare items will reward a unique Weapon skin that is exclusive to the Good As New Exchange.
  • The item you get for item exchange is based on the items that were “donated”. If you are exchanging four uncommon items, and three are from the Mercenary Crate and one is from the Vigilante crate you will have a 75% chance of getting a Mercenary Crate rare and 25% of getting a Vigilante Crate rare.

New Vehicle-ATV

  • ATV first usage and tuning

Full Player and Server Wipe

  • Female Zombies have been added
  • New Mercenary Crate
  • Ghillie Suits will appear in airdrops that have hunting rifles in them.
  • Armor now works by blocking a portion of damage that would have been done. This absorbed damage is applied directly to the durability of the item. When the durability becomes 0 the item will break and be removed visually and from the equip slot.
  • Motorcycle helmets offer protection for the head and face. They will block about 50% of gunfire damage to the head or face. They will break after a shot or two.
  • Tactical helmets offer protection for the head only. They will block about 95% of gunfire damage done to the head. They will break after a shot or two.
  • Chest armor offers protection to the torso. They will block about 95% of gunfire damage done to the torso. More shots to break the armor is required the better the chest armor is. From worst to best is Wood, Plated, and Kevlar.
  • Hunting rifles are now in more of the Battle Royale airdrop crates. They appear in 65% of the crates instead of 50%.
  • Adjusted basic movement code for zombies for better movement and avoidance of each other
  • Shotguns have been tuned to be better used as a close range weapon. They now fire 8 pellets instead of 12. Each pellet does more damage to compensate. The cone of fire for pellet shots has been slightly reduced. Shots do not travel as far as they used to, and will do no damage after about 50 feet.

NPC movement enhancements:

  • NPCs attack while moving
  • Eliminated several “stuck states”, which would cause NPCs to become non-responsive.
  • Perpetually stuck NPCs trigger their own deaths after 1-2 minutes.
  • Improved ground detection for the procedural spawner system.
  • Spawners detect attempts to spawn off of nav mesh (i.e. no more deer / zombies on rooftops).
  • Fixed empty foundation despawning to take expansions and socketed stairs into account. Will help to clean up unused foundations.


  • Reworked several shooting, running, and reloading animations.
  • Adjusted melee to prevent character "lifting" when crouched
  • Adjusted in one-handed actions for smoother transitions
  • Updated the blended skeletons and animations for smoother transitions.
  • Adjusted sound markup for better sync with actions.

User Interface

  • Icons in descriptions are larger and easier to see (and should have better contrast)
  • Should no longer be able to interact with objects by pushing their camera through/over collision
  • Added Force Single GPU option to UI (and defaulted to OFF) since SLI support is not ideal


  • Shotguns have been tuned to be better used as a close range weapons.
  • Impact FX will better match the material types of objects hit. Added a water-splash effect for characters when standing still in water.


  • Fixed spears so they can be picked up again
  • Fixed the 3rd person camera arm so it’s not blocked by arrows or spears
  • Error support for showing username when having trouble logging in
  • Shirt timers are adjusted (insta-shred has been fixed)
  • Enabled door damage for guessing wrong password on PvE servers.
  • Disabled the ability to prone/crouch in areas that place the player’s head under water.
  • Fixed worn item durability loss due to damage. Worn equipment will now properly disappear / break when damaged to 0 durability.
  • Fixed empty foundation despawning to take expansions and socketed stairs into account. Will help to clean up unused foundations.
  • Fixed area of effect (explosion) damage to structures. This eliminates the “invulnerable base” issues.

This is the new available server List:

North American servers

(Battle Royale)

  • Battle Royale (US)
  • Battle Royale (US) - First Person
  • Battle Royale Team - 2 Person
  • Battle Royale Team - 5 Person


  • DayBreak
  • The Stronghold
  • The NGTZombies Horde Server
  • Tranquility


  • Abraxas
  • Alpha
  • Anguta
  • Bandit
  • Barricade

(PVE hardcore)

  • Affliction
  • Decay
  • Wicked
  • Axe Away


  • Abomination
  • Alastor
  • Another day
  • Antidote
  • Batter
  • Bane
  • Blight
  • Blackout
  • Bloodscorn
  • Boneyard
  • Brains
  • Chaos
  • The journey
  • Deadzone
  • Gangrene
  • Doomsday
  • Misery
  • Fallen
  • Brokenlands
  • Feed
  • Overnight
  • Pandemic
  • Solace
  • End Times
  • Requiem
  • Mors
  • Gravelands
  • Darkwood
  • Reanimation
  • Jikininki
  • Darkwinter
  • Damnation
  • Lacerated
  • Romero
  • Hatred
  • Deserted
  • Deadwood
  • Contagion
  • Ground Zero
  • Dreadlands
  • Loner's Road
  • Extinction
  • Little hotel
  • Tatters
  • Deathgrip


  • Astaroth
  • BloodSky
  • Willamette
  • Redmoon
  • Shock
  • Chainsaw
  • Plague
  • Syndrome
  • Hell
  • No Hope
  • Disturbance
  • Scavenge
  • Matheson
  • Fenix
  • Dangerous
  • Deathlinger
  • Wastes
  • Bitten
  • Last Hope
  • The fearless

European Servers

(Battle Royale)

  • Battle Royale (EU)
  • Battle Royale (EU) - First Person
  • Battle Royale Team - 2 Person
  • Battle Royale Team - 5 Person


  • Vienna (EU)
  • Marseille (EU)
  • Berlin (EU)
  • Asgard (EU)
  • Amsterdam (EU)

(PVE Hardcore)

  • HeartLock (EU)
  • Fiend Fire (EU)
  • Lodz (EU)
  • Belgrade (EU)
  • Bremen (EU)


  • Kishinev (EU)
  • Sevilla (EU)
  • Milan (EU)
  • Outpost 7 (EU)
  • Rotterdam (EU)
  • Trafalgar (EU)
  • Gaben (EU)
  • Budapest (EU)
  • >Elysium (EU)
  • Munich (EU)
  • Viking (EU)
  • Bonfire (EU)
  • Devastation (EU)
  • Valencia (EU)
  • Bloodletting (EU)
  • Malaga (EU)
  • Bollocks (EU)
  • Dusseldorf (EU)
  • Stuttgart (EU)
  • Bloodcurdle (EU)
  • Roma (EU)
  • Hannover (EU)
  • Europa (EU)
  • London (EU)
  • Moscow (EU)
  • Copenhagen (EU)
  • Essen (EU)
  • Dortmund (EU)
  • Hamburg (EU)
  • Zed (EU)
  • Walking Corpses (EU)
  • Madrid (EU)
  • Lisbon (EU)
  • Zeddit (EU)
  • Frankfurt (EU)
  • Stockholm Syndrome (EU)
  • Barnaul (EU)
  • Birmingham (EU)
  • Paris (EU)
  • Banshee (EU)
  • >Barcelona (EU)
  • Krakow (EU)
  • Badlands (EU)
  • Arctic Hell (EU)
  • Abondoned (EU)


  • Chelyabinsk (EU)
  • Minsk (EU)
  • Face Off (EU)
  • Crazed (EU)
  • Deadville (EU)
  • Bullet Points (EU)
  • The Union (EU)
  • Oslo (EU)
  • Shrapnel (EU)
  • Naples (EU)
  • St. Petersburg (EU)
  • Breslau (EU)
  • Perm (EU)
  • Ignition (EU)
  • Stockholm (EU)
  • Turin (EU)
  • Genova (EU)
  • Last Living (EU)
  • Cologne (EU)
  • Bastille (EU)

Oceanic Servers

(Battle Royale)

  • Battle Royale (AU)
  • Battle Royale (AU) - First Person
  • Battle Royale Team (AU) - 2 Person
  • Battle Royale Team (AU) - 5 Person


  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane


  • Sydney

Source October 13, 2015

September 17, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific tomorrow for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

In addition to various fixed crash bugs:


  • Fixed popping in iron sight transitions
  • Fixed many cases of frozen animations after exiting vehicles
  • Fixed issue where a animations would freeze while holding a shotgun while crouched or while sprinting and reloading
  • Fixed several cases of animations getting stuck in jumping or falling state
  • Fixed issues where and observed 3rd person aim doesn't line up with 1st person aim
  • Fixed bug that allowed going prone and fire backwards
  • Fixed de-sync for prone animations showing prone players as standing when holding the AK47


  • Fixed several cases of audio sticking around between switching servers or BR rounds
  • Fixed cases where running audio would persist between 1st and 3rd person while pistol was equipped.


  • Removed Leader Board display temporarily from BR (related to crash bug when put into a parachute) - statistics are still being recorded.
  • Fixed issue where an equipped bow stays on your back even after you get rid of the bow
  • Fixed issue where vehicles were able to coast through water by turning off the engine before entering a water source.
  • Fixed ability to double prone through floors and ceilings
  • Fixed issue when dropping from a parachute (1st person) and landing to see the inside of the players head
  • Fixed many cases of movement de-sync causing invisible players on some clients
  • Adjusted rendering distance for some barrier objects
  • Adjusted weather settings for less doom and gloom
  • Police car is now far less likely to explode on collisions with poles
  • Players will no longer remain on fire forever if hit with a Molotov.
  • Dead players should no longer shows up as undressed when coming into proximity
  • Fixed case of stuck on the loading screen due to environment rendering deadlock


  • Fixed issue preventing properly skinning boots and shoes
  • Fixed issue where fog circle wouldn’t appear on the map.
  • Fixed issue with throwable items showing an incorrect ammo count [1/1 when holding 1 item]
  • Entering and exiting vehicles by pressing “E” is now more responsive and only require one button press.
  • Added ability to hide chat messages

Source September 17, 2015

September 14, 2015

You should see a small hotfix coming shortly that will address the solo BR queuing issue.

Source September 14, 2015

September 5, 2015

We will be hotfixing in some data that should correct the FPS loss. You should see the download available at approximately 10:30PM Pacific tonight.

Client Version, Steam Content Build ID 764751

Source September 5, 2015

August 28, 2015

We are publishing a client-only hot-fix to address the following items:

  • Fix for sound file memory leak (causing persistent effects like rain)
  • Fix for several cases of player stuck in persistent falling state
  • Fix for crash/endless loading screen case (potentially related to entering a server, BR match start, or survival re-spawning)

Client Version, Steam Content BuildID 754992

Source August 28, 2015

August 26, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific 8/27 for approximately 3 hours.

This update will also include a full character and world wipe.

