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Patch Notes (11/03/2015)

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We are releasing these changes on Wednesday (3/11/2015) 3:00am Pacific Our servers will be down for 4 hours during this publish.
We are expecting to be up and running by 7:00 am Pacific

Howdy everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on a couple of things on the horizon – our next publish and a special Battle Royale Weekend to test out our new queueing system and updates. Keep reading for details!

We’ll be releasing the next publish in the coming days and wanted to give you all a peek at the incoming changes.
We've made some significant improvements to the way Battle Royale matches are handled, fixing some of the issues you have been experiencing with queues, disconnects, end match placement and other anomalies. Battle Royale Updates include:
  • On-demand zones are now launched when enough players request a Battle Royale match. This means that the queues are now working, and players should not leave the queue once they have been placed in it.
  • Players that wait too long on the reward screen are automatically logged out (gracefully).
  • The winner is also automatically logged out after their celebration period.
  • Player population tracking has been improved, reducing the players who thought they were in the match, but were instead Battle Royale: registered in an invalid state. This had caused people to wait out the match and receive no rewards.
  • Should no longer drop crafting ingredients as part of the loot that spawns
  • Map visual Adjustments

Additionally, we’re doing a ton of fixes and updates to the main game, including new recipes and increased base building functionality.
  • All damaged base building pieces will now show health bars.
  • Damaged vehicles will show a health bar if you are near it and have a wrench to repair it.
  • The dew collector will now look like its basin is full of water when it is ready to be collected. The old splashing effect has been removed.
  • Crafting saline will no longer produce an empty bottle.
  • Crafting a first aid kit will return an empty bottle from the used up saline.
  • The recipe for the yeast starter has been modified to directly create yeast.
  • The recipe for yeast will now return an empty bottle from the used up purified water.
  • Barbed wire and punji sticks now have resistance to being shot with arrows.
  • Furnaces and barbecues now have less health.
  • Troll furnaces and barbecues can be removed the easiest with a crowbar. The crowbar’s description now reflects that.
  • Storage containers can now be destroyed. The new demolition hammer is the best way if you are the one that placed it. Otherwise explosives or crowbars will work. Please note that at this time if a container is destroyed with items in it, the items will be destroyed as well.
  • Added a new recipe for a Demolition Hammer. It can be discovered with a metal pipe. It is used to remove misplaced or unwanted base building structures that you have placed.
  • The demolition hammer can be used to do massive damage to base structures that you have placed. It will not work on other’s bases.
  • The demolition hammer will destroy base pieces in 2-8 hits depending on the size of the object. Please note the condition bar is not appearing over certain base items like the stairs or the large structures so you will not be able to see that damage to the condition is being applied.
  • Ethanol and Normal Torches can now be placed. When placed they will automatically be lit.
  • Zombies will now target the vehicle first instead of the player inside.
  • OffRoader has some minor geometry upgrades
  • A crosshair reticle has replaced the dot
  • The player will no longer see “you have been disconnected” message and the chat will be wiped on logging into another server
  • When sitting, pressing a movement key will automatically make you stand.
  • Lowered velocity of .308 round
  • Increased gravity and drag of the .308 round
  • Increased ‘held breath’ time when steadying scope.
  • Decreased scope sway penalty when out of breath.
  • Increased .308 rifle scope zoom to 5x
  • Increased gravity and drag of the .223 round
  • Slightly reduced initial horizontal recoil while hip firing the AR15
  • Majorly reduced initial horizontal recoil while firing the AR15 in iron sights
  • Increased gravity and drag of the .45 round
  • Added static crosshair to 3rd person and 1st Note: It never disappears, this is expected and will change in the future.
  • Removed flinch/screen punch in 1st and 3rd person upon getting hit.
  • Reduced ‘snare’ from getting hit by projectiles from 35% to 20%

Battle Royale is getting a lot of improvements with this next publish and we want you to help us test them. To show our appreciation, all first place winners of BR matches this weekend will receive a special item at the end of the round. Everyone who participates will earn a unique item which will be granted at a later date. The event will take place from Friday at 3 p.m. PDT through Sunday at 6 p.m. PDT and we encourage everyone to jump in and send us your feedback.


Hotfix (03/03/2015)

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Tomorrow's downtime has a few small updates to it. We will have a larger patch later this week. This downtime is for server maintenance but we wanted to patch in a fix for the recent server crashes.

Patch Notes:
  • fix for crash on death
  • fix for crash in physics processing
  • adjustments to some camera limits
  • minor server bug fix


Patch Notes & Wipe #2 (25/02/2015)

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The servers will be coming offline tonight at 3AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours.
Patch Notes 2/25

Base Building
  • The Upper Level Wall recipe is now discoverable.
  • Doors can now be placed in Upper Level structure doorways.
  • Increased base health by 10 times.

