Work in Progress: New Head Options Update #4

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September Art Wrap-Up

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The image that flashes up at the end for a split second we believe is the upcoming Screamer zombie type that has been seen recently in concept art here:

Some Base Building Information

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Senior Programmer Mitch Evans today made a post to address some of the misconceptions with the current base building systems and protections.

I've been reading some questions about bases and base security lately, and thought I would clear up a few things. Additionally, I'm going to put these items in their own thread, and get the information in one spot :)

Issue: “if you have a wall and gate around every portion of your foundation, you can't be noclipped” (and several other articles dealing with the same issue)

You can certainly be noclipped. We fight a constant battle against hackers; as we find their noclip exploits and cheats, they develop more. This is an area we work on every day. What the noclippers can’t do is destroy doors, structures, or non-vehicle placed items that are registered to that foundation until the gates / walls are breached.If the person creating the base has broken the chain of ownership between upper level structures in the base and the foundation, there is no way for the system to protect those structures. I see this a lot in innovative bases that place multiple structures to get a certain (often vertical) layout (or roofs), then destroy structures “in the middle”. This eliminates the ability for the code to follow the attachment chain back to the “owning” foundation from the now-floating base components, breaking the noclip protection. Finally, each available exterior socket must have a wall, a gate, or an overhanging structure covering it. Structures that come up right next to the edge of a foundation do not count as a wall. A wall must be placed outside the edges of these structures to seal the base.


Issue: "How did they get to my storage containers in this room." “there are failsafes in place that record who was in a room when the door closed and this will not allow the hackers to go in containers that are inside the bases”

If the doors are locked in a securable area, this is true, and works. This code has not been turned off, despite some players' perceptions. Additionally, noclippers cannot damage you inside a secured area that they do not have valid access to.

This system breaks down if:

  • Group members open the door while a hacker is hiding nearby. There is a 1-2 second delay when the door closes that we have witnessed hackers using. They hide nearby, wait to hear the door open (or close) sound, and immediately noclip into the structure before the area is flagged as secured. This grants them access to the secured area. The delay is to allow the player opening or closing the door to get into or out of the room's contained volume before the physics queries are performed.

  • The door loses its combination (not ownership). This was a subtle bug, and there is a recent fix for a case that we identified, but the fix has not yet made it to our live servers.

  • We have also added additional container accounting, which is also not on our live servers, but should make it next patch. This will allow us to better track the hackers / stolen items.

When you report a breach of a base you believe is secure, please report it as soon as possible with the location, server, and time you believe the breach occurred. If you can, please include the /loc of the container that contained the missing items.

Several of us are focusing on base building and base security over the next month or two. It's vital that we get constructive feedback on bases and raiding, so that we can make as many improvements as possible. Including the server / location information, and reporting promptly will aid us greatly! We appreciate all of the time and effort you put into base building, and are doing our best to balance the sandbox-y nature of persistent player-made structures with the grim reality of maintaining performance and combating hackers.


Survival Update

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Greg Henninger (Community Manager) posted an update on the progress of updates and what we can expect over the next couple of patches.

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who supported the H1Z1 Invitational. It was a fantastic event and we couldn’t be happier with the response we have received. Now that we have that under our belt it’s time to get back to Survival.

We have a lot of awesome stuff coming up this month. On Friday 10/2 at 11AM Pacific, you will be able to tune into a Work in Progress stream with developer, Devin Lefontaine as he works on the new map. We will also be having a livestream next Thursday 10/8 to show off a slew of new content including:

  • The Kurama Medical Facility
  • New Female Zombie
  • The new ATV
  • A new crate with unique items
  • Adjustments to weapons and body armor

Our next patch will of course come with more polish and bug fixes. We are hoping to get these new features onto the Test Server so you can play around with them and help us stress test before going to Live.

This is just the beginning to more improvements coming to H1Z1. We will be giving base building an overhaul and the grouping/guild systems an update as well. We also have a fun in-game Halloween event planned for later this month. Coming off of the success of the Invitational, it’s now time to double down on Survival!


Work in Progress: ATV (Quad Bike) #2

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Adam Clegg (Game Designer) posted a screenshot of the upcoming ATV via Twitter.

H1Z1 Invitational Trophies

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Patch Notes (18/09/2015)

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Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific tomorrow for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

In addition to various fixed crash bugs:

  • Fixed popping in iron sight transitions
  • Fixed many cases of frozen animations after exiting vehicles
  • Fixed issue where a animations would freeze while holding a shotgun while crouched or while sprinting and reloading
  • Fixed several cases of animations getting stuck in jumping or falling state
  • Fixed issues where and observed 3rd person aim doesn't line up with 1st person aim
  • Fixed bug that allowed going prone and fire backwards
  • Fixed de-sync for prone animations showing prone players as standing when holding the AK47

  • Fixed several cases of audio sticking around between switching servers or BR rounds
  • Fixed cases where running audio would persist between 1st and 3rd person while pistol was equipped.

  • Removed Leader Board display temporarily from BR (related to crash bug when put into a parachute) - statistics are still being recorded.
  • Fixed issue where an equipped bow stays on your back even after you get rid of the bow
  • Fixed issue where vehicles were able to coast through water by turning off the engine before entering a water source.
  • Fixed ability to double prone through floors and ceilings
  • Fixed issue when dropping from a parachute (1st person) and landing to see the inside of the players head
  • Fixed many cases of movement de-sync causing invisible players on some clients
  • Adjusted rendering distance for some barrier objects
  • Adjusted weather settings for less doom and gloom
  • Police car is now far less likely to explode on collisions with poles
  • Players will no longer remain on fire forever if hit with a Molotov.
  • Dead players should no longer shows up as undressed when coming into proximity
  • Fixed case of stuck on the loading screen due to environment rendering deadlock

  • Fixed issue preventing properly skinning boots and shoes
  • Fixed issue where fog circle wouldn’t appear on the map.
  • Fixed issue with throwable items showing an incorrect ammo count [1/1 when holding 1 item]
  • Entering and exiting vehicles by pressing “E” is now more responsive and only require one button press.
  • Added ability to hide chat messages


Test Server Update (16/09/2015)

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We are patching the H1Z1 Test Server to address a few assorted crashes and also players should find:

  • fewer cases of frozen animations after exiting vehicles
  • a few hundred MB of clean up for patched audio files
  • adjustments to timing for entering vehicles and switching seats

Client Version, Steam Content ID 778278


Work in Progress: Zombie AI Behavior

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This comes from Mitch Evans (Senior Programmer).

I've been working on making the zombies clump up less, spread out when pursuing prey more, and behaving better when they lose the ability to get to their target. They're also attacking on the run, so players cannot simply back away from them and be safe. The video show several different groups of zombies, each with a different speed profile.

In the active pursuit, several faster zombies catch up with me as I'm running backwards while firing (to attract as many of them as I can). Eventually, they catch me, grapple me, and surround me. I am sitting on a rooftop that the zombies cannot get to, due to several closed doors. They circle my location, keeping an eye on me as they pass. This lets me know that I'm still registering on their sensory systems (and am still on their list of targets). I've been working on these pathing enhancements for a few weeks, and while I'm still enhancing the systems, we expect them to go into testing shortly.


Work in Progress: ATV (Quad Bike)

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