Patch Notes

  • Adjusted textures for radio, bandages
  • Adjusted weapon animations, flinches, and some idles
  • Fixed problem with zombie headshot collision scaling
  • Adjusted notification font size (down)
  • Adjusted auto reloads to be blocked for all weapons while in ironsights.
  • Fixed offset aiming (bad data for user-adjustable sights)
  • Adjusted shooting and camera for prone states
  • Fix for camera desync bug for vehicles
  • Fix for shooting by poking your weapon through objects
  • Added decay back to larger structures
  • Fixed bug when transitioning between first and third while changing or firing weapons (causing mixed up display of weapons)
  • Fix for crashes on shutdown
  • Fix for an infinite loading screen hang-up
  • Adjusted spear position
  • Adjusted pistol animations
  • Fixed problem with police car collision causing spontaneous combustion
  • Adjusted Point-And-Report output
  • Failure to open lock with proper code will result in player damage.

Source August 26, 2015

August 19, 2015

Servers will be shutting down by 5am Pacific and will be down for approximately 3 hours.
BR matches will lock for starting new games starting 30 minutes before downtime (so 4:30am Pacific)

This is an update to address the following items:

  • Fix for failed rewards in Team BR matches
  • Additional seats added to all vehicles, for a total capacity of 5 people
  • Adjustments to AI for performance improvements
  • Grant of some of the missing items from wins the previous week BR matches.
  • Adjustments to address server/client desync (resulting in invisible players and AI characters)

Client Version is, Steam Content ID is 740964

Source August 19, 2015

August 13, 2015

Client Version, Steam Build ID 734396

BR worlds will lock at 3:30pm Pacific (and stop all new games) and all servers will come down right around 4pm and be down for up to an hour for an urgent update to address the following issues:


  • Bullet drop - a change was pushed out an order of magnitude too high, and has been reverted to it's previous values
  • The fade to red screen effect as you get hurt has been adjusted to be more subtle. EDIT: This should also be removed from BR games - please report if this still occurs.


  • We have added an option to only have system messages in the chat window. You can add the line "HideBannerBroadcasts=1" into the [General] (or top) section of the UserOptions.ini file. Once we add the option to the UI, we will hotfix the client to make it easier.
  • The duplicate system messages should be fixed - please report any specific messages you are still seeing doubled


  • Crazy arms should be much less crazy - animation was getting out of sync and getting the shoulder twisted, which should be fixed now

Source August 13, 2015

August 13, 2015

We are publishing a small change to the client to address a few minor crash bugs but mainly to address the rubber-banding movement some folks have been reporting.

Client Version, Steam Build ID 732915

EDIT: Moving a comment up here for visibility

Just so people understand - server down time takes longer to prepare than a client hotfix. While we're testing all the other fixes on the Test Server, it felt important to get this client hotfix out as well.

We are currently preparing fixes on the Test Server for:

  • Adjustments to sight alignment - Re-align rifle sights to prevent early convergence of bullet and aimed path (this is the "bullet rise" people are talking about)
  • Changes to item stack amounts for some of the new items.
  • UI option to turn off the system broadcasts
  • Fix for double system broadcasts

Source August 13, 2015

August 11, 2015

All H1Z1 will come down at 3:00 AM PT for maintenance and a game update. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 3 hours.


  • A new crate is now available for the H1Z1 Invitational! Find out more details here!
  • Feel a bit more secure! 16 character pass codes on doors are available!
  • You look a little lost. Game hints are now on the Loading screen.
  • Can't find your stuff? New grouping controls are now in the inventory screen to help.

Additional Features:

  • Loading screen spinner and status
  • Adjustments to VoIP displays for groups and solo players
  • Added base security system that requires doors to be removed before accessing an enclosed area

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for several cases causing endless loading screen and crash after start of round in BR worlds
  • Fix for some vehicles not saving locations correctly
  • Fix for quirky group display when initially added to group
  • Fix for graphics settings exploit for seeing through objects briefly
  • Fix for duplication exploit involving ammo
  • Fix for parts of models not rendering (including some cases of invisible players)
  • Fix for lost focus on UI with Steam Overlay active (mostly Windows 10 machines)
  • Fix for many cases of containers immediately closing when being looted
  • Fix to code preventing some files from properly loading
  • Fixes to help prevent additional cases for vehicles not staying on top of objects
  • Vehicles whose drivers disconnect should stop far more quickly and no longer go on international flights
  • Adjustments to help prevent damage issued on initial login
  • Adjustments for water impact effects
  • Adjustments to address client/server desync (that was causing invisible players)
  • Adjustments to address rubber-banding movement
  • Added some additional variety in branch and leaf harvesting effects
  • Weapon image/texture adjustments
  • Color adjustments to many textures
  • Adjustments to jumping height and mechanics have been made.
  • Adjustments to falling damage calculations have been made.
  • Adjusted "hold breath" sounds
  • Adjusted "damaged" effect
  • Adjustments to address vehicle desync issues when other vehicles come into view

Source August 11, 2015

July 31, 2015

We are publishing a hotfix to the game client.

Client Version, Steam Build ID 716515

You should notice the following changes:

  • Adjustments to jumping height and mechanics
  • Adjustments to falling damage calculations
  • Fix to help prevent damage issued on initial login
  • Fix to code preventing some files from properly loading
  • Adjustments to placement rules

EDIT: This client was activated at 7:30 am pacific time

Source July 31, 2015

July 29, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific for 3 hours.

Patch Notes:

  • Jumping height was corrected
  • Server fix for invisible players in BR and Survival
  • Fixed issue where bleeding only lasts for one second
  • Crash fix when entering vehicle
  • Crash fix related to entering group BR
  • Crash fix in rendering
  • Fixed bug where in BR, players could still click and use a second tactical first aid kid (TFAK) while they already have one. It doesn't stack the effect, but their TFAK gets consumed and wasted.
  • Fixed placement highlight sometimes not appearing (shader fix).

Source July 29, 2015

July 27, 2015

H1Z1 servers will be coming offline at 5AM Pacific. There is a general Daybreak maintenance at 6AM for 2-3 hours. H1Z1 servers will come back up after that maintenance.

Patch Notes:

  • Vehicles should no longer sink into ramps, stairs and deck expansions
  • Fixed invisible zombies after being hit by cars on headshot-only servers.
  • Fixed interaction problems with BBQs and furnaces.
  • Fixed a bug with the direction of some melee particle effects.
  • Nameplates and health bars should be appearing again on test
  • The Nameplate should now line up with the player head.
  • Fix for crash bug in the animation system
  • Core Game: You can no longer stack First Aid Kits. First aid kits will override the effects from Bandages and Gauze. Bandages and Gauze can still be stacked with each other but not First Aid Kits.
  • Battle Royale: Replaced First Aid Kits with Tactical First Aid Kits and replaced Bandages with Field Bandages. Tactical First Aid Kits stack with Field Bandages and Gauze. Field Bandages and Gauze can be stacked with each other.
  • The fire axe will now work properly again.
  • Removed recipe wipe from hardcore rule set.
  • Fixed prone rifle rolling (works for both Male and Female) Hold down Shift+A or D while in prone
  • Added Messaging to players to use [NUMPAD1] to Team Chat.
  • Fixed issues where Gun slide would stay open ammo still remaining
  • Added rewards to Team Battle Royale.
  • Added Voice and Group indicators to nameplates.
  • Object Placement is no longer allowed while crouching or prone.
  • Fixed a problem causing some players to not appear to nearby players after initially spawning.
  • Grenades now trigger the proper effects based on ground material.
  • Toggle HUD resources remapped from “F” to “H” key by default.
  • Fixed several bugs related to objects not detecting rain properly (campfires, dew collectors, etc).
  • When teammate drops from team in the box of destiny, a notification should be sent to the other player(s) on the team indicating the present size of their team and the character name of the player that dropped.
  • Fixed issue where some players were unaffected by bullets (invincible player/rubber bullet bug).
  • Added global team chat to key binding/display in group window.
  • General improvements to zombies and animal awareness.
  • Multiple mics are now displayed on HUD .
  • Nameplates now have a mic icon which appears during voice chat.
  • Adjusted bear AI to be more responsive.
  • Fixed bug where you were unable to place a wall on base expansion where the foundation and expansion meet.
  • Fixed issue which caused the inventory window to close prematurely.
  • Added team chat “How to use” notification to players in team BR.
  • Added team member notification message in team BR.
  • Zombies should no longer warp to another dimension occasionally after being run over by vehicles. Wormhole should be closed.
  • Crop growth is now persistent after server restarts.
  • Made changes to the Body Simulation. Sims should now work as designed.
  • Lock codes should now work properly after server restarts.
  • Made trees provide better cover versus projectiles.
  • Updated iron sights position on rifle animations.
  • BR: Turned off "Team kick" when player disconnects before the match starts.
  • Bug fixed in base construction that could leave a foundation socket unusable until the next server restart.
  • BR: Adjustments to the parachute sequence.
  • BR: Added a text notification for matches that end in a draw.

Source July 27, 2015

July 26, 2015

Client Version, Steam Build ID 709205 (activated at around 10:45am pacific)

  • Fix for crash during heavy simulation work

Source July 26, 2015

July 24, 2015

Client Version, Steam Build ID 708364 (activated at 3pm pacific time)

  • fix for crash during heavy animation work
  • fix for crash shortly after loading into game or respawning

Source July 24, 2015

July 15, 2015

Servers will go down at 3:00am Pacific and will remain down for 3 hours.

NOTICE: Found a last minute bug with Team BR. When the patch comes to Live tomorrow morning at 6AM, Team BR will be unavailable. We expect the fix to be relatively quick and hope to get Team BR back up and running a little later in the day.

Patch Notes

  • Battle Royale rewards have been added to Team BR
  • Top 5 two man teams get rewarded
  • Fixed UI bug where "character create failed" message would be shown for no good reason.
  • Fixed issue with zombies taking two head-shots from arrow before going down.
  • Bears AI should be more responsive and act correctly.
  • Performance and stability enhancements.

This is the first update from our 2 weeks of bug fixes and stability. You will see more patches going to Test and Live than our normal cadence.

To stay up to date on when there will be downtime be sure to keep your eyes here on Reddit or follow @H1Z1game on Twitter.

Source July 15, 2015

July 13, 2015

Hey guys/gals

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on what’s happening here in development. We decided today that we need get in some quality cleanup time for the game. We’ve been rapidly moving along for weeks now and we’ve left a significant amount of dust behind. Time to tidy up!

