Test Server Changes (07/10/2015)

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Possibly the biggest additions to the game in this latest H1Z1 update is the Kurama Medical Facility which brings with it a lot of new items and content for the core game including a whole load of new medical items that can either be found or crafted at the hospital, you can find them all listed on our site here, scrubs that can be looted around the facility and unrelated to the hospital there is also a Ghillie Suit that can now be found at the military camp.

Blue Scrubs Cap
Blue Scrubs Shirt
Blue Scrub Slacks
Green Surgeon Mask
Green Gators
Tan Ghillie Suit
In-game, Uncommon

On top of all that there is also the introduction of some small lore and quest content similar to the Worn Letters, these can be found in the form of Locker Key F1 - 207 which will gain you access to rarer loot (note that this is not currently finished on the Test Server yet, there are no boxes to open) and the ability to call in free airdrops if you find an Airdrop Code.

These airdrops will contain some rare items like scrubs and other items.

Kurama Medical Scrubs Shirt
Skin, Chest, , Not Tradable, Not Marketable
Happy Skull Scrubs Shirt
Skin, Chest, , Not Tradable, Not Marketable
Military Scrubs Shirt
Skin, Chest, , Not Tradable, Not Marketable
Hugz Needed Scrubs Shirt
Skin, Chest, , Not Tradable, Not Marketable

Test Server Update (06/10/2015)

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You will see the Test Server update shortly with a big patch and bunch of changes.

Client Version, Steam Content BuildID 804467

This is a bit of a catch-all patch, in addition to the new features to you might want to validate your Steam Game Cache files in your Steam Library (if you haven't done it for a while). There are bound to be problems with some of the new features and buildings, so please chime in with anything that's .. unexpected.

New Stuff/Key Changes

  • The Item Exchange
  • The ATV first pass tuning - You have been warned - have fun - You will probably die - often
  • Ghillie Suits will appear in airdrops that have hunting rifles in them
  • Armor now works by blocking a portion of damage that would have been done. This absorbed damage is applied directly to the durability of the item. When the durability becomes 0 the item will break and be removed visually and from the equip slot.
    • Motorcycle helmets offer protection for the head and face. They will block about 50% of gunfire damage to the head or face. They will break after a shot or two.
    • Tactical helmets offer protection for the head only. They will block about 95% of gunfire damage done to the head. They will break after a shot or two.
    • Chest armor offers protection to the torso. They will block about 95% of gunfire damage done to the torso. More shots to break the armor is required the better the chest armor is. From worst to best is Wood, Plated, and Kevlar.
  • Hunting rifles are now in more of the Battle Royale airdrop crates.
  • Adjusted basic movement code for zombies for better movement and avoidance of each other
  • Shotguns have been tuned to be better used as a close range weapon. The cone of fire for pellet shots has been slightly reduced. Shots do not travel as far as they used to, and will do no damage after about 15-20 meters.

Some of the NPC movement enhancements:

  • NPCs attack while moving
  • Eliminated several “stuck states”, which would cause NPCs to become non-responsive.
  • Perpetually stuck NPCs trigger their own deaths after 1-2 minutes (we expect some videos).
  • Improved ground detection for the procedural spawner system.
  • Deer / Zombies on rooftops should be more rare.
  • Fixed empty foundation despawning to take expansions and socketed stairs into account.


  • Reworked several shooting, running, and reloading animations.
  • Adjusted melee to prevent character "lifting" when crouched
  • Adjusted in one-handed actions for smoother transitions
  • Updated the blended skeletons and animations for smoother transitions.
  • Adjusted sound markup for better sync with actions.

User Interface

  • Icons in descriptions are larger and easier to see (and should have better contrast)


  • Impact FX will better match the material types of objects hit.
  • Added a water-splash effect for characters when standing still in water.

Other bits

  • Fixed the 3rd person camera arm so it’s not blocked by arrows or spears
  • Shred timers are adjusted (insta-shred should be fixed for all)
  • Enabled door damage for guessing wrong password on PvE servers.


A Proper Apocalyptic Environment

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Work in Progress Livestreams Today

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We have 2 work Work in Progress streams for you [today] 10/2.

The first one is at 11AM Pacific, you will be able to tune in and watch as developer, Devin Lefontaine works on the new map for H1Z1: twitch.tv/h1z1

You can also join Roy Eltham, Senior Technical Architect, at 7:30PM Pacific to get an inside look at the latest on the new skins shader. Make sure you catch him on his personal channel: twitch.tv/royeltham

Keep in mind that these are Work in Progress streams and if you would like to ask questions in the chat, keep it focused to what the developer is actually working on.