  • Melee weapons will now lose more durability when hitting player built structures that are made of metal.

  • Report Last Killer" button added to death screen

  • Players jumping/landing on stationary vehicles should no longer be killed unexpectedly.
    "Aim Punch" issues addressed for 3rd and 1st Person:
  • For Third, we split the flinch reactions into two types – if you’re holding a firing weapon, flinches will be in the neck and head region only (allows you to fire and flinch at the same time without losing aim). If you’re holding a one hand melee weapon or open fists, the entire upper body flinch will play as normal.
  • For First, we added a case to make sure flinches only happen if being grappled (they were being triggered even when not being grappled).

Player and World Wipe
  • Server and Player Wipe 2 will take place during this patch. You will see significant changes moving forward. Since players can no longer be able to stack items on top of each other, you shouldn’t see barricades and other annoying structures.

If you are not familiar with what a server and player wipe entails, please read this post.

In an effort to reallocate servers for better distribution we are making the following changes. Please refer to the following list to incase your server was affected. We understand that your favorite server might be one of the ones coming offline but because of the player and world wipe you will get to start fresh on a new server the next time you log in. Removing these servers from the list will give us more flexibility as we add new rulesets. You will see them again but with a new coat of paint. Removing them now helps un ensure we won’t have to reallocate many more times in the future.

These European servers are being converted to EU Battle Royale Servers
Bucuresti, Cataclysm, No Sanctuary, Hammer Beach, Internment, Kemerovo, Kharkov, Lipetsk, Lockner, Ryazan, Orenburg, Penza, Luckless, Ragnarok, Sarajevo, Schwerer Gustav, Show Down, Snarlpeak, Slaughter, Sofia, Stavanger, Triggerfinger, Tuscany, Ulyanovsk

This server is being converted to NA Battle Royale Server

These servers are being taken offline and will be reused for future Rulesets
Rostov-na-Donu, Gothenburg, Claimed, Ufa, Saratov, Toxic Waste, Irkutsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Riga, Salonika, Maul, Novokuznetsk, Soulpiercer, Strangers, Sarajevo, The Grove, Kiev, Donn, Downfall, Fetid, Germ, Humanity, Mercy, Necrosis, Oblivion, O-Negative, Overwatch, Pathogen, Pestilence, Prey, Rattlebone, RIP, Rusty Knife, Sanguinary, Skullcracker, Territory


Patch Notes (20/02/2015)

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H1Z1 servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM and remain down for 2 hours.

Patch Notes | 20/02/15

  • Increased shotgun damage.
  • Slightly increased shotgun recoil.
  • Increased 1911 damage.

Battle Royale
  • Cleaned up persisting rewards and safe zone information between Battle Royale matches.
  • Parachutes should no longer act like skateboards for more than a few seconds.

Base Building
  • Upper Level Walls, Shelters, and Stairs can now be crafted. These look like the walls, stairs, and shelters that you are used to, but they can be stacked on top of placed walls and shelters. This means that metal walls can now be two walls high. Structures can be placed on top of other structures for more variation of layout. Stairs can be placed on top of shelters for greater vantage points.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing base building structures to not be resistant to melee damage types.
  • The Metal Gate is now almost twice as tall.
  • Metal Walls, Shelters and Large Shelters now require more of the same components to craft.

  • Vehicle collisions with terrain boulders should be more stable, still dangerous but less likely to toss the vehicle up in the air.
  • Adjusted the requirements for vehicle entry to help improve the response time.
  • Vehicle death explosions should now consistently damage players in the immediate vicinity.

Patch Notes (12/02/2015)

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Servers will go down at 3AM PST for approximately 2 hours

Release Notes 12/02/2015

Weapon Changes
  • Lowered Hip Fire & Iron Sight horizontal recoil.
  • Lowered damage.
  • Improved overall consistency while firing.

  • Increased Hip Fire recoil.

  • Lowered damage per pellet.
  • Lowered horizontal recoil.
  • Lowered pellet count.
  • Slightly increased fire rate.
  • Adjusted pellet spread.
  • Decreased pellet speed.
  • Increased pellet weight.
  • Decreased amount of bleeding caused when hit by shotgun.