Ok…Get to the point here…….
First off, we’re not going dark. Instead, we have a bunch of stuff we’re going to iterate on and publish to the TEST server as they’re fixed/ adjusted. We’ll move these changes to the live servers in the same manner. When we feel the test server is stable, we’ll push it live the next morning. I can’t guarantee specific live publish dates for this, but they will happen as often as possible.

What does this do to the Road Map?
Tasks are going to get pushed. Is this a bad thing? Nope. Sometimes you just have to stop and breathe a bit. Keep in mind, not everyone on the team will be consumed with this cleanup task. Some things will still come online as scheduled. Don’t expect a specific list for these two weeks though but rest assured we are focusing on big things like the memory leak and hydrations bugs. Thanks to your reports we have made good headway on them already. Every time we publish, we’ll provide you with player facing changes (as usual) the night before. We want to keep this as flexible as possible.

To begin with, we’ll have a 2 hour downtime tomorrow morning at 5:00AM to fix a few back end issues. We also fixed an issue with Boots and Shoes skinning incorrectly.

We’ve heard from you loud and clear and we agree, it’s time to get some of the core gameplay issues sorted. Keep your eyes here on reddit and social channels to stay up to date regarding these updates.


Source July 13, 2015

July 6, 2015

The servers will be down at 5:00am Pacific for approximately 2 hours

There will be a player/world wipe during this time.

Patch Notes:

  • Heavy clouds and rain have been added alongside fog
  • Military Checkpoints and Camp Bastion have been added to the map.
  • Grenades can now be thrown by clicking the left mouse button only. You no longer have to hold down the right mouse button first.
  • Throwing a grenade will now automatically reload another grenade from your inventory if you have it.
  • Tweaked the handling of grenades some more and added new first-person animations. Throwing grenades should feel improved.
  • A unique reticle was added to the bow while aiming.
  • New Vigilante Crate
  • Removed the dot reticle from ironsights on all guns (bows not affected)
  • Bear behavior has been tweaked so they are a little bit more reasonable. While they are still deadly escape should now be a possibility.
  • Team Battle Royale will remain only on the Test Server while we iron out a few more issues

Game Fixes:

  • First Person Servers and HCBR no longer show the camera inside the player character driving vehicles.
  • Adjusted the ironsights on the AR-15 and AK47
  • Fixed a bug with tree shadows sometimes not rendering in a halo around the player.
  • Fixed exploit where player could hide in tree by exiting a vehicle.

Thank you for all your reports of bugs on the Test Server. We were able to get some into this patch and we will continue to work out the more difficult ones this week and patch them in.

Source July 6, 2015

June 25, 2015

Servers will be brought down at 5am pacific for between 1-2 hours.

We are publishing a small update to address the following items (as noted on the recent test server update):

  • A fix for door states - there were cases the displayed door was in the opposite state the server thought. This should address these cases. Please report additional cases.
  • Assorted recipe fixes.
  • Reduced the size of the large zombie hordes as a test.

Client version will be, Steam Build ID will be 672803, and the download should be under 100MB.

Source June 25, 2015

June 23, 2015

Servers will go down at 5:00am Pacific We will be down for 2:00 hours We should be back up by 7:00 am Pacific

Game Update 6/24

  • Recipes have been added that allow you to craft flaming and explosive tipped arrows.
  • Bows can now switch between different types of ammo. Pressing the “B” button will switch between the available ammo types.
  • Furnaces, BBQ, Bee Boxes, and Workbenches will now be much easier to destroy if they are not placed on a foundation. Some of these still require too much damage to destroy and that will be addressed when a wipe happens.
  • Added a new recipe which uses the flare as a component, the Parachute Flare.
  • Added recipes for the basic bandana and gloves. The basic bandana can now be scrapped for cloth.
  • 2 item slots have been added to the loadout that can hold flashlights and binoculars. These slots act as hotkeys the same way as the weapon slots do. Additional items will be usable in these slots in the near future.


  • Eliminated most NPC spawning on rooftops where they have no way down.
  • Solved several cases of stuck and/or teleporting NPCs.
  • You can now craft AK-47 ammo
  • Fixed issue crafting arrow types from Test Server
  • Explosive arrows will now damage cars in PvE
  • First Aid Kits will now stack properly
  • Car battery bulk has been adjusted
  • Explosive arrows will now manually reload
  • Still heavily investigating the leak involving UI and containers. Thanks to your reports we have made good headway. We will get the fix in as soon as we nail it down 100%. It's currently at the top of our bug list.

Source June 23, 2015

June 16, 2015

We have a hotfix coming tonight. Hopefully in the next hour or so. We believe we have found and address a major crash bug involving BR and hanging on loading screens.

We will have down time tomorrow morning for 2 hours at 5AM to fix other non-crash related bugs like the invisible doors.

Source June 16, 2015

June 15, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 5AM for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

  • Communication radios have been added. They can be found throughout the game. After finding and equipping one in the new radio tab in the UI, you will be able to turn it on and select a channel. You will be able send and receive voice chat on that channel. Numpad 7 is the default press to talk key. Currently you will not also broadcast to proximity voice chat when talking on your radio.
  • The AK-47 is now available.
  • Added a Police Station at Cranberry.
  • Added a new recipe to create Lookout Towers. These towers can be placed on foundations.
  • Added a new recipe to create a Foundation Expansion. The expansion attaches to the edge of a foundation to give it more building room.
  • You can now "Mute All" via hot key(CTRL + M) or within settings.
  • Vehicles should no longer drop through foundations when their driver walks out of range.
  • Vehicles and foundations should now be visible at further distances.
  • Fixed an issue with buildings not rendering at an appropriate distance.

Source June 15, 2015

June 11, 2015

We have a few fixes coming in tomorrow morning. Mainly they are addressing the issues with the stairs and ground tampers.

On Friday morning at 5AM because of database maintenance we will be performing a full server and player wipe. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause but the game should be really solid and smooth for the weekend. If you would like to try out the fixes for the stairs, you can find them on the Test Server right now.

Everything else is looking good for our publish next Tuesday 6/16. Check out the Roadmap to see what's coming down the line.

Source June 11, 2015

June 10, 2015

We are bringing the servers down Thursday morning at 5AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours.

Game Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where you could not place stairs or ramps on a deck foundation that had tamped ground underneath it.
  • You can now switch weapons while sprinting
  • Various optimizations and stability adjustments

Source June 10, 2015

June 8, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 2PM Pacific for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

  • The stairs on the deck foundation have been removed. You can now craft foundation stairs and place them in multiple locations around the deck.
  • Added a new recipe for a deck ramp that can be placed in multiple locations around the deck foundation.
  • Made some adjustments to the wolf behaviors. They should no longer behave erratically.
  • Door lock pass codes are now hidden with asterisk * (for streamer privacy)
  • The Marauder Crate is now available
  • Fingerless Gloves, Sunglasses, Bandanas, and Kevlar have been added to the world.
  • Placed structures with decay should now retain their decay amount through server outages/restarts.
  • Interacting "E" with vehicles & items should now be more responsive.
  • Hardcore Battle Royal vehicle spawns have been setup. Hardcore BR vehicles do not spawn with extra fuel in the trunk.
  • Magnum ammo should now spawn in Battle Royale

Source June 8, 2015

June 1, 2015

The servers will be coming offline a few hours later than normal tomorrow. We wanted to get things onto the Test Server tonight and let you bang on them some before we patch to Live. Again, we wish we could have gotten these all on Test earlier but it's not how it worked out this week.

Servers will be coming down at 12:00pm (noon) Pacific time for the regular two hours. A few things didn't make it into this patch that were on the Roadmap and those things will get pushed to later in the month.

Patch Notes:

  • The Magnum and .44 Magnum ammo can now be found in the game along with Battle Royale and Hardcore Battle Royale.
    EDIT: Known issue - Magnum ammo not spawning in Battle Royale
  • Added a recipe to create Magnum ammo and the ability to melt it down in the furnace.
  • Tear gas grenades are now available. When thrown they will create a cloud of gas that will obscure vision, cause coughing, and do a small amount of damage. If you are wearing a full face respirator the gas will not affect you.
  • Large structure can now be picked back up
  • Abandoned bases with nothing on them will expire after an hour
  • There is now a key binding set for "Walking"
  • Hardcore BR spawning is more distributed
  • Zombie vision/night vision effects are cleared when leaving servers
  • Dew collectors will now automatically fill up to five bottles of water at the same time
  • The crossbow will no longer automatically reload in ironsights. To begin automatically reloading release ironsights. As a result of this change, you will no longer get stuck in crossbow ironsights.
  • Drinking coffee will correctly return an empty bottle to your inventory again
  • Repair Kits will now properly repair all weapons

Source June 1, 2015

May 26, 2015

The servers will be coming down tomorrow morning at 5AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours.
Patch Notes:

Hardcore Battle Royale Improvements
Hardcore BR now includes zombies, bears and night vision goggles. Reduced minimum starting players to 64. The match can now take place at night and includes a Hardcore Elite Bag containing new unique items.
A list of known issues with Hardcore BR:

  • Icon missing from new elite bag
  • Currently there are no doors
  • Currently there are no vehicles or compass, this is intended for testing as we want to see how it effects the gameplay of hardcore mode

Other Additions and Fixes

  • Footwear has been added to the Battle Royale spawns.
  • Male and Female character models now have alternate head models to choose from.
  • New and improved female movement animations.
  • Fixed cases of loading screen freezing.
  • Zombies now respond to all acoustic signatures including: ethanol/bio fuel explosions, grenades/molotovs, red hazard barrel explosions, landmines/IEDs, vehicle explosions
  • Potential fix for bows getting stuck in ironsights
  • Arrows fired from a recurve bow and crossbow now properly bounce off materials they are not meant to stick in, such as metal or stone.
  • Molotovs now properly set players and NPCs on fire. This effect will last for a few seconds when outside of the fire.
  • Grenade/Molotov explosions should be more responsive now on high pop servers.
  • Battle Royale: Arrow bundles will now spawn near the crossbow
  • Lip sync mouth movement to voice chat
  • Vehicles: Occupants will be able to shoot from within vehicles. Currently it’s only the passengers who can shoot from within the car. The player in the driver seat cannot. Occupants can now be hit from people outside the vehicle.
  • Boots now have a small resistance to punji stick damage
  • Crossbows and recurve bows can now be repaired with repair kits.
  • Fixed issue where character doesn't appear in BR chute

Thank you to all the people who helped with reports on the Test Server!

Test server fixes

  • Fixed: Issue preventing placement of furnace, storage and workbenches on a foundation.
  • Fixed: Invisible Bio-fuel bug
  • Fixed: Crash issue when running over zombies with vehicle.
  • Fixed: Unable to pickup items in the world.