If you have never tuned into a WiP stream, it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a look behind the scenes at the day-to-day work that goes on here at Daybreak Games. Don’t go in expecting any huge reveals or surprise announcements. If you’re more technically minded and want a real inside look, these streams are for you.


Work in Progress: New Head Options Update #4

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September Art Wrap-Up

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The image that flashes up at the end for a split second we believe is the upcoming Screamer zombie type that has been seen recently in concept art here: behance.net/gallery/29930299/H1Z1-Concept-Art

Some Base Building Information

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Senior Programmer Mitch Evans today made a post to address some of the misconceptions with the current base building systems and protections.

I've been reading some questions about bases and base security lately, and thought I would clear up a few things. Additionally, I'm going to put these items in their own thread, and get the information in one spot :)

Issue: “if you have a wall and gate around every portion of your foundation, you can't be noclipped” (and several other articles dealing with the same issue)

You can certainly be noclipped. We fight a constant battle against hackers; as we find their noclip exploits and cheats, they develop more. This is an area we work on every day. What the noclippers can’t do is destroy doors, structures, or non-vehicle placed items that are registered to that foundation until the gates / walls are breached.If the person creating the base has broken the chain of ownership between upper level structures in the base and the foundation, there is no way for the system to protect those structures. I see this a lot in innovative bases that place multiple structures to get a certain (often vertical) layout (or roofs), then destroy structures “in the middle”. This eliminates the ability for the code to follow the attachment chain back to the “owning” foundation from the now-floating base components, breaking the noclip protection. Finally, each available exterior socket must have a wall, a gate, or an overhanging structure covering it. Structures that come up right next to the edge of a foundation do not count as a wall. A wall must be placed outside the edges of these structures to seal the base.


Issue: "How did they get to my storage containers in this room." “there are failsafes in place that record who was in a room when the door closed and this will not allow the hackers to go in containers that are inside the bases”

If the doors are locked in a securable area, this is true, and works. This code has not been turned off, despite some players' perceptions. Additionally, noclippers cannot damage you inside a secured area that they do not have valid access to.

This system breaks down if:

  • Group members open the door while a hacker is hiding nearby. There is a 1-2 second delay when the door closes that we have witnessed hackers using. They hide nearby, wait to hear the door open (or close) sound, and immediately noclip into the structure before the area is flagged as secured. This grants them access to the secured area. The delay is to allow the player opening or closing the door to get into or out of the room's contained volume before the physics queries are performed.

  • The door loses its combination (not ownership). This was a subtle bug, and there is a recent fix for a case that we identified, but the fix has not yet made it to our live servers.

  • We have also added additional container accounting, which is also not on our live servers, but should make it next patch. This will allow us to better track the hackers / stolen items.

When you report a breach of a base you believe is secure, please report it as soon as possible with the location, server, and time you believe the breach occurred. If you can, please include the /loc of the container that contained the missing items.

Several of us are focusing on base building and base security over the next month or two. It's vital that we get constructive feedback on bases and raiding, so that we can make as many improvements as possible. Including the server / location information, and reporting promptly will aid us greatly! We appreciate all of the time and effort you put into base building, and are doing our best to balance the sandbox-y nature of persistent player-made structures with the grim reality of maintaining performance and combating hackers.


Survival Update

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Greg Henninger (Community Manager) posted an update on the progress of updates and what we can expect over the next couple of patches.

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who supported the H1Z1 Invitational. It was a fantastic event and we couldn’t be happier with the response we have received. Now that we have that under our belt it’s time to get back to Survival.

We have a lot of awesome stuff coming up this month. On Friday 10/2 at 11AM Pacific, you will be able to tune into a Work in Progress stream with developer, Devin Lefontaine as he works on the new map. We will also be having a livestream next Thursday 10/8 to show off a slew of new content including:

  • The Kurama Medical Facility
  • New Female Zombie
  • The new ATV
  • A new crate with unique items
  • Adjustments to weapons and body armor

Our next patch will of course come with more polish and bug fixes. We are hoping to get these new features onto the Test Server so you can play around with them and help us stress test before going to Live.

This is just the beginning to more improvements coming to H1Z1. We will be giving base building an overhaul and the grouping/guild systems an update as well. We also have a fun in-game Halloween event planned for later this month. Coming off of the success of the Invitational, it’s now time to double down on Survival!


Work in Progress: ATV (Quad Bike) #2

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Adam Clegg (Game Designer) posted a screenshot of the upcoming ATV via Twitter.

H1Z1 Invitational Trophies

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