  • Updated Steam API to fix some crashes.
  • Items that had the same placed and dropped item (like landmines) now have a different dropped item. You shouldn’t be able to accidentally drop them and blow yourself up anymore.
  • Lighting has been given a significant overhaul, it should now look better in almost all circumstances. We’re not done yet, but this change should address any lighting problems that effect game play. You will most likely find some lighting artifacts(bright objects or strange glittering effects). We are aware and will address these as they come up. Feel free to report these.
  • Fixed a bug in spawned item accounting that decreased spawn rate over time
  • Objects will retain their orientation during placement mode when they change what surface they are being placed on.
  • Free placed objects (ie, campfires, furnaces, animal traps, etc) cannot be stacked on top of each other.
  • All placed objects can no longer collide with other objects, including player placed objects and static designer placed objects. This means that foundations cannot interpenetrate with other foundations, shacks, buildings, vehicles, roads, or anything else. Free placed objects also can’t interpenetrate with the same objects, excluding the object they are being placed on (ie, still be placed on a road, but not when colliding with a destroyed car).
  • Fixed a bug with socket bound placement objects (ie, stairs on a foundation, barricade on a window, or anything that snaps to a fixed position) that allowed multiple of these objects to interpenetrate each other (a common case was stairs overlapping stairs).
  • Cannot place free-placed objects on rocks and tree stumps
  • Key bindings can now be re-mapped. After selecting an action, press the key to map to that action. Pressing [Esc] will cancel the key bind. Holding [Esc] will clear the currently mapped key. Users cannot bind a key to multiple actions in the same action set. Also added a button to reset all key bindings to default.
  • Collision resist values adjusted for the vehicles to reduce the damage taken from impacts, particularly when landing hard on the suspension and wheels.
  • Lighting system updated.
  • All weather and light sources adjusted with new lighting values. Please report any strange behavior (i.e. flashlights too bright).

Battle Royale
[IMPORTANT] When the match ends, if you don't exit the match quickly, your game client may end up in an unconnected state. We're fixing this for the next update.
  • Vehicle Spawn Counts set to be consistent with survival.
  • End screen now shows your rank and your rewards.
  • Map now displays a “safe zone” ring.
  • Revamped fog movement phases.
  • Adjusted rewards to more align with our final payouts (Excessive payouts previously were for testing purposes, BR is still not ready for the consumption of event tickets and will continue to get updates, thanks for helping us test and polish BR so far!)
  • Removed crate keys from rewards
  • Removed crates from 2nd-4th (1st place will still earn a crate along with all other current awards)
  • Lowered the amount of tickets awarded for 1st-4th
    1st 2 tickets
    2nd 1 ticket
    3rd 1 ticket
    4th 1 ticket
  • Added an Event Ticket reward for 9th-12th
  • Keep in mind these rewards are based on a 48-64 player max BR, the 200 man BR will have a different set of rewards.

Patch Notes (10/02/2015)

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The servers will be coming down at 3AM PST for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:
  • The backpack frame recipe now requires wood sticks, nails, and metal brackets.
  • The framed backpack recipe now requires a backpack frame, a spool of twine, and eight pieces of cloth.
  • The spool of twine rate of appearance has been slightly increased.
  • Applying an account item to an inventory item no longer resets durability.
  • Dropping an item from an inspected container now places the dropped item at the players feet, not the origin of the items container.
  • Fixed durability not being attached to projectiles - thrown spears should now be the same durability as when they were your inventory
  • Fixed drop spear dupe -you should no longer be able to drop thrown weapons and have them dupe
  • Adjustments to "heat" generated while crouched. This will allow players to more effectively sneak around zombies.
  • Exiting from a flipped vehicle should no longer send you below the world.
  • Vehicles that fall through the world Should now reappear above the world after a small amount of time
  • Added a ‘ForceSingleGPU’ option to the [Rendering] section of UserOptions.ini. Adding this option set to 1 will disable the games code adjustments applied when it detects you have more than one GPU active (SLI or Crossfire). This may help some users that are having issues get the game running better without needing to disable their SLI/Crossfire setups.

Patch Notes & Wipe #1 (05/02/2015)