Source May 26, 2015

May 20, 2015

Hey everyone!

We are going to be bringing the servers down tomorrow morning at 5:30AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours. This will give us an opportunity to do a full player and server wipe on the Live and Test servers.

As you may have noticed, we are also going to be changing our patching cadence. Stating next week, we will be patching things to the Live servers on Tuesday mornings and putting out our build on the Test servers on Thursdays. This will give allow people to try and break things on the Test server over the weekend and should provide us ample time to have a very solid build on Tuesdays.

The H1Z1 Rodmap has been updated to reflect the new dates of the publishes.

The Pre-Patch Livestreams will be returning again but this time they will take place on Mondays. Not next Monday due to the holiday but moving forward, that will be their new time slot.

Thanks again for all your continued feedback!


This downtime will also include the following fixes

  • Dropped doors no longer stack.
  • Repairing crossbow and recurve works.
  • Biofuel and ethanol exploding and de-spawning works.
  • Fix for crash bug when placing some items.
  • Removed crate keys as sellable. Any keys currently up for sale or trade will be returned to the seller.
  • Names for deleted characters should now be available again immediately.
  • Claiming bases from deleted characters should work properly now.

Source May 20, 2015

May 18, 2015

Servers will go down at 4:00 pm PST
We should be back up by 6:00 pm PST

  • Crossbow is now available.
    Note: Sometimes the Scope view will get stuck for a couple seconds during reload. We are aware of this issue.
  • Smoke grenades are now available.
  • Landmines continually exploding on PVE server has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with corn not disappearing after being harvested.
  • Doors doing damage when in motion should be fixed

Source May 18, 2015

May 14, 2015

Servers will come down at 3:00 am PST

Servers will be down for approximately 2 hours

We should be back up by 5:00 am PST


  • An "Eyes" slot has been added to the character loadout. This slot is designated for items that fit over the eyes, such as All Purpose Goggles, Night vision Goggles and other upcoming assets.
  • Known Issue: Goggles you already have equipped in the Face slot will stay there until you remove them.
  • The numeric stepper for splitting stacks in inventory now allows keyboard input.
  • Loadout of handcuffed player can be inspected now.
  • Landmines, punji stick traps, and barbed wire have all been reworked to use a new system that makes them act much more reliably. The range for triggering them now more closely resembles their model.
  • The White Striped Motorcycle Helmet now has the correct texture.
  • Swizzle now gives a jolt of stamina instead of increasing move rate.
  • Added the ability to pick up a misplaced ground tamper if done within 30 seconds of placing it.
  • Optimized fire FX, that play on player-built structures, barrels, dumpsters, and zombies. This was causing framerate issues previously.
  • Added a craft max button that attempts to craft as many times as possible. There is an issue when determining the max though sub combines which may miscalculate the max quantity. We are aware of this and it will be adjusted in a future update.
  • Doors now push your character out of the way.
  • Ambient music will now play sporadically throughout the world.
  • Fixed vehicle impact sounds so they no longer get cut off when playing.
  • Added hit reaction grunts and groans.
  • Players should now be able to hear other players fist impacts on other players/zombies.
  • Added ear ringing to flash bang effect.
  • Fixed a rare case where players could respawn inside other players’ bases.
  • Streamer friendly settings now available. You can hide locations and names.


  • Molotovs and Grenades no longer damage players and player owned items.
  • Disabled player-to-player collision. You may now walk though one another.

Grenades and Molotovs

  • They now have an appropriate arc to the throw instead of being a direct line.
  • Reduced the delay when switching weapons to a grenade/molotov.


  • Footwear now modifies your sprint speed. It goes in the order of:
    (slowest) Barefoot < Boots < Sneakers (fastest)
  • Footwear durability will now decrease when sprinting and spawn with various durability levels. Note: Bare feet do not have durability.
  • Footwear now alters the noise your footsteps make, which affects zombie/wildlife detection and what other survivors can hear.
    • Barefoot = Quiet
    • Sneakers = Somewhat Noisy
    • Boots = Loud

Source May 14, 2015

May 7, 2015

The following issues will be hotfixed in at 11:30 PM PDT tonight. Expect at 2 hour downtime.

  • Fix for some crates not opening correctly (blank spaces causing no items to be granted)
  • Fix for M9 damage
  • Fix for some door placement issues

Source May 7, 2015

May 7, 2015

We will go down at 6:00am pacific
Estimated downtime will be 3 hours
We should be back up by 9:00am pacific

Release notes

Steam marketplace
It will be included in this update. You will be able to see your items in your Steam Inventory. While we continue to do some testing, you will not be able to trade your items immediately. We'll update everyone again when this is turned on. This will be the same for the marketplace. It will be enabled at some point Friday after some additional Live internal testing. We hope to have the marketplace up very quickly after we validate.

Quality of Life Fixes

  • Potential fix for issue where players are stuck at the loading screen
  • Fixed issue where players were losing shotgun shell under certain reload conditions.
  • Locked up bow/weapon bug fixed
  • NPCs are a lot less likely to clip through doors now
  • You can no longer produce blackberry juice with dirty water by taking advantage of auto-subcombines.
  • Fix bug where vehicles continue to play water sounds when driving out of water.
  • Demolition hammer and repair hammer should work no matter where you hit the object.
  • The H1Z1 Crate now drops in Battle Royale and Survival
  • Plated and wooden Armor now mitigate damage correctly on the front and back side
  • Fixed an issue which allowed sound to continue playing while the game is minimized
  • Players are now restricted from building in the out of bounds area.
  • Players now are slowed by water by the intended amount.
  • Fixed issue with female breasts when crouch strafing with rifle
  • Fixed players unable to replace some doors after destruction.
  • Coffee now replenishes hydration properly.
  • Bears and wolves will no longer attack a player inside a vehicle.
  • Reduced the fuse time on flash bangs
  • The duration of the flash bang blinding effect has been increased
  • Added a "Battle Royale" page to the character create flow.
  • Disabled the recipe for "Metal Shed" as it was a pre-alpha test item that had no support for doors or correct placement.
  • Made vehicle occupants follow the first person only rule set.
  • The Pleasant Valley Area map now looks like a brochure map, with close-ups of three towns.
  • Players now start in 'active' weapon stance
  • Several damage sources (notably Molotov cocktails and grenades) were tracking damage incorrectly on PvE servers. This should now be fixed.
  • Fixed noticeable hitch when dying
  • Fixed jittery camera when sitting in the back of the truck
  • Door collision should now stay put after opening and closing several times
  • IED should now explode properly when ignited.
  • .308 bullet damage has been increased.
  • Male and Female pants were updated with a model and texture tweak
  • Breathing sounds only play while sprinting when stamina is below 60%. Lower stamina levels have heavier breathing. Letting go of sprint will play a breathing cool down for 10 seconds.

Also please remember this is the first of many Quality of Life Patches. We should have one every month alongside our content patches. If the bug that annoys you most didn't get fixed this week doesn't mean it will never be addressed. Some bugs take longer than others to fix. Every single patch will come with bug fixes and new content.

Source May 7, 2015

April 30, 2015

We will be doing a full player/world wipe

We will be collecting a list of current players for the FREE Daybreak t-shirt grant. This grant will happen after the servers go live.

Steam Marketplace is being moved to our Quality of Life patch next week. We're working with Steam to make sure all the bugs are ironed out. This is a bigger ticket item and requires multiple passes from us and Steam. It almost made it into this patch but unfortunately had to be moved.

Release Notes:


  • You can now choose to be a female survivor in the H1Z1 core game and Battle Royale.
  • All existing wearables and emotes work for both genders, including your account items. No matter what gender you choose, skinning an item or using an emote will work for both.
  • If you wish to change gender, you will need to delete the character and recreate it.
  • Known issues: There is currently limited voice for the female character. More will be coming soon.

Other Additions

  • All H1Z1 players will receive a "Daybreak Games" in-game t-shirt. You must own H1Z1 prior to the server wipe.
  • First Person Battle Royale is now available
  • Offroader now has upgraded interior
  • Green and Brown Camo beanies now have the correct texture
  • You can no longer pick up items, open/close doors or search containers while restrained
  • 380 rounds will now spawn in Battle Royale
  • The recipe for yeast now gives 2 yeast instead of 10
  • Handcuff keys are now visualized in game
  • Added a new recipe for a metal wall that has a doorway inside of it. This can be used instead of a metal gate to gain access to your base.
  • Biofuel and ethanol now do half the damage to structures that they used to.
  • The recipe for ethanol now creates 1 ethanol instead of 5.
  • Flashbangs are now in game, they will explode after 3 seconds of being thrown and will blind anyone within a 7 meter radius.

Construction changes

  • "No placement" radius around bases has been increased. The owner of the base and people grouped with the owner are not affected.
  • If the owner of a foundation does not log in for a set amount of time (currently testing it at 2 weeks), the foundation reverts to un-owned, and may be claimed by another player.
  • If the owner of a foundation deletes his or her character, the base will be set to un-owned immediately. This will allow groups of friends to "hand off" management of their base to another player.

Test Server Issues Resolved

  • You can now interact with everything in your inventory
  • Night vision will turn on and off as intended
  • Night vision goggles fit on the female model

Source April 30, 2015

April 24, 2015

The H1Z1 servers will be going offline at 3AM tonight for approximately 2 hours to fix the following issues:

  • Doors and locks will now respond as intended
  • Zombies will attack you in PvE
  • Bee box collision and interaction have been fixed
  • Vehicle turbo has been fixed

If you would like to try out the fixes for yourself, this build of the game is currently on the Test Server.

Source April 24, 2015

April 23, 2015

Release Notes

  • Night vision goggles now available
  • Added HE Grenades to the game.
  • Known Issue: Grenades will not collide with players or zombies yet, nor will they break through windows.
  • Explosive barrels are more reactive now to bullets and there no longer a delay from their initial explosion to killing nearby survivors/NPCs.
  • Molotov Cocktail is now much more responsive and less prone to crashing clients when burning hordes of zombies alive... dead.
  • Resolved various animation and timing issues with the Molotov cocktail.
  • Resolved Molotov cocktail may not trigger 100% of the time when NPC's / players enter the ring of fire.
  • Only players in your group can build on your foundations / placed structures. This includes placeable objects like furnaces that were being used to grief other players.
  • PCs now provide opportunities for zombies to feed when they die.
  • Inspect restrained inventory:
    • When you handcuff a player you can now go through their inventory and take things, their stuff shows up in the proximity pane.
      NOTE: Equipped items are not in the list yet, but will be in a future update.
  • Steam Friends:
    • Blue means they are online Green means they are in H1Z1
    • Right click for context menu:
      • Message - open steam overlay and send a message to this person
      • Profile - open steam overlay and view this persons steam profile
    • And if they are on a server but not BR:
      • Join Server - log into server that this person is currently on.
    • Moved character create from server select screen to it's own screen. This is where character customizations such as male/female, face types, hair, etc.
    • checkbox added to server select screen to share your server with your steam friends
  • H1Z1 Virus - First Pass
    • You will now be able to contract the H1Z1 virus from zombies. Survivors have a natural immunity against the virus, but this immunity is weakened the more it is exposed to zombie attacks. Currently only zombie attacks reduce this immunity but other means can be introduced in the future based on feedback from the community. Survivors can bypass this immunity and give themselves H1Z1 via extracted infected blood. NOTE: Current implementation of the extracted infected blood syringe allows you to use it on yourself only! You cannot use it on other players. This will change in the near future.
    • There are multiple stages to the H1Z1 virus once you have contracted it. The virus may not be as noticeable at first but as you advance to higher stages you will begin to feel its affects.
    • Once you have the virus, you have it for life. Only death or respawning will remove it. Each stage slowly progresses on its own but there are other means to push the virus forward or backwards depending on your actions or items you use.
  • Stage Progression:
    • Minor Stage
      • Slight damage over time
    • Advanced Stage
      • Minor damage over time
      • Survivor will occasionally cough. This can be heard by other survivors and may attract nearby wildlife or zombies.
      • (Non-PvE only)Zombies will no longer target you. However, attacking a zombie will cause it to attack back.
    • Severe Stage
      • Moderate damage over time
      • No longer coughing
      • (Non-PvE only)Zombies no longer target you
      • Max movement speed slightly reduced
      • Normal food no longer satiates you and normal water/drinks no longer hydrate you. Eating/Drinking them does nothing for you but upset your stomach, causing you to cramp up. Continued eating will cause you to vomit. You must feed from dead players, wildlife or zombies to restore Energy and Hydration.
      • Fresher corpses restore more to each resource and restore a little bit of health. Depending on what is you feed on determines the amount you restore. Bears offer the most while rabbits offer the least. Feeding on zombies will slightly progress your H1Z1 virus.
      • You will be able to feed off corpses a maximum of 2 times.
      • Survivor Tracking: Survivors at this stage of the virus may notice a gaseous effect in the world. This effect means that a survivor was in that spot recently. You can use these markers in attempt to track down other survivors. Survivors at this stage do not leave a marker themselves. Survivors also do not leave a marker if they are inside a vehicle.
    • Deadly Stage
      • Severe damage over time
      • Zombie Vision - First Pass - Currently we have simple color grading in as the first pass. You might see some of this effect happening as soon as the Advanced stage but it will become more apparent at this stage. We will continue to add more features and improve this vision in future patches.
      • (Non-PvE only)Zombies no longer target you
      • Max movement speed slightly reduced
      • Normal food no longer satiates you and normal water/drinks no longer hydrate you.
      • Survivor Trackin 
  • Other related notes
    • All-in-One Cold medicine slightly reduces your H1Z1 virus. Antibiotics reduces it a little more. Hyperpheron greatly reduces the virus Immunity Boosters and Multi-Vitamins boost H1Z1 immunity to help prevent you from contracting the virus. This is bypassed completely if you use extracted infected blood on yourself. Guts will appear at dead survivors around the abdomen of the body after it has stopped its rag doll. Survivors with severe stages of H1Z1 will have the option to feed on the corpses of wildlife, zombies and the newly spawned guts from dead survivors.
    • Known Issues: There is supposed to be a progression bar on your vitals. Once you have H1Z1, this won't appear unless you log out and come back in.

Source April 23, 2015

April 15, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 3AM 4/16 for approximately 2 hours.

Release Notes

  • Added a recipe for a Sleeping Mat. This can be placed and rested on. Currently it is using a mattress model while a custom model is in the works. This is not a spawn point like in Rust
  • The Police Car has an upgraded interior for an enhanced driving and passenger experience in first person.
  • Well Rested duration has been doubled
  • Fixed issue with not being able to pick up Handcuff Keys
  • Very Tired and Exhaustion no longer slows down your movement. It only drains stamina at increased rates
  • You can now rest on the firehouse cots
  • Rest timer reduced to 20 seconds
  • Fixed issue where you can use a mansport backpack skin on a military backpack. You can only skin other mansport backpacks now
  • Health drain from Dehydrated and Starving has been slightly increased
  • The White T-Shirt now has the correct icon
  • Your character will start breathing heavier the lower your stamina gets. NOTE: Animations will come soon
  • Added Molotov Cocktails. Hint: recipe involves moonshine
  • Player speed is now reduced while moving in water.
  • Battle Royale: Emotes should now work again


  • There is now an extra tab in the center part of your inventory window that says: "Group"
  • You can check the "Do Not Group" to prevent notifications and will auto-decline invites.
  • If you are not in a group then "Disband" and "Kick" are disabled.
  • If you are in a group and not the leader then "Invite" is disabled and "Kick" says "Quit"
  • Type somebody's name and hit invite and they will receive a notification
  • Your group members names over their heads will be in green.

Bee Boxes

  • You can now discover the recipe for and, build, and place Bee Boxes. After being placed, the bees will immediately get to work. Over time they will create up to five full Honeycombs. These can be taken out and eaten, but are more useful if empty bottles are used to collect honey from them. When Honeycomb and Empty Bottles are both in the bee box, the honey will drain into the bottle after a short period of time. This will produce not only a bottle of honey, but also Wax as a byproduct.
  • Honeycomb will continue being produced until there are either five honeycombs or ten honey bottles inside of it.
  • If you damage a bee box, the bees will retaliate.

What can you do with all this bee stuff?

  • Honeycomb - Eat it, keep it in the bee box to drain the honey from it.
  • Honey - Eat it for gains to endurance, stamina, and energy. Honeycomb gives the same resources but at a lower value than raw honey.
  • Dressed Bandages - Combine five bandages with a bottle of honey to create dressed bandages. These bandages heal for a bit more and a bit longer than bandages alone.
  • Wax - Make Candles. The candles can be placed, and after lighting them they will burn for a couple of days. They have a few different models that it switches between so you can see them melting down over time.

Source April 15, 2015

April 8, 2015

Servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM Pacific for 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

  • New Crates in the account item list will glow and have an exclamation point until mouse over or if the notification is clicked.
  • Medicine now restores a minor amount of health
  • The number of zombies has been increased.
  • There is a new "Feet" slot on the character loadout where players can equip workboots. Additional shoes will come soon.
  • Zombies do slightly more damage to players and have a greater chance inflict bleeding
  • Zombies do less damage against vehicles
  • Punji sticks no longer damage players inside vehicle
  • Stamina is reduced by a lesser amount when jumping
  • The recipe for ground tamper now requires metal sheets, nails, metal brackets, and branches.
  • Hitting players, animals and Zombies with the torch will now set them on fire.
  • Currently the only way to escape the fire is to wait (5 seconds for players, 20 seconds for zombies and animals)
  • .308 Rifle Scope zoom brought from 5x to 3.4x.
  • .308 projectile mass and drag decreased
  • Equates to better accuracy at range
  • The bullet land effects on most material types has been drastically improved for visibility.
  • Missed shots will be much easier to spot for both the shooter and the target.

Restraints - FIRST PASS:

  • Handcuffs and Handcuff Keys can now be found in the world. Handcuffs may be used to restrain another player. Handcuffs must be placed in any of your weapon slots: Primary, Secondary or Tertiary. Left-Click mouse while aiming at another player who has his "hands up" (Default: F2 key). If you try to handcuff a player who doesn't have his hands up, you will be disappointed.
  • When you are restrained, clicking your mouse-button will cause you to struggle to get out. As it stands now, your chance to struggle increases each time you attempt to get out so the more you try, the better your chances.
  • To be set free from restraints, your savior must be wielding an item. For handcuffs, it's a handcuff key. When they click you with the key, you'll be set free and they will take possession of the cuffs.
  • This system is a first pass and we will be improving it in the upcoming updates. Look forward to new ways to remove restraints, new items to restrain people with, additional items to use on other players, etc...

Session Stats
Session stats are now visible on the Death screen.

  • For H1Z1:
    • Zombies Killed
    • Wildlife Killed
    • Recipes Discovered
    • Minutes Survived
  • For Battle Royale:
    • Players Killed
    • Vehicles Destroyed

Body Sim

  • Body Sim: Players now have endurance. Endurance will reduce over time on its own and sprinting will reduce it more. When endurance is low the player will begin to feel tired or exhausted, causing them to slow down in movement. You can restore endurance by resting in a bed. NOTE: You can only rest in a bed when you're feeling tired or exhausted.
  • Body Sim: Resting in a bed will give you a Well Rested effect, which initially restores 15% health and all endurance. It also gives you a brief increase in sprint speed and health regeneration.

Body Armor

  • A new equipment slot has been added named Chest Armor. To make use of this slot, two new recipes can be learned:
  • Wooden Body Armor
  • Plated Body Armor

To get started discovering the recipes, look for duct tape, which appears in commercial and industrial areas. This armor will mitigate damage when struck in the chest. The plated armor is more effective than wood armor. Damage is absorbed based on the attack type. Damage mitigation effectiveness from least to most:

  • Gun damage (Least)
  • Piercing/slashing melee
  • Blunt melee
  • Punching (Most)

Source April 8, 2015

April 2, 2015

The servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM for 2 hours to accommodate these fixes from today's patch.

Patch Notes:

  • Zombie Spawn calculation fixed
  • Ammo for new guns now spawns
  • The shotgun shell recipe no longer gives you a shotgun
  • You can no longer repair vehicles with bandages
  • Some issues regarding stamina are now resolved
  • Fixed Bleeding issue in Battle Royale
  • You can no longer loot vehicle items from cars in Battle Royale Box of Destiny

For those of you wondering why people are still able to build structures in certain locations, Adam Clegg has this to say...

"The team is looking at the bug and it seems like you can only still place buildings on parking lots since they use a different material set than the normal asphalt that's everywhere else. The team is about to push the hotfix soon that will fix zombies, bleeding bug and stamina bug as well as other fixes. A fix for this wont make that build unfortunately. The team is going to work on fixing this issue asap."

Source April 2, 2015

April 1, 2015

Servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM Pacific for 4 hours. Patch file size will be larger than normal due to the changes made to the map.

Patch Notes:

  • New Male character model is available.
  • The Dam area has been given a major overhaul.
  • Battle Royale starting area has been updated.
  • Current Grid position is now shown on-screen(like BR). Hand drawn map has basic grid markers.
  • Added a new equip slot for the face.
  • Fixed Bug - player will now exit a vehicle towards the same side on which they are seated.
  • Fixed bug where player could sometimes get injured when moving off a rock.
  • Fixed a lot of erroneous terrain bugs that have caused objects to float including cars, campsites and other smaller objects.
  • Added a small improvement to placing free placed items, preventing them from being able to clip through walls.
  • Server optimizations made to the body sim.
  • Zombies will now wear the lootable hats and helmets they have in their inventory. They will carry weapons. Note: They do not the wear lootable shirts or pants yet.
  • Pickup Truck first person interior has been enhanced.
  • R380 pistol added to game, it is a high fire rate, low caliber pocket pistol. The R380 can be found in BR and around the world in the core game.
  • 12GA Shotgun damage increased.

Zombie Spawn Changes

  • Made zombie total population based on player population, to keep low-pop servers from getting completely overrun. This does not include the current wandering hordes (which are accounted for outside this number). On a server full of players, the total number of zombies is unchanged.
  • Biased zombie spawns toward areas with more player heat, and more items, so that cities, camps and player firefights have the highest rate of zombie spawns, and the wilderness areas have less.
  • Made the spawned zombies that occur in player spawn areas biased more toward low-speed shamblers, so that new players (with no weapons) can more easily run away.

Workbenches, Ammo Conversion, Gun Dismantling, and You

  • Workbenches can be found in the world or crafted and placed. If you are close enough to the workbench you will be able to use it to create specific recipes. You don't actually interact with the workbench at this time, you just need to have it in your proximity. It can be used to convert ammo into other types of ammo, break down guns into gun repair kits, or to create some of the existing recipes that would be too difficult to do by hand.
  • Any type of ammunition can be broken down into "Gun Components". Each bullet or shell will give you 1 Bullet Component. You can then use 2 Bullet Components to make any other type of ammunition.
  • Guns can be dismantled into "Gun Parts". Larger guns will give more gun parts. You can then use three gun parts to create a "Gun Repair Kit". This repair kit can be used on weapons to repair them. Currently this will repair any weapon, but in the future it will be restricted to guns only.
  • Metal crafting recipes will now require a workbench to create. This includes the recipes for Metal Sheets, Metal Pipes, Machete, Combat Knife, Bear Trap, Landmine, IED, and the above mentioned conversion recipes for ammo and guns.

Source April 1, 2015

March 27, 2015

The H1Z1 servers will be coming down at 3:00am Pacific for 2 hours. 

Patch Notes

  • M9 pistol has been added to the game, it can be found around the world in the core game and is available in Battle Royale.
  • Fixed bug where branch could be used to chop down tree.
  • Zombie density has been increased and is more reactive to players.
  • Landmines and bear traps have been improved.
  • Anti-cheat – Continuing our efforts to provide a better anti-cheat service and stop more cheaters

Source March 27, 2015

March 23, 2015

H1Z1 Servers will be coming offline at 2PM Pacific for approximately 2 hours. Full patch notes below. 

Battle Royale 

We have cycled out the old mystery bag and have added a new one with entirely new rewards. Because of this, the Battle Royale rewards have changed: 

  • 1st: 1x Unique Red Battle Royale Shirt, 1x Elite Bag, 1x Mystery Bag v2, 1x Airdrop Ticket, 1x Event Ticket
  • 2nd: 1x Elite Bag, 1x Mystery Bag v2, 1x Airdrop Ticket
  • 3rd: 1x Elite Bag, 1X Mystery Bag v2
  • 4th-10th: 1x Mystery Bag v2

We’ve changed the way crates drop in the game, you now earn them through normal play. 

We have added 2 new crates. You will get 1 crate from playing H1Z1, and another crate from playing BR. Both are unique and independent of each other. 

Battle Royale: Fixed incorrect reporting of player rank (0) in certain situations. 

Additional Fixes:

  • Improved procedural spawners to make zombies more populous around high-player-traffic areas.
  • LOD's added to vans, cabinets, and weapon shelves
  • Added fixed emote key-bindings for new emotes
  • Added new locations for weapon spawns
  • Fixed glow-in-the-dark map object
  • Adjustments to firing animations
  • Adjustments to a few textures and collision objects
  • Prepared data for Oceanic servers(AU)

Source March 23, 2015

March 19, 2015

H1Z1 servers will come offline tonight at 3AM Pacific for 2 hours. 

Patch Notes


  • Vehicles now can start/stop the motor by pressing K.
  • Characters now animate with look orientation and emote support while in vehicles. Visible from outside, 3rd person and 1st person views.
  • Removing required parts from a vehicle load-out will stop the motor if it was running.
  • Your camera state (third or first person) should now be preserved across entering and exiting a vehicle.

Crafting and Building

  • Placement will now check the material underneath it to ensure it's a valid location. Example: foundation's can’t be placed on cement.
  • You can now move while placing items. Not during jumping, crouching, or prone though.
  • Objects being placed have no collision while being placed. Once placed, they will then have collision again.
  • Objects now turn a transparent red when they can’t be placed and a transparent green when they can be placed. To aid the color blind and color deficient, the object will also scale up and down to indicate it cannot be placed.
  • Objects will require all four corners of its bounding box to be touching something in order to be placed. This is true for free placed items and for foundations. Socketted objects, however, will not check against this restriction.
  • The placement object will follow the center of your screen – not your mouse.

Other Additions

  • Added a Recurve Bow with better range, fire rate, and arrow speed. It replaces the current bow in Battle Royale. This new bow can be found in the core game around the world and cannot be crafted.
  • Weapons will now appear on the player model.
  • Adjustments made to zombies versus wildlife population ratios in favor of more zombie spawns.
  • Leaf FX and sound when you harvest blackberries.
  • Dot reticle has returned to 3P and does not change per weapon yet.
  • 1P reticle will change per weapon.
  • Dot will be used for melee weapons and gun Iron sights.
  • Basic crosshair will be used for AR15 hip fire and 1911 hip fire.
  • Shotgun will use a circle for hipfire and iron sights.
  • 1911 delay bug fixed, it will now be ready to fire or reload immediately after switching.

EDIT: Here are a few more notes that made it into the patch

  • Fixed the decay time on dew collectors. Bumped from 10 hours to 4 days. Along with all other placed objects, they can be repaired with a repair hammer.
  • Storage crates are now resistant to explosions.
  • Landmines and IEDs were playing their explosion particles on every target they hit. This has been fixed so the explosion only appears on the landmine or IED. I am sorry that this has been fixed.
  • Corn and wheat now have proper systems on them. They will grow more in the day than in the night. Using fertilizing on them will make them grow much faster for 8 hours. It will take about 2 days to grow corn, but if fertilizer is used it will take about 10 hours. Harvesting them is now more reliable and obvious because the interaction highlighting will only appear when ready.
  • Corn can no longer be placed on the ground to dry out and turn into seeds. Instead, when harvesting corn you will also gain some seeds.
  • Hand drawn map is accessible by pressing "M" (there is a known bug that it won't appear until after your first death).

Source March 19, 2015

March 17, 2015

H1Z1 Servers will come offline tonight at 3AM Pacific for 2 hours to implement the following updates.

  • Fix for a cause of crash caused by ragdoll
  • Fix for free-look unusual range limitation bug

Battle Royale

  • Disable BR event shirt in reward set
  • Fix for queue issue preventing players from queuing successfully without removing character
  • Fix to prevent zone locking early in BR matches
  • Adjusted BR population numbers to 100 min, 150 max
  • Missing shirts will not be granted at this time (next downtime)
  • Reserved characters (from deleted BR characters) will not be fixed until next downtime
  • If a player leaves a BR match early (before death) there is a chance they will encounter a queue bug

There will be a larger patch coming later this week. For those worried that we have forgotten about core H1Z1 and shifted all our focus on Battle Royale, rest assured that is not the case. The Battle Royale Weekend event gave us a good chance to put the servers through their paces and get a much better handle on the crash issues. We want to thank you for your patience and appreciate your support during Early Access. We are adamant in getting this game in the best shape it can be.

I hear your frustration and I want you to know that the things that frustrate you, keep us up at night, literally... we spend long hours here in the office working on H1. Thank you for going through the growing pains of Early Access with us. In the end, we will have a game we are all incredibly proud of.

Source March 17, 2015

March 15, 2015

The servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM for approximately 2 hours. See Full patch notes here. 

Everybody who played Friday 3/13 at 3PM through Monday night will receive their shirt at a later date. Hopefully less than a week. First place winners should now be receiving their shirt upon winning after this patch. 

Battle Royale Updates

  • Reward T-Shirt skin upon winning first place
  • Removal of static BR zone launching
  • Updated defaults for anti-cheating detection and kicking
  • Updated defaults for BR zones (min pop of 64, max pop of 100 - 60 zones launched)
  • Crash fix for exiting vehicle
  • Crash fix for some physics/animation interactions with ragdoll
  • Adjustments to speed hack detection calculations
  • Fix for crash on exit (in sound manager)
  • Updates to queue system to allow it to operate as expected (taking all people out of the queue in order without switching order of people remaining)
  • Throttling of zone starts to prevent launching any additional zones within the same server tick
  • Fixes for disconnection issues when trying to join BR match (where client just exits instea - d of entering match)
  • Fix to prevent more people that cap allows getting in when people exit the zone before it starts

Source March 15, 2015

March 11, 2015

We are releasing these changes on Wednesday (3/11/2015) 3:00am Pacific Our servers will be down for 4 hours during this publish.
We are expecting to be up and running by 7:00 am Pacific

Howdy everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on a couple of things on the horizon – our next publish and a special Battle Royale Weekend to test out our new queueing system and updates. Keep reading for details!

We’ll be releasing the next publish in the coming days and wanted to give you all a peek at the incoming changes.
We've made some significant improvements to the way Battle Royale matches are handled, fixing some of the issues you have been experiencing with queues, disconnects, end match placement and other anomalies. Battle Royale Updates include:

  • On-demand zones are now launched when enough players request a Battle Royale match. This means that the queues are now working, and players should not leave the queue once they have been placed in it.
  • Players that wait too long on the reward screen are automatically logged out (gracefully).
  • The winner is also automatically logged out after their celebration period.
  • Player population tracking has been improved, reducing the players who thought they were in the match, but were instead Battle Royale: registered in an invalid state. This had caused people to wait out the match and receive no rewards.
  • Should no longer drop crafting ingredients as part of the loot that spawns
  • Map visual Adjustments

Additionally, we’re doing a ton of fixes and updates to the main game, including new recipes and increased base building functionality.

  • All damaged base building pieces will now show health bars.
  • Damaged vehicles will show a health bar if you are near it and have a wrench to repair it.
  • The dew collector will now look like its basin is full of water when it is ready to be collected. The old splashing effect has been removed.
  • Crafting saline will no longer produce an empty bottle.
  • Crafting a first aid kit will return an empty bottle from the used up saline.
  • The recipe for the yeast starter has been modified to directly create yeast.
  • The recipe for yeast will now return an empty bottle from the used up purified water.
  • Barbed wire and punji sticks now have resistance to being shot with arrows.
  • Furnaces and barbecues now have less health.
  • Troll furnaces and barbecues can be removed the easiest with a crowbar. The crowbar’s description now reflects that.
  • Storage containers can now be destroyed. The new demolition hammer is the best way if you are the one that placed it. Otherwise explosives or crowbars will work. Please note that at this time if a container is destroyed with items in it, the items will be destroyed as well.
  • Added a new recipe for a Demolition Hammer. It can be discovered with a metal pipe. It is used to remove misplaced or unwanted base building structures that you have placed.
  • The demolition hammer can be used to do massive damage to base structures that you have placed. It will not work on other’s bases.
  • The demolition hammer will destroy base pieces in 2-8 hits depending on the size of the object. Please note the condition bar is not appearing over certain base items like the stairs or the large structures so you will not be able to see that damage to the condition is being applied.
  • Ethanol and Normal Torches can now be placed. When placed they will automatically be lit.
  • Zombies will now target the vehicle first instead of the player inside.
  • OffRoader has some minor geometry upgrades
  • A crosshair reticle has replaced the dot
  • The player will no longer see “you have been disconnected” message and the chat will be wiped on logging into another server
  • When sitting, pressing a movement key will automatically make you stand.
  • Lowered velocity of .308 round
  • Increased gravity and drag of the .308 round
  • Increased ‘held breath’ time when steadying scope.
  • Decreased scope sway penalty when out of breath.
  • Increased .308 rifle scope zoom to 5x
  • Increased gravity and drag of the .223 round
  • Slightly reduced initial horizontal recoil while hip firing the AR15
  • Majorly reduced initial horizontal recoil while firing the AR15 in iron sights
  • Increased gravity and drag of the .45 round
  • Added static crosshair to 3rd person and 1st Note: It never disappears, this is expected and will change in the future.
  • Removed flinch/screen punch in 1st and 3rd person upon getting hit.
  • Reduced ‘snare’ from getting hit by projectiles from 35% to 20%

Battle Royale is getting a lot of improvements with this next publish and we want you to help us test them. To show our appreciation, all first place winners of BR matches this weekend will receive a special item at the end of the round. Everyone who participates will earn a unique item which will be granted at a later date. The event will take place from Friday at 3 p.m. PDT through Sunday at 6 p.m. PDT and we encourage everyone to jump in and send us your feedback.

Source March 11, 2015

March 3, 2015

Tomorrow's downtime has a few small updates to it. We will have a larger patch later this week. This downtime is for server maintenance but we wanted to patch in a fix for the recent server crashes.

Patch Notes:

  • fix for crash on death
  • fix for crash in physics processing
  • adjustments to some camera limits
  • minor server bug fix

Source March 3, 2015

February 25, 2015

The servers will be coming offline tonight at 3AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours.
Patch Notes 2/25

Base Building

  • The Upper Level Wall recipe is now discoverable.
  • Doors can now be placed in Upper Level structure doorways.
  • Increased base health by 10 times.


  • Melee weapons will now lose more durability when hitting player built structures that are made of metal.


  • Report Last Killer" button added to death screen


  • Players jumping/landing on stationary vehicles should no longer be killed unexpectedly.
    "Aim Punch" issues addressed for 3rd and 1st Person:
  • For Third, we split the flinch reactions into two types – if you’re holding a firing weapon, flinches will be in the neck and head region only (allows you to fire and flinch at the same time without losing aim). If you’re holding a one hand melee weapon or open fists, the entire upper body flinch will play as normal.
  • For First, we added a case to make sure flinches only happen if being grappled (they were being triggered even when not being grappled).

Player and World Wipe

  • Server and Player Wipe 2 will take place during this patch. You will see significant changes moving forward. Since players can no longer be able to stack items on top of each other, you shouldn’t see barricades and other annoying structures.

If you are not familiar with what a server and player wipe entails, please read this post.
In an effort to reallocate servers for better distribution we are making the following changes. Please refer to the following list to incase your server was affected. We understand that your favorite server might be one of the ones coming offline but because of the player and world wipe you will get to start fresh on a new server the next time you log in. Removing these servers from the list will give us more flexibility as we add new rulesets. You will see them again but with a new coat of paint. Removing them now helps un ensure we won’t have to reallocate many more times in the future.

These European servers are being converted to EU Battle Royale Servers
Bucuresti, Cataclysm, No Sanctuary, Hammer Beach, Internment, Kemerovo, Kharkov, Lipetsk, Lockner, Ryazan, Orenburg, Penza, Luckless, Ragnarok, Sarajevo, Schwerer Gustav, Show Down, Snarlpeak, Slaughter, Sofia, Stavanger, Triggerfinger, Tuscany, Ulyanovsk

This server is being converted to NA Battle Royale Server

These servers are being taken offline and will be reused for future Rulesets
Rostov-na-Donu, Gothenburg, Claimed, Ufa, Saratov, Toxic Waste, Irkutsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Riga, Salonika, Maul, Novokuznetsk, Soulpiercer, Strangers, Sarajevo, The Grove, Kiev, Donn, Downfall, Fetid, Germ, Humanity, Mercy, Necrosis, Oblivion, O-Negative, Overwatch, Pathogen, Pestilence, Prey, Rattlebone, RIP, Rusty Knife, Sanguinary, Skullcracker, Territory

Source February 25, 2015

February 20, 2015

H1Z1 servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM and remain down for 2 hours.

Patch Notes | 20/02/15


  • Increased shotgun damage.
  • Slightly increased shotgun recoil.
  • Increased 1911 damage.

Battle Royale

  • Cleaned up persisting rewards and safe zone information between Battle Royale matches.
  • Parachutes should no longer act like skateboards for more than a few seconds.

Base Building

  • Upper Level Walls, Shelters, and Stairs can now be crafted. These look like the walls, stairs, and shelters that you are used to, but they can be stacked on top of placed walls and shelters. This means that metal walls can now be two walls high. Structures can be placed on top of other structures for more variation of layout. Stairs can be placed on top of shelters for greater vantage points.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing base building structures to not be resistant to melee damage types.
  • The Metal Gate is now almost twice as tall.
  • Metal Walls, Shelters and Large Shelters now require more of the same components to craft.


  • Vehicle collisions with terrain boulders should be more stable, still dangerous but less likely to toss the vehicle up in the air.
  • Adjusted the requirements for vehicle entry to help improve the response time.
  • Vehicle death explosions should now consistently damage players in the immediate vicinity.

Source February 20, 2015

February 12, 2015

Servers will go down at 3AM PST for approximately 2 hours

Release Notes 12/02/2015

Weapon Changes

  • Lowered Hip Fire & Iron Sight horizontal recoil.
  • Lowered damage.
  • Improved overall consistency while firing.


  • Increased Hip Fire recoil.


  • Lowered damage per pellet.
  • Lowered horizontal recoil.
  • Lowered pellet count.
  • Slightly increased fire rate.
  • Adjusted pellet spread.
  • Decreased pellet speed.
  • Increased pellet weight.
  • Decreased amount of bleeding caused when hit by shotgun.


  • Updated Steam API to fix some crashes.
  • Items that had the same placed and dropped item (like landmines) now have a different dropped item. You shouldn’t be able to accidentally drop them and blow yourself up anymore.
  • Lighting has been given a significant overhaul, it should now look better in almost all circumstances. We’re not done yet, but this change should address any lighting problems that effect game play. You will most likely find some lighting artifacts(bright objects or strange glittering effects). We are aware and will address these as they come up. Feel free to report these.
  • Fixed a bug in spawned item accounting that decreased spawn rate over time
  • Objects will retain their orientation during placement mode when they change what surface they are being placed on.
  • Free placed objects (ie, campfires, furnaces, animal traps, etc) cannot be stacked on top of each other.
  • All placed objects can no longer collide with other objects, including player placed objects and static designer placed objects. This means that foundations cannot interpenetrate with other foundations, shacks, buildings, vehicles, roads, or anything else. Free placed objects also can’t interpenetrate with the same objects, excluding the object they are being placed on (ie, still be placed on a road, but not when colliding with a destroyed car).
  • Fixed a bug with socket bound placement objects (ie, stairs on a foundation, barricade on a window, or anything that snaps to a fixed position) that allowed multiple of these objects to interpenetrate each other (a common case was stairs overlapping stairs).
  • Cannot place free-placed objects on rocks and tree stumps
  • Key bindings can now be re-mapped. After selecting an action, press the key to map to that action. Pressing [Esc] will cancel the key bind. Holding [Esc] will clear the currently mapped key. Users cannot bind a key to multiple actions in the same action set. Also added a button to reset all key bindings to default.
  • Collision resist values adjusted for the vehicles to reduce the damage taken from impacts, particularly when landing hard on the suspension and wheels.
  • Lighting system updated.
  • All weather and light sources adjusted with new lighting values. Please report any strange behavior (i.e. flashlights too bright).

Battle Royale
[IMPORTANT] When the match ends, if you don't exit the match quickly, your game client may end up in an unconnected state. We're fixing this for the next update.

  • Vehicle Spawn Counts set to be consistent with survival.
  • End screen now shows your rank and your rewards.
  • Map now displays a “safe zone” ring.
  • Revamped fog movement phases.
  • Adjusted rewards to more align with our final payouts (Excessive payouts previously were for testing purposes, BR is still not ready for the consumption of event tickets and will continue to get updates, thanks for helping us test and polish BR so far!)
  • Removed crate keys from rewards
  • Removed crates from 2nd-4th (1st place will still earn a crate along with all other current awards)
  • Lowered the amount of tickets awarded for 1st-4th
    1st 2 tickets
    2nd 1 ticket
    3rd 1 ticket
    4th 1 ticket
  • Added an Event Ticket reward for 9th-12th
  • Keep in mind these rewards are based on a 48-64 player max BR, the 200 man BR will have a different set of rewards.

Source February 12, 2015

February 10, 2015

The servers will be coming down at 3AM PST for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

  • The backpack frame recipe now requires wood sticks, nails, and metal brackets.
  • The framed backpack recipe now requires a backpack frame, a spool of twine, and eight pieces of cloth.
  • The spool of twine rate of appearance has been slightly increased.
  • Applying an account item to an inventory item no longer resets durability.
  • Dropping an item from an inspected container now places the dropped item at the players feet, not the origin of the items container.
  • Fixed durability not being attached to projectiles - thrown spears should now be the same durability as when they were your inventory
  • Fixed drop spear dupe -you should no longer be able to drop thrown weapons and have them dupe
  • Adjustments to "heat" generated while crouched. This will allow players to more effectively sneak around zombies.
  • Exiting from a flipped vehicle should no longer send you below the world.
  • Vehicles that fall through the world Should now reappear above the world after a small amount of time
  • Added a ‘ForceSingleGPU’ option to the [Rendering] section of UserOptions.ini. Adding this option set to 1 will disable the games code adjustments applied when it detects you have more than one GPU active (SLI or Crossfire). This may help some users that are having issues get the game running better without needing to disable their SLI/Crossfire setups.

Source February 10, 2015

February 5, 2015

Servers will come down at 7AM for approximately 4 hours.

This will include a full server wipe and only allow for one character per server after the patch.

Patch Notes:

  • Sitting will cancel auto-run.
  • Fixed a bug where players can interrupt equip actions too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where ammo count could become incorrect if you interrupt a reload action.
  • Objects making noise above or below you in a multi-story building will now be properly attenuated.
  • Added slight zoom to all guns and bows in Iron Sight mode.
  • Lowered sway on .308 rifle while in scoped mode.
  • Fixed an issue with hydration burning too fast when stamina was full.
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause oddities on SLI setups
  • Dropping an item from a world container places it at the players feet instead of the world container origin. The latter would hide it in the world container model.
  • Vehicle stability adjustments – angular damping, moment of inertia, center of mass, tire friction and steering range tuning on the OffRoader, PickupTruck and PoliceCar.
  • Working on getting the vehicles to be more stable and less likely to abruptly roll or flip (this will still be possible on rocks, rough terrain, and player placed objects) but trying to make them more fun and survivable.
  • Fixed /respawn on PvE servers.
  • Fixed self-damage on PvE servers; the players may be the source of damage to themselves without mitigation.
  • Made players names reusable across servers. Names on each server must still be unique.
  • Battle Royale: Cleaned up gas after matches.
  • Battle Royale: gas damage reduced.
  • Fixed certain points of interest not getting reported when players entered.
  • Limited players to one character per server.
  • The makeshift shovel recipe now requires a metal sheet instead of a metal shard.
  • The storage container recipe now requires more materials.
  • The barbed wire recipe now requires wood planks and more metal shards.
  • The snare recipes now requires more metal shards.
  • The dew collector recipe now requires more wood planks and wood sticks.
  • The ground tiller recipe now requires more metal shards.
  • Bulk Changes - Many bulk changes have been made in an effort to meet somewhere in the middle of realistic and not annoying.
  • Canned food is 25 instead of 100.
  • All instances of water bottles are 25 instead of 50.
  • Backpacks are 150 instead of 600.
  • Military backpacks are 500 instead of 1400.
  • Car batteries 300 instead of 100.
  • Car fuel is 100 instead of 10.
  • Wood logs are 50 instead of 100.
  • Wood planks are 25 instead of 50.
  • Campfires are 50 instead of 100.
  • Scrap Metal is to 25 instead of 5.
  • Metal Sheets are 100 instead of 50.
  • Metal Pipes are 150 instead of 50.
  • Shirts are 50 instead of 100.
  • Jeans are 50 instead of 100.
  • Many melee weapons have had their bulk reduced.
  • First aid kits are 25 instead of 10.
  • All meat is 15 instead of 5.
  • Rifle ammo is 2 instead of 1.
  • Shotgun shells are 5 instead of 1.
  • Arrows are 5 instead of 1.
  • Shirts can now only hold 50 bulk instead of 90.
  • Pants can now only hold 50 bulk instead of 100.

Source February 5, 2015

February 3, 2015

H1Z1 servers will be coming down at 1:00PM Pacific and will remain down for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

  • Bandages and First Aid Kits no longer heal vehicles when used from the trunk
  • Reduced the amount of stacked ammo that can be found in the world. Finding a full magazine worth of ammo will be very rare.
  • Adjusted the amount of durability lost on worn equipment when killed.
  • Adjusted the amount of durability lost when firing weapons.
  • Changed some input mapping data which may reset some edits done to InputProfile_user.xml if they player has edited them.
  • Speculative fix for large latencies when players dismount vehicles.
  • Fixed additional cases of poison gas persisting after leaving a Battle Royale match.
  • Adjusted toxic gas damage. adjusted some server configurations to improve overall server performance.

Source February 3, 2015

January 30, 2015

H1Z1 servers will come down at 12:00PM Pacific for roughly 2 hours.
Patch Notes:

  • Battle Royale: Pressing “M” brings up a map
  • Fixed a few client crash cases
  • Adjusted zombie behavior from airdrops
  • Loot spawn adjustments
  • The satchel has a new model and icon
  • IEDs and Punji Sticks will no longer damage players on PvE servers
  • Gameplay tips have been added to the death screen message.
  • Battle Royale: Made some improvements to the gas visuals and movement
  • Battle Royale: Fixed an issue where players would start in green gas
  • The makeshift bow now has a unique model.
  • Modified campfires, BBQ, and furnace so that they should perform better under heavy load.
  • The wrench now has a wrench model
  • The repair hammer and repair wrench now repair structures or vehicles on each combo swing instead of the just the first one.
  • The starter belt pouch now has a 2 second shred timer (it was instant before).
  • Furnaces now take damage/decay and can be repaired with hammers.
  • Increased server stability.

Source January 30, 2015

January 27, 2015

Servers will be down starting at 2:30PST for approximately 2 hours.
Patch Notes:

  • More loot spawning adjustments
  • More sorting options are available on the server select screen
  • Fixed issue where you were unable to go back to the server list after deleting the only character on a server
  • Loot bags dropped from players and zombies have been increased in size, making them easier to see
  • Battle Royale: Trees, bushes, and plants can now be interacted with in Battle Royale
  • Battle Royale: There is now a "Play Battle Royale" button in server select screen

Source January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015

Servers will be coming down at 1:00AM Pacific and will remain down for approximately 90 minutes.

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue with loot which was preventing re-spawning of some items.
  • Battle Royale: Fixed some issues which were causing problems when a match would complete
  • Additional general server stability adjustments

Source January 26, 2015

January 24, 2015

The servers will be coming down at 3:45 PST for approximately 2 hours.

  • Revised loot spawn rules
  • Your nameplate will not display while prone.
  • Fixed Metal Doors to open/close/lock/unlock properly.
  • Punji stick traps, dew collectors, and rabbit traps will now slowly decay over time. They can be repaired with a hammer.
  • Punji sticks have lower health and should be a little easier to remove.
  • Spool of twine now has a unique icon.
  • The arrow recipe now produces one arrow instead of two.
  • Increased placed barricade resistance to damage.
  • Slightly raised the chance to harvest usable cloth from dead zombies.
  • Metal pipes, metal sheets, and hunting rifles can be melted down in furnaces for metal bars.
  • There were two Calamity (EU) servers. One has been renamed to Collapse (EU). Please check the green character indicator on the far left of server select to see if which server your character is on.
  • The ground tamper item has been disabled and the recipe to make it is no longer discoverable
  • Improved Vehicle Survivability
  • Rotten food has been removed from the fridge spawners

Source January 24, 2015

January 20, 2015

The update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed issue with loot rules which were preventing spawning items inside containers
  • Metal Gate should now work properly
  • Floating Arrows should no longer cause damage or obstruct vehicles.
  • Structures are now more resistant to damage
  • Zombies should no longer slide or attack while knocked down
  • Dragging a stack of items that was too large to fit in your inventory would not move any of the stack. It now tops off as much as it can fit
  • Fixed issue where the inventory wouldn't accept the maximum it could hold when picking up items from proximity/containers.
  • The dew collector should work now, seriously
  • Adjusted many items so that they will stack in the inventory properly
  • Added a recipe for a Metal Door that is more durable than a wooden door
  • Additional server list sorting options are now available
  • The inventory option "Delete" has been removed
  • “Drop”, “Unload” and “Place” inventory options have been removed from proximity items
  • Rebalanced melee damage, including fists
  • Enabled melee headshot damage for NPC's and players Have feedback on the new melee changes? Post them in Jimmy's thread here
  • Fixed issue with the Runamok Toxic Cavern container not working
  • Stagnant water can now be purified in barbecue.
  • Bear meat can now be cooked on a barbecue.
  • Rabbit stew can now be cooked. It now requires cooked rabbit meat instead of raw rabbit meat.
  • Hammers, wrenches, and combat knives can now be melted down into bars inside of a furnace.
  • Some larger items like the machete and AR15 now yield more metal bars when melted in a furnace.
  • Animal traps now take damage.
  • The animal trap recipe now require four nails.
  • Fixed picking overlapping blackberry bushes where players sometimes had crouch to pick them successfully
  • Fixed event tickets so that tickets found in the world are granted and the name and count show up properly

Source January 20, 2015

January 17, 2015

This game update will take place at 6:30pm PST and have an approximately 90 minute downtime.

  • Changes to loot and item spawn/respawn
  • Hunger and thirst vitals have been decelerated. You don't get hungry and Thirsty as fast now!
  • Dew collectors and rabbit traps should function on live properly now
  • Battle Royale: Some loot items we're blocked from being collected. This has been corrected.
  • Battle Royale: Some messages were being spammed excessively. This has been corrected.
  • Battle Royale: The contents of airdrops have been fixed and now have the appropriate BR style loot
  • Battle Royale: Fixed an issue with the mysterious "crafting ingredient" bag appearing when a player dies
  • Adjusted some foraging rules
  • The houses in Lone Pine Development have had their placements corrected
  • Fixed some areas where players were getting stuck (hardware store, shelves, etc)

Source January 17, 2015

January 16, 2015

We are taking the servers offline for approximately 2 hours to improve server stability. We also have a live update coming later in the day and we will have a full list of updates and improvements.

The remaining live servers are now coming offline for updates and stability improvements. Estimated time to come back up will be 4:30PM PST or before. We will notify you the moment they come back online.

Source January 16, 2015