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Servers will come down at 7AM for approximately 4 hours.
This will include a full server wipe and only allow for one character per server after the patch.
Patch Notes:
  • Sitting will cancel auto-run.
  • Fixed a bug where players can interrupt equip actions too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where ammo count could become incorrect if you interrupt a reload action.
  • Objects making noise above or below you in a multi-story building will now be properly attenuated.
  • Added slight zoom to all guns and bows in Iron Sight mode.
  • Lowered sway on .308 rifle while in scoped mode.
  • Fixed an issue with hydration burning too fast when stamina was full.
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause oddities on SLI setups
  • Dropping an item from a world container places it at the players feet instead of the world container origin. The latter would hide it in the world container model.
  • Vehicle stability adjustments – angular damping, moment of inertia, center of mass, tire friction and steering range tuning on the OffRoader, PickupTruck and PoliceCar.
  • Working on getting the vehicles to be more stable and less likely to abruptly roll or flip (this will still be possible on rocks, rough terrain, and player placed objects) but trying to make them more fun and survivable.
  • Fixed /respawn on PvE servers.
  • Fixed self-damage on PvE servers; the players may be the source of damage to themselves without mitigation.
  • Made players names reusable across servers. Names on each server must still be unique.
  • Battle Royale: Cleaned up gas after matches.
  • Battle Royale: gas damage reduced.
  • Fixed certain points of interest not getting reported when players entered.
  • Limited players to one character per server.
  • The makeshift shovel recipe now requires a metal sheet instead of a metal shard.
  • The storage container recipe now requires more materials.
  • The barbed wire recipe now requires wood planks and more metal shards.
  • The snare recipes now requires more metal shards.
  • The dew collector recipe now requires more wood planks and wood sticks.
  • The ground tiller recipe now requires more metal shards.
  • Bulk Changes - Many bulk changes have been made in an effort to meet somewhere in the middle of realistic and not annoying.
  • Canned food is 25 instead of 100.
  • All instances of water bottles are 25 instead of 50.
  • Backpacks are 150 instead of 600.
  • Military backpacks are 500 instead of 1400.
  • Car batteries 300 instead of 100.
  • Car fuel is 100 instead of 10.
  • Wood logs are 50 instead of 100.
  • Wood planks are 25 instead of 50.
  • Campfires are 50 instead of 100.
  • Scrap Metal is to 25 instead of 5.
  • Metal Sheets are 100 instead of 50.
  • Metal Pipes are 150 instead of 50.
  • Shirts are 50 instead of 100.
  • Jeans are 50 instead of 100.
  • Many melee weapons have had their bulk reduced.
  • First aid kits are 25 instead of 10.
  • All meat is 15 instead of 5.
  • Rifle ammo is 2 instead of 1.
  • Shotgun shells are 5 instead of 1.
  • Arrows are 5 instead of 1.
  • Shirts can now only hold 50 bulk instead of 90.
  • Pants can now only hold 50 bulk instead of 100.


Server Wipe Coming 05/02/2015

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Tomorrow as part of our normal game update, we will be doing a complete server wipe. What does that mean for you? Think of it as a factory reset. We are going to be wiping the world clean of any player built structures, vehicle placement, everything. We are also going to be doing a full character wipe as well. Your characters will not exist on any servers, so you will have to create new ones.

What won’t be going away are any account locked items. These items are things like crates and crate keys. All the cosmetic skins you found inside the crate or won from Battle Royale will be safe and be locked to your account. The things that will not be safe are anything you have on your character or hidden in the world at the time of the wipe.

For people who purchased the Premium or upgraded to the Premium Edition will be topped off up to 3 Airdrop Tickets. If you already have 3 or more Airdrop Tickets you won’t be receiving any additional ones. This won’t happen at the exact time of the wipe but will be granted to your account within a few business days afterward.

Full server wipes are a part of Early Access and this won’t be the last one. They help make the game better in substantial ways. We appreciate your support in H1Z1 and the game has already grown a huge amount because of the collaboration between us.

You will receive the full list of other patch notes as we get closer to announcing when this downtime will exactly be tomorrow.


Patch Notes (03/02/2015)

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H1Z1 servers will be coming down at 1:00PM Pacific and will remain down for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:
  • Bandages and First Aid Kits no longer heal vehicles when used from the trunk
  • Reduced the amount of stacked ammo that can be found in the world. Finding a full magazine worth of ammo will be very rare.
  • Adjusted the amount of durability lost on worn equipment when killed.
  • Adjusted the amount of durability lost when firing weapons.
  • Changed some input mapping data which may reset some edits done to InputProfile_user.xml if they player has edited them.
  • Speculative fix for large latencies when players dismount vehicles.
  • Fixed additional cases of poison gas persisting after leaving a Battle Royale match.
  • Adjusted toxic gas damage. adjusted some server configurations to improve overall server performance.

Patch Notes (30/01/2015)

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H1Z1 servers will come down at 12:00PM Pacific for roughly 2 hours.
Patch Notes:
  • Battle Royale: Pressing “M” brings up a map
  • Fixed a few client crash cases
  • Adjusted zombie behavior from airdrops
  • Loot spawn adjustments
  • The satchel has a new model and icon
  • IEDs and Punji Sticks will no longer damage players on PvE servers
  • Gameplay tips have been added to the death screen message.
  • Battle Royale: Made some improvements to the gas visuals and movement
  • Battle Royale: Fixed an issue where players would start in green gas
  • The makeshift bow now has a unique model.
  • Modified campfires, BBQ, and furnace so that they should perform better under heavy load.
  • The wrench now has a wrench model
  • The repair hammer and repair wrench now repair structures or vehicles on each combo swing instead of the just the first one.
  • The starter belt pouch now has a 2 second shred timer (it was instant before).
  • Furnaces now take damage/decay and can be repaired with hammers.
  • Increased server stability